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Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

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It is crucial that you keep your pet healthy and grooming is one of the ways you can have your dog live clean and healthy with you. When it comes to grooming your dog the first thing that may come to your mind is trimming its fur and keeping away ticks and fleas, then maybe cleaning its nails.


Have you bothered paying attention to your dog’s ears? It is also very important because ear infection is a very prevalent condition in dogs, and these infections happen when a dog does not have its ears clean as often as they should be cleaned.

If you are one of those pet owners who has never had to clean their dogs as well, it is not too late for you to begin. In this article, we will be teaching you the basic steps to take when it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears.

Before we proceed to share the tips with you, we must remind you that it is vital you have a bag of tricks ready. Your dog will always twist and turn whenever you try cleaning it ears because it’s an uncomfortable experience for the animal. If you want the process to go smoothly, then you have to reward your dog for its corporation.

Dog's Ears

1. Keep your cleaning tools handy

You will need cotton pads, cotton tied applicators, tweezers, high-quality ear cleaning solution from a very good vet, cotton balls, and a towel. Make sure you do not use any ear cleaning solution that contains alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

This kind of cleaning solutions might irritate your pet’s ears, and you would notice the animal wriggle all the time in discomfort. It is important that you always wear hand gloves before you start cleaning your pet’s ears but if you do not have hand gloves just wash your hands thoroughly before going ahead to clean.

2. massage the dog’s ears

Get your dog to come close to you then put a few drops of the recommended ear cleaning solution on the inside flap of the dog’s ear. Do not let your dog shake or dance around while you’re doing this.

You can then proceed to take the tip of the bottle close to your dog’s ear opening and put a few drops of the solution into it. Make sure that your dog does not shake its head. Begin to massage your dog’s ear from the base. Once the solution reaches the base, it would allow it to reach deep into the canal and loosen the debris.

Let your pet shake itself once you are done massaging its ears. Do not forget to have a towel handy so that when your dog shakes its body, and the debris starts to scatter everywhere, it won’t stain your body. Always clean your dog’s ears in your bathroom tub. That way, you can clean all the scattered debris with ease.


3. Cleaning your dog’s ear canal

Put a few drops of the ear cleaning solution to a cotton ball and proceed to wipe your dog’s ear canal from the inside out. If it is possible for you to reach into your dog’s ear canal with your finger, then do so and try to clean it as deep as possible.

Do not make any attempt to force your way into the ear canal as you may cause some unwanted irritation. To clean all the stubborn debris that may have collected around the regions of your dog’s ears, you can use a cotton-tipped applicator.

After cleaning your dog’s ears there is still a chance that it might remain dirty. However, do not let that overwhelm you; all you have to do is repeat the process over and again. Make sure that the ear cleaning process is not painful for your pet and also do not make it a daily routine.

The most important part that you should not forget is to reward your pet with treats after every round of corporation.


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