DStv Remote Controller App

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DStv Remote Controller App
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Do you know you may need a DStv remote controller app? Let’s find out why. Dstv users have access to the most incredible content available on cable TV, but sometimes that’s not enjoyable without the ease of control.

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Making use of your decoder without a working DStv remote is never an experience to enjoy.

Firstly you have to live the fact that you can’t change channels or even turn off your DSTV decoder without having to walk up to it. There’s no telling how embarrassing and frustrating this can be, especially when you have a guest.

You also won’t be getting any shortcuts when it comes to changing from one channel to another; that will be one very long and tedious task. Worse of all, the only features you will be able to make use of without a remote controller will be cut down to just adjusting the volume and changing channels.

However, you can live without all these troubles and continue to enjoy your DStv life. What you can do is either to fix the faulty DStv remote, buy a new one for yourself or simply opt for a DStv remote app.

It is no surprise if you haven’t heard about the DSTV remote control app before now. A lot of DSTV users do not know there is such an app, so it’s nothing to feel weird about.

With the DStv remote control app on your mobile phone, what you have is a quick and straightforward alternative to your spoilt DStv remote.

However, it is good to note that the experience may not be exactly the same as using an actual remote controller. Nevertheless, it will definitely be much better than living without a remote.

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So there are two handy remote applications for DSTV that we will be recommending for your Android devices: PVR Remote and Remote for DSTV.

These are really helpful remote apps that have been used by many people running into the thousands, and they come with ratings of 4.0+. The apps have also been confirmed to be trusted since they are verified by Google Play Protect to be free of malware.

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Now that you have been informed about the app and what they do let’s move on to how you can get them on your device.

Table of Contents

Downloading the DStv remote control app

Step 1: Open the PlayStore app on your Android phone

Step 2: Type in the name of your preferred Dstv remote app (that is either the PVR remote or the Remote for DSTV

Step 3: Install the remote control app

Step 4: make sure to connect to the internet when you are opening the installed app for the first time

Requirements for your preferred DStv Remote Apps

  • Android version: 4.0 and higher
  • Infrared Blaster or Infrared Transmitter

How do you know if your device has Infrared?

DStv remotes naturally make use of infrared (IR) to send signals to a decoder. So if you want your device to easily send signals to your decoder ( I mean in order for the DStv remote app you have downloaded to work with you decoder), your smartphone device must feature an IR blaster (also known as an IR transmitter).

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Not all smartphones come with the IR blaster.Even when you have successfully downloaded and tried the DStv remote control app on your phone, do well to purchase an actual remote still.

DStv Remote Controller App
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