DStv Now App: Stream Movies, TV Shows on the Go With DStv

DStv Now App

DStv has done a commendable job at offering Africans the best of entertainment. Now they have come up with the DStv Now application that offers a lot more than basic television and also vast options like mobile video streaming (can you beat that?).

Thankfully, anyone and everyone now has the privilege of downloading the DStv Now mobile app on any Android and iPhone device.

With your DStv Now app, you can easily catch up on all your favorite series, watch and stream Live TV shows, watch movies and sport highlights or even download anything you’d love) to watch later offline. With the DStv Now app you are offered the ability to stream and even download any TV show on the go no matter how far away from home you may be.

However, I must point out that there are a few up and downsides of the DStv Now app. The most prominent downside for Nigerians and other Africans is that most of the amazing features of this app are left for South Africa only.

With your DStv Now account you can only get access on 4 different devices at any one time, and also you only get to stream on 2 devices at a time. You must have also guessed that the app takes a lot of data as well.

What are the benefits of using the DSTv now App?

  • You can live stream some selected TV channels using 3G/4G or WIFI
  • You can download as many as 25 videos on the DStv Catch Up that you will enjoy offline later across up to 4 devices
  • With your DStv Now app, your kids use a fun and safe viewing environment with a PIN controlled access when they want to enjoy the coolest kid’s shows and movies
  • You can catch Up on a selection of the most popular shows, movies, and sports
  • You can gain access to the full 8-day TV Guide and even set reminders to help better plan your viewing
  • Would you like to set remote recordings for that Internet connected DStv Explora of yours? You can do that and never forget any of your favourite shows.
  • You can also check out your DStv account balance, statements and also clear error codes on your decoder(s) (this feature is available only in South Africa).

In order for you to gain access to Live TV streaming and also enjoy DStv Catch Up via the DStv Now app, you will be required to subscribe to the DStv Premium package and also have an active PVR subscription.

And whenever you get too busy or you miss any important television show or whatsoever, all you have to do is easily use your DStv Now on DStv catch-up. Remember that TV Guide is also at work, which means that you can set a timer for any of your favorite show. It allows you view the TV guide for as long as eight days.

How to Download DSTv Now app?

You don’t have to stress as you can easily download and install the DStv Now application in less than a minute, and enjoy lots of cool and amazing stuff. The app is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

  • To download for the app on Android: Go to this Google Playstore and search for DStv Now
  • To download the app for iOS: Go to iTunes and simply search for DStv Now.

However, if you live in South Africa and you have access to a lot of internet data bundle plan, you are allowed to easily download the DSTv Now, do a quick registration and start live streaming lots of channels / shows even if you don’t have a DStv at home.

The DStv now app has over 500,000 downloads at present and DStv has done well to successfully updated this mobile app as of September 3rd, 2018. To get started, simply visit https://now.dstv.com/

How to download movies on the DSTv Now app?

As we mentioned earlier, the DStv Now application allows DStv subscribers to download movies for later to watch offline. Select shows are also available for download after they have aired via DStv Catch Up.

Any movie you download can stay just 2-days on DStv now before they are permanently removed from the app service. Wondering how you can download your favorite movies / series? here’s all you need to know.

  • Download and open the DStv Now app on your device
  • Search for the three lines at the left top bar and tap on them
  • Look out for Catch Up and enter
  • Click on the right top bar icon
  • On this part you can easily filter through the shows that can be streamed, downloaded, or even both.

Do always remember that there is no pause feature on the app, but you may be interested to know that whenever the service fluctuates, you can easily resume or continue your downloads. Every subscriber is limited to about 25 offline downloads across all their devices.

Also bear in mind that when downloading your shows, you are restricted to a single video quality. Meanwhile, this is a lot different from when decide to stream, as you can set the video quality you want easily.

How to Link your DStv Smartcard to your DStv Now?

If you want to enjoy your paid subscriptions, you have the chance to easily link your DSTv Smart card to the DSTv Now app and also view your favorite shows.

  • Download and launch the DSTv Now app
  • Login to the app with your registered Email address and password
  • Now click on the link DSTv account option
  • Once connect is opened, you have to enter the following:

+ your smartcard number
+ The registered surname of the DSTv account holder
+ Choose the country your DSTv account is registered in

  • Click on the Link DSTv Smart card option
  • Type in the Name of your Smart Card
  • Click on the LINK option
  • Your Smart card will be linked automatically

Now you know that almost everything can easily be done on your DSTv Now app! Go ahead, download it today and enjoy!

Please leave a comment below for questions and troubleshooting and do not forget to share.

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