Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Oily Hair

Do you have to deal with oily hair? If your answer is yes, then you probably know how embarrassing and irritating greasy hair can be. Not only will your hair follicles be greezy from excessive production of oil, but your scalp can get easily irritated.

Solving the problem of oily hair can seem quite hopeless. However, it is not entirely impossible; there are lots of ways you can tackle the problem without damaging your hair.

In this article, we will be sharing lots of information about the possible causes of oily hair and also some easy ways you can get rid of it.

What causes oily hair?

There are a few things that may be responsible for your oily hair condition. The first likely reason for oily hair is a natural occurrence because there are individuals with sebaceous glands that overproduce oil.

While it is very natural for everyone to have oil in their sebaceous glands because the oil is supposed to help keep your hair looking healthy, for individuals who have glands that over produce oil there is no way they will not deal with oily hair.

Apart from oily hair being as a result of excessive production of oil by your sebaceous gland,s it can also be as a result of the food you eat. If you consume foods that are high in fat and oil and also consume a lot of diary products it will encourage your sebaceous glands to produce much more oil for your scalp.

What are the problems or oily hair can cause?

When it comes to oily hair, there are quite a number of problems that you need to be worried about. Below are some of the most common problems:

1. Unsightly hair

Unsightly hair is one of the major issues you can have to deal with if you have oily hair. oily hair can make your hair look wet dirty and dump even if you take the pain to clean it regularly.

Sometimes it can be so frustrating that it looks stiff regardless of how much you brush it because the oil will cause your hair follicles to harden.

2. Hair loss

When there is an excessive production of oil on your, scalp then you might begin to suffer hair loss. your hair begins to shed because the follicles are overwhelmed by the quantity of oil produced and that causes the pores and glands to open up.

3. irritations

Your scalp may begin to get easily irritated when there is excessive oil production. Your head may begin to feel itchy and you will also notice red patches that will be left behind.

When the red patches begin to dry up, you may begin to experience even more irritation because of the dryness

Easy ways to get rid of oily hair

Yes, it seems it completely impossible to get rid of oily, hair, but the good news I have to share with you is that it is very possible and the few steps to below might be very helpful.

Use shampoo created for oily hair

One of the easiest ways, to get rid of greasy hair is to wash your hair with oily hair shampoo. shampoos made for oily hair are designed to help you combat excessive production of oil on your scalp, and that eventually will solve the problem you’re dealing with.

Many oily hair shampoo containers roll ingredients that help to get your sebaceous glands working normally while hydrating your scalp at the same time. nevertheless, always remember to check the sample you are buying if it contains sulphate or silicon if you notice any of these 2 ingredients, please avoid that shampoo.

Silicon or sulphate will only encourage the production of more oil in your scalp and that would only worsen the problem.

Use some essential oils

if you do not want to buy a shampoo that contains essential oils you can purchase essential oils and add them to your scalp yourself.

The best essential oil for oily scalp are peppermint oil, tea tree oil and lemon oil these 3 oils contain properties that will help hydrate your scalp and get rid of excess amount of oil.

Another added advantage of using the souls is that their antibacterial and can help you get rid of any bacteria causing you to have irritations.

Watch your diet

One other way you can get rid of excessive oil production in your scalp is to watch the things you eat like I said earlier when you eat foods that are high in fat and oil and also dairy products your scalp will begin to produce more oil.

You should opt for foods that are high in zinc such as nuts and fish. Vitamin e and vitamin b would also help you, so you can go for beans and sunflower seeds and also fruits like avocado.

Making hair mask

I love her mask because they are shooting but that’s not all they’re good for they can also help you get rid of greasy hair.

You can get hair mask off the shelf in your local supermarket, but if you don’t want to bu,y you can make yours at home by combining ingredients such as olive oil, egg white, and lemon juice.

After your mixture has been made massage it gently into your hair. remember that he must do not work like magic you would have to repeat use for some times before you begin to see desired results.

limit your use of caps and hats

whenever I have a bad hair day, I make use of hats. However, some people wear hats for a very long period and that can encourage the production of oil on their scalp because hats trap heat in your head.

Instead of making hats something that should put on every time just reserve your hearts for days when you really need to wear them.

Heduce your usage of hair conditioners

Hair conditioners are good because they can help to give your hair is silky feel and a beautiful shine, but a lot of times they cause problems.

Conditioners and made to help rehydrate your hair and also give it volume that’s why certain ingredients are used in their production. Make sure that whenever you have to use conditioners you use them sparingly regardless of the brand or type.

If you have ever had to deal with oily hair and you were able to treat the condition without following any of the steps above, please do not hesitate to share tips in the comments section provided below also we would like to know your suggestions and opinions if you have any.

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