Sites to Download Bollywood Songs and Music

Bollywood Songs and Music

Are you in search of the best websites where you can download the latest Bollywood songs? If this is correct, then you can stop searching as we have things neatly put together here, especially for you and other Bollywood song lovers. Looking for movies? checkout our list of bollywood movie sites.

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Are you ready to find out what the best websites to download Bollywood songs are? Read further. At the moment, there are a lot of websites on the internet where you can download Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, and other regional music.

But then it is not every time you want to visit a paid website to download your favorite song, which means that you will need to find an alternative means that lets you avoid purchasing that song or paying their subscription.

Another issue you may have with some of the sites where you can download music is the many irritating ads and many redirecting links, which make it a frustrating process to download songs.

But now that you are here, all the troubles can be avoided. This article is one you’d love because we have gathered all of the very best websites where you can download the best of Bollywood songs without any troubles.

This list contains a total of 16 of the very best sites that are free of ads and automatic redirects. Ready? Let’s explore! The best websites to download Bollywood songs and music

1. Saavn

Saavn is currently the most popular website for Bollywood music and songs from others. There is no song you can’t download from this site, whether is it from the 60s, 70s, the 90s or any even songs that are barely a week old.

For people who do not love to download songs, you can easily listen to the best collection of songs on this website. You can also make things easier for yourself and avoid accessing the Saavn site on web by opting for the mobile app.

With the Saavn app, you can save space on your phone as you do not need to download songs that take up all the storage space on your device. Once you download the app register there for free, start to build your playlist with a collection of your best songs.

You can listen to your curated playlist anytime and from anywhere. If you would love to listen to the radio instead, there are many cooling radio channels that you can tune into.

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Things are kept spicy with not only Bollywood but Tamil, Telugu, English, Gujrati, Punjabi, Marathi, etc. songs. You may be lucky enough to find songs you never knew still existed.

Browsing songs based on albums, movies, artists, and many more is possible on this site. It provides you with the top songs of every week. Moreover, the Saavn app is available for every device, such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc.

2. is a popular and outstanding website where you can download Bollywood songs. On this website all you have to do is search and download any Bollywood movie song at no fee.

The websites make your search easy by displaying all the latest Bollywood movie songs album on its home page. Whether want you want is a song that was recently released or a song from the 60s, you can find them here with a simple search.

The songs available here are not only Bollywood songs but other album songs from around the world. Along with the songs you want, you can also download Bollywood movies or even trailers from this website.

If you would love to download the videos to the songs you searched for, you can find them on this site serves them too.


Songsmp3 is on this list because it is another excellent website where you can download Bollywood music at no extra cost. The songs on this site are categorized as DJmix, Bollywood, Indipop, Punjabi, and instrumental mp3 songs.

So, it is all up to you to browse for the song you desire by clicking on the Bollywood mp3 category or just search for your song through the search box.

Size isn’t a problem as you can download a song as small as 320 kbps or 128 kbps. This site also displays the top 21 songs for you to choose from.

4. is a personal favorite website when it comes to downloading the best Bollywood songs. It comes with a dark gray colored theme and a beautiful interface. Every single person I know who has used this service a few times is totally in love it.

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data-full-width-responsive="true"> allows you to download all of the best Bollywood song trendings at the moment or from way back. You can just listen to the song from the site without bothering to download in your device.

The website also offers you a top weekly chart that includes all the top songs of the week. There is an inbuilt radio you can also enjoy on You can search for songs based on album, artist, playlist, movie, and many more. also enables you to curate a playlist of the songs you want, but that is what you want, you will need to get registered on the website, which also is also free of charge.


Bollym4u is another popular and widely used website where you can download all of your favorite Bollywood songs.

On this site, downloading songs is free. Asides the songs you want to download, you can watch Bollywood movies on the bullym4u site. Cricket, Punjabi albums, WWE, Pakistani movies, remix albums, and lots more are on the site for you to enjoy.

6. is such a great website for people who are looking to download thousands of videos, tracks, wallpapers, cool ringtones, and lots more. You can also stream the songs you want online.

Many videos and movies are also available for download. Before you download anything from this site, the very first thing you need to do is to register with them.

However, you must know that the service is not entirely free. It is possible to download music at no cost, but you have to pay for the songs.

7. djmaza-com

You can download the coolest song which you have been searching for. At you can get all songs for free without having to deal with ads and redirects.

The website has one of the cleanest and simple interface you can find on music download sites. All the contents on the site are perfectly displayed.

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Asides from the Bollywood songs you want to download, you can watch or download Bollywood movies too from One of the best parts is that asides downloads being free, you don’t have to register and log in before downloading songs.


Topgaana comes is not like most other download sites where you have to deal with difficulties before you download songs.

One of the best websites where you can download Bollywood songs for free and super fast is Searching for all the recent and new songs is very easy as they are displayed on the homepage with large icons so that you do not have to search for your new songs.

However there is a big search bar where you can easily search for songs. It is not possible to download any of your favorite Bollywood songs without registering on the website.

9. is where you go if you want a smooth and clean website that offers you the best Bollywood songs and music for free download.

You will find some alphabets displayed carefully at the top side of the site so that you can easily search for a song or artist by simply selecting the first letter of the specific song or artist’s name.

It is quite easy for anyone to download songs from beemp3s. All you need to do is search for name of the song and click on the download link provided, and your song will immediately be downloaded.


Funmaza is a simple and very decent website where you can search and download almost any of your favorite Bollywood songs without having to pay a dime.

The only thing you need is to open the URL, browse out the name of your song and have it downloaded. There is almost nothing you can’t find on this site ranging from any new song to ancient song too.

I love to learn the lyrics of my best songs so that I do not have to chew my tongue when next I’m singing, which is why I love the Bollywood song lyrics option made available on this site.

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If you want the best of Bollywood songs and also want to learn how to sing along, then you should pay a visit to this website without thinking twice. Together with the Bollywood songs that you seek to download, you can also enjoy HD videos aswell from funmaza.


If you would like to download good Bollywood songs at no cost, then hitmp3 is the best service that will help you get precisely what you want. This website is one that also lets you download the best of Bollywood songs without having to register or pay any money.

On this site, you can find any song you want, simply by selecting the gallery according to the very first letter of the music you want to download and choose your desired song from the given list.


Clickmaza is yet another amazing site that has beautiful colors and transitions. Just visit the site and browse out the song you want and download it from the download link provided on the site.

There are also interesting options for funland, gallery, gossips, videos, and even technology, which means that you can enjoy all these and more from a single website.


You can also go on this site to easily download your Hindi songs. The website shows you the top 30 songs trending at the moment, and you can also select new Bollywood albums and lots more from its home page.

If what you want to download are Punjabi songs and videos from this site, you can also do so at no cost.


Mptunes is yet another site where you can download as many Bollywood song of your choice as possible for free. On this website, you can get songs of almost every movie you’ve ever seen whether it is old or new.

This website is not only simple but very user-friendly and that is one of the best things about this download site. Sadly, this site doesn’t have a featured list of all the latest Bollywood songs.

However, you can still find the best songs when you do a search using the name of the song or the artist’s name. Just do a quick search for your song in the search box provided on the site and download it.

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15. is one of the most used websites for downloading all kinds of songs. If what you want is to download the best of Bollywood or Punjabi songs, this site is one of the best places you can do that.

You can comfortably search for songs on this site by Artists, Albums, or by typing the song’s name.


Mirchfun is last on this list of good websites to download Hindi songs, but that doesn’t mean it is the least when it comes to giving you the best of Hindi songs so Bollywood movie songs.

Like the other websites on this list you can search for songs by album or artist. Some of the top and recent songs from around the world are also displayed at the home page so that you do not stress yourself to search when you can directly download.

These are 16 of the very best websites to download Bollywood music. All of the sites featured in this list enables you to download the best of Bollywood songs.

Almost all of the listed sites in this article offer songs that are free to download, while others offer strictly paid downloads. You have the opportunity to choose any of them depending on your need.

If you know any other site where Bollywood songs can be downloaded with ease, please do not hesitate to share in the comments section.