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DStv Channels List, Packages and Prices in 2020

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Thousands of people in Nigeria have put their trust in DStv to provide them with the very best of television shows and programs.

DStv (Digital Satellite Television) is a product of multi-choice, and it has no doubt become the best digital satellite TV service in both South Africa and Nigeria.

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With DStv, subscribers are given access to general entertainment, movies, sport, music, documentaries, news, children entertainment, commercials, lifestyle and culture, as well as religious channels from all around the globe.

Another thing that DStv boasts of is its offer of the most advanced hardware when it comes to satellite TV service, we are talking about the DStv Explora.

The new DStv Explora is the latest HD PVR decoder. What the DStv Explora allows you to do is to enjoy quality High Definition content and also record as long as 220 hours of your best TV shows and programmes so that even if you miss them, you can enjoy them on the go, or in your free time.

If you are interested in DStv Nigeria offers different subscription packages that you can subscribe to. Read further to know about the various DStv subscription and channels that are available to you in Nigeria.

Below are all DStv subscription packages and channels. You can also mange your DStv account using the MyDStv app.

The DStv Access bouquet

Subscription fee: 1,900 per month.

The DStv Access package is an introductory package that is offered by DStv. The good thing about it is that it is also the cheapest package on DStv, and it is created to not only offer you choice but also give you value for your money.

When you subscribe to DStv Access, you will gain access to a very exciting viewing experience that comes with a variety of amazing channels that you can always enjoy.

With this package, you are offered more than fifty great cable channels to select from. Below is a list of all the channels on DStv Access bouquet:

  1. Adom TV
  2. AIT
  3. Arewa 24
  4. Channels
  5. Joy News
  6. K24
  7. Lagos TV
  8. MiTV
  9. NTA I
  10. Silverbird
  11. WAP
  12. Wazobia Max
  13. SuperSport Blitz
  14. SuperSport 4 (HD/SD)
  15. SuperSport 9
  16. SuperSport 10
  17. Fashion One
  18. Spice TV
  19. Al Jazeera
  20. Arise News
  21. BBC World News
  22. Bloomberg Television
  23. CNBC Africa
  24. CNC World
  25. eTV Africa
  26. EuroNews
  27. EuroNews German
  28. NDTV24x7
  29. SABC News
  30. TVC News
  31. Nat Geo Wild
  32. Disney Junior
  33. JimJam
  34. Mindset
  35. Nickelodeon
  36. AFRO Music English
  37. Hip TV
  38. Planet Radio TV
  39. Sound City
  40. TRACE Naija
  41. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  42. AfricaMagic Family
  43. AfricaMagic Hausa
  44. AfricaMagic Igbo
  45. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  46. AfricaMagic World
  47. B4U Movies
  48. Discovery Family
  49. E! Entertainment
  50. Eva +
  51. FOX Life
  52. Galaxy TV
  53. Maisha Magic Bongo
  54. Maisha Magic East
  55. M-NET Movies Zone
  56. Telemundo
  57. Televista
  58. Trybe
  59. Vox Africa
  60. Zee World
  61. CCTV Entertainment
  62. CCTV 4
  63. China Movie Channel
  64. Deutsche Welle
  65. Jiantsu Television
  66. Hunan TV
  67. Phoenix News and Entertainment
  68. RAI International
  69. RTP Internacional
  70. Shanghai Dragon TV
  71. TV5 Monde Afrique
  72. DayStar
  73. Dove TV
  74. Emmanuel TV
  75. Eternal Word Television
  76. Faith Broadcast Network
  77. IQRAA
  78. Islam Channel
  79. TBN
  80. TV Mundial
  81. BBC World Service English
  82. BBC World Radio 2
  83. BBC African Languages
  84. Voice of America
  85. World Radio Network
  86. Channel Islam Internationale
  87. Radio France Internationale
  88. RAYFM
  89. Star FM
  90. Rhythm FM
  91. TransAfrica Radio

DStv Family bouquet

Subscription fee: 3,800 Naira per month.

With the DStv Family bouquet, every member of the family will have something great to enjoy as it gives you more than sixty different channels that you can select from.

You don’t have to worry about making family time exciting as that has already been taken care of with lots of local and international shows, sports, and entertainment.

Your kids will have access to so many exciting kiddies’ channels. Below is a complete list of the TV channels available on this bouquet.

  1. BBC Lifestyle
  2. Fashion One
  3. Food Network
  4. Spice TV
  5. CCTV Documentary
  6. Nat Geo Wild
  7. SuperSport Blitz
  8. SuperSport 4 (HD/SD)
  9. SuperSport 7
  10. SuperSport 8
  11. SuperSport 9
  12. SuperSport 10
  13. Boomerang
  14. Cartoon Network
  15. Cbeebies
  16. Disney Junior
  17. JimJam
  18. Mindset
  19. Nickelodeon
  20. Adom TV
  21. AIT
  22. Arewa 24
  23. Channels
  24. Joy News
  25. K24
  26. Lagos TV
  27. MiTV
  28. NTA I
  29. Silverbird
  30. WAP
  31. Wazobia Max
  32. AFRO Music English
  33. Hip TV
  34. MTV Base
  35. Planet Radio TV
  36. Sound City
  37. TRACE Mziki
  38. TRACE Naija
  39. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  40. AfricaMagic Family
  41. AfricaMagic Hausa
  42. AfricaMagic Igbo
  43. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  44. AfricaMagic World
  45. B4U Movies
  46. CBS Reality
  47. Discovery Family
  48. E! Entertainment
  49. Eva
  50. Eva +
  51. FOX (SD/HD)
  52. FOX Life
  53. Galaxy TV
  54. Maisha Magic Bongo
  55. Maisha Magic East
  56. M-Net City
  57. M-NET Movies Zone
  58. Universal Channel (SD/HD)
  59. Sony Entertainment Television
  60. Sony Max
  61. Telemundo
  62. Televista
  63. Trybe
  64. Vox Africa
  65. Zee World
  66. Al Jazeera
  67. Arise News
  68. BBC World News
  69. Bloomberg Television
  70. CNBC Africa
  71. CNC World
  72. CNN International
  73. eTV Africa
  74. EuroNews
  75. EuroNews German
  76. NDTV24x7
  77. SABC News
  78. TVC News
  79. DayStar
  80. Dove TV
  81. Emmanuel TV
  82. Eternal Word Television
  83. Faith Broadcast Network
  84. IQRAA
  85. Islam Channel
  86. TBN
  87. TV Mundial
  88. BBC World Service English
  89. BBC World Radio 2
  90. BBC African Languages
  91. Voice of America
  92. World Radio Network
  93. Channel Islam Internationale
  94. Radio France Internationale
  95. RAYFM
  96. Star FM
  97. Rhythm FM
  98. TransAfrica Radio
  99. CCTV Entertainment
  100. CCTV 4
  101. China Movie Channel
  102. Deutsche Welle
  103. Jiantsu Television
  104. Hunan TV
  105. Phoenix News and Entertainment
  106. RAI International
  107. RTP Internacional
  108. Shanghai Dragon TV
  109. TV5 Monde Afrique

DStv Compact bouquet

Subscription amount: 6,300 Naira monthly.

For fans of football, you enjoy both local matches and international football once you subscribe for a DStv Compact bouquet.

Your family can also enjoy lots of amazing entertainment for children and adult with more than 100 super cool channels to pick from. Below is a list of the channels on this package:

  1. BBC Lifestyle
  2. Fashion One
  3. Food Network
  4. Spice TV
  5. CCTV Documentary
  6. Nat Geo Wild
  7. Adom TV
  8. AIT
  9. Arewa 24
  10. Channels
  11. Joy News
  12. K24
  13. Lagos TV
  14. MiTV
  15. NTA I
  16. Silverbird
  17. WAP
  18. Wazobia Max
  19. SuperSport Blitz
  20. SuperSport 4 (HD/SD)
  21. SuperSport 7
  22. SuperSport 8
  23. SuperSport 9
  24. SuperSport 10
  25. Boomerang
  26. Cartoon Network
  27. Cbeebies
  28. Disney Junior
  29. JimJam
  30. Mindset
  31. Nickelodeon
  32. Al Jazeera
  33. Arise News
  34. BBC World News
  35. Bloomberg Television
  36. CNBC Africa
  37. CNC World
  38. CNN International
  39. eTV Africa
  40. EuroNews
  41. EuroNews German
  42. NDTV24x7
  43. SABC News
  44. TVC News
  45. AFRO Music English
  46. Hip TV
  47. MTV Base
  48. Planet Radio TV
  49. Sound City
  50. TRACE Mziki
  51. TRACE Naija
  52. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  53. AfricaMagic Family
  54. AfricaMagic Hausa
  55. AfricaMagic Igbo
  56. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  57. AfricaMagic World
  58. B4U Movies
  59. CBS Reality
  60. Discovery Family
  61. E! Entertainment
  62. Eva
  63. Eva +
  64. FOX (SD/HD)
  65. FOX Life
  66. Galaxy TV
  67. Maisha Magic Bongo
  68. Maisha Magic East
  69. M-Net City
  70. M-NET Movies Zone
  71. Universal Channel (SD/HD)
  72. Sony Entertainment Television
  73. Sony Max
  74. Telemundo
  75. Televista
  76. Trybe
  77. Vox Africa
  78. Zee World
  79. CCTV Entertainment
  80. CCTV 4
  81. China Movie Channel
  82. Deutsche Welle
  83. Jiantsu Television
  84. Hunan TV
  85. Phoenix News and Entertainment
  86. RAI International
  87. RTP Internacional
  88. Shanghai Dragon TV
  89. TV5 Monde Afrique

DStv Premium bouquet

Subscription fee: 14,700 monthly.

DStv Premium package is the juiciest and most superior of all the DStv packages currently available. With DStv Premium bouquet, you can enjoy a maximum experience of nonstop entertainment with your loved ones.

You will be granted access to the latest movies, news coverage, sports, top documentaries and all the latest commercials from around the world. Below is a complete list of all channels available on this bouquet:

  1. CCTV Entertainment
  2. CCTV 4
  3. China Movie Channel
  4. Deutsche Welle
  5. Jiantsu Television
  6. Hunan TV
  7. Phoenix News and Entertainment
  8. RAI International
  9. RTP Internacional
  10. Shanghai Dragon TV
  11. TV5 Monde Afrique
  12. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  13. AfricaMagic Family
  14. AfricaMagic Hausa
  15. AfricaMagic Igbo
  16. AfricaMagic Showcase
  17. AfricaMagic Urban
  18. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  19. B4U Movies
  20. BBC Brit
  21. BET International
  22. CBS Reality
  23. Comedy Central
  24. Discovery Family
  25. E! Entertainment
  26. Ebony Life TV
  27. Eva
  28. Eva +
  29. FOX Life
  30. FOX (SD/HD)
  31. Galaxy TV
  32. ITV Choice (SD/HD)
  33. Lifetime Entertainment
  34. Maisha Magic Bongo
  35. Maisha Magic East
  36. MTV
  37. M-Net Action
  38. M-Net City
  39. M-Net Movies Action +
  40. M-Net Movies All Stars
  41. M-Net Movies Premiere (SD/HD)
  42. M-NET Movies Zone
  43. M-NET West (HD/SD)
  44. ROK
  45. Sony Entertainment Television
  46. Sony Max
  47. Studio Universal
  48. Telemundo
  49. Televista
  50. True Movies 1
  51. Trybe
  52. Turner Classic Movies
  53. Universal Channel
  54. Vox Africa
  55. Vuzu (SD/HD)
  56. Vuzu Amp (SD/HD)
  57. Zee World
  58. DayStar
  59. Dove TV
  60. Emmanuel TV
  61. Eternal Word Television
  62. Faith Broadcast Network
  63. IQRAA
  64. Islam Channel
  65. TBN
  66. TV Mundial
  67. Al Jazeera
  68. Arise News
  69. BBC World News
  70. Bloomberg Television
  71. CNBC Africa
  72. CNC World
  73. CNN International
  74. eTV Africa
  75. EuroNews
  76. EuroNews German
  77. SABC News
  78. Sky News
  79. AFRO Music English
  80. Hip TV
  81. MTV Base
  82. Planet Radio TV
  83. Sound City
  84. TRACE Mziki
  85. TRACE Naija
  86. Boomerang
  87. Cartoon Network
  88. Cbeebies
  89. Disney Channel
  90. Disney Junior
  91. Disney XD
  92. JimJam
  93. Mindset
  94. Nickelodeon
  95. NickJr
  96. NickTOONS
  97. SuperSport Blitz
  98. SuperSport 1
  99. SuperSport 2
  100. SuperSport 3 (HD/SD)
  101. SuperSport 4 (HD/SD)
  102. SuperSport 5 (HD/SD)
  103. SuperSport 6
  104. SuperSport 7
  105. SuperSport 8
  106. SuperSport 9
  107. SuperSport 10
  108. SuperSport 11 (HD/SD)
  109. SuperSport 12 (HD/SD)
  110. Adom TV
  111. AIT
  112. Channels
  113. Joy News
  114. K24
  115. Lagos TV
  116. MiTV
  117. NTA I
  118. Silverbird
  119. WAP
  120. Wazobia Max
  121. Crime & Investigation
  122. Discovery Channel (SD/HD)
  123. Nat Geo Wild
  124. National Geographic Channel
  125. The History Channel
  126. BBC Lifestyle
  127. Discovery IDx
  128. Discovery TLC Entertainment
  129. Fashion One
  130. Food Network
  131. Spice TV

Decide what package suits you best and enjoy quality entertainment with DStv. If you are looking for various ways to pay your subscription bills, checkout our article. Please leave a comment below if you have any complaints, suggestions, etc…

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