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16 Easiest Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

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Running out of date ideas? Being in a relationship requires constant creativity to keep the spark alive. Meeting someone for the first time is exciting, definitely.

But what happens when you’re both used to one another? Well, one of you has to come up with something you can both do together to keep your love feeling new and refreshing.

Whatever your partner’s preference is, you can always find something they would appreciate, and you would love. You don’t have to dig too far.

We’re here for you. I’ve sourced for some pretty cool date ideas you can try with your partners when you choose to spice things up. Check them out!

1. Go Out To Lunch

This is one of the classics. Simple, yet stylish. Everyone takes lunch breaks. And this may be the perfect opportunity to take time away from work to meet your spouse.

2. Plan A Picnic

An outdoor date is not only casual but beautiful as well. Make some light lunch or snack, get you some drinks, a mat and tuck all that in a basket and enjoy the great outdoors with your partner.

It is better sometimes when there are few people around your chosen location because this will help both of you talk and bond.

3. Go Out To getting Drinks

There’s something about having a conversation over a couple of drinks.  It is a famous date idea but it never goes stale. Call your girl/guy and meet up for drinks. You’re not only having a good time, but you’re doing it with someone that matters

4. Go To a Fancy Restaurant

Everybody loves playing dress up. Get yourselves looking all fancy and head out to a charming restaurant. The air is sure different in a pricey restaurant.

5. See A Movie Together

This is one of the easiest, fun and affordable date plans you could run by. In fact, of all date ideas, this is my favourite.

Get you some popcorn, soda or whatever and go see a movie with your man/lady. If you’re both into horror movies, that will give the both of you an opportunity to snuggle(for when she’s frightened)

6. Have Game Night

Get out your board games, card games or whatever both of you are into and bond over some good old fashioned “you lose; you do the dishes.”

7. Go To The Zoo

Go to your local zoo and see the animals. Feed, admire and feed the animals while getting to know each other. You’re learning more about each other, and you get to see some fascinating creatures up close.

8. Visit A Museum

Museums are pretty interesting to visit. Go see some captivating sights and you’d notice how easy and smooth the conversation flows.

9. Go To The Beach

A Romantic date idea. The sight of the oceans and the strong water waves set the mood. Taking a long walk by the beach and having a stimulating conversation is pretty amazing. Or you can just decide to be children again and play around the water.

10. Work Out Together

You might find that a couple that sweats together stays together. Take your spouse to a weekly workout session. Get and stay fit together. It will surprise you how much you both will bond over some heavy lifting and stretching.

11. Make Candlelight Dinner At Home

I think of candlelight, I think ‘romantic’. Making a meal at home and inviting your girlfriend or boyfriend over with sweet-scented candles on the table and around the house really sets a lovesome atmosphere. I bet your night will be filled with lots of deep stares and pretty smiles.

12. Create Something Together

Sometimes its fun to get your hands dirty building something together. You can decide to mould, paint, create your recipe, or whatever will require both your ideas to build and bond while you are at it.

Whatever you decide to create, becomes “your thing”.

13. Go Shopping For Each Other

Who doesn’t love getting new stuff? Well, you can do it together. Go out to a store and pick out things for each other. The goal is to get what you feel would look good on your partner.

You can laugh at your ideas and bond over some fashion dos and don ts

14. Go to a Park

Love this date idea? I do too. Whip your hair out, pull out your trunks and some casual wears and go to a park. A water park will be loads of fun for you and your partner. Be goofy again and have a fantastic time with your love.

15. Do something Bad

Plan to do something you both may consider off limits. It gets your adrenaline pumping. Go skinny dipping, have sex in bad traffic. Doing something you’re not supposed to do brings couples together and adds to lists of things you can both laugh about in the future.

16. Do Something You both Dislike

It will amaze you how you can bond with someone when you both hate the same things. You can laugh over why you both hate this activity and more often than not, it will lead you to do something you actually both like. This just may be the most spontenous date idea

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
Emmanuella Oluwafemihttps://freelancespace.org
Emmanuella Oluwafemi is a sociologist, anthropologist, fashion model, and senior writer at Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC. She is also the founder of https://freelancespace.org
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