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Social media platforms have a huge impact on our society, and there is no arguing that fact. It is not easy for people to judge others that they do not know in person by the number of likes and followers they have on their social media profiles.

Asides twitter and facebook the most famous social media platform. As we already know Facebook was long in existence before the creation of Instagram and now that Facebook has both of her Instagram millions of followers are switching to the Instagram platform because it is a lot easier to navigate and the concept is more fun and creative than facebook.

Well some people saying Instagram as a platform to exhibit their pictures and how fun some mothers have taken advantage of the social media platform for marketing their goods and services.

An added benefit of using Instagram is that the comes with similar communication options as the famous facebook you can send direct messages and staying in touch with as many people as you want.

Posting Instagram photos and videos now has become a massive trend, and it now plays a huge role in making news and different content go viral.

Whether you have created the best video that is now on Instagram or you’re trying to download some other interesting contents that you have found on the platform, it might not be as easy as you imagine it should be.

Unlike how it is easy for you to get any picture you want off facebook, instagram does not give you that is, and all of that is for a reason. Some of the reasons why you cannot easily download videos or pictures on Instagram include copyright and privacy claims.

Despite how complex they have made downloading videos and pictures from Instagram there are a couple of ways in which you can get your favourite content off the site but before we look into this methods would like to share with you what the Instagram video regulations are.

So even though I have already pointed out that there are techniques in which you can get all your favourite videos and pictures from Instagram, it is still very important that you respect the copyright policy and the roles that have been given on the platform.

It is very OK for you to download images and videos for your own viewing pleasure in the comfort of your home with your friends.

But as soon as you begin to distribute this contents without giving credit to the original owner or you claim them to be yours then the original owner of the content has every right to file a lawsuit against you because you have broken the copyright rules.

There is no reason why you should put yourself through all of that trouble when you can create your own content, so you have every right to be free enough to watch your videos but never claim they are yours if you did not create them.

Few ways to download videos from Instagram stress-free

Because a lot of us are interested in getting videos off Instagram and the platform has not made that easy for us, there is no way you can do so without getting a special tool. Some applications have been created to offer you the service of downloading content.

Whenever we talk about Instagram video downloader apps, we can point to some of the most popular ones like post grabber, OG Instagram, dredown, and IFTTT – all of these applications have been made available for both android, iOS, and windows.

People have recommended gram gets as one of the most effective platforms when it comes to downloading content off Instagram. However, this is what we have found out:

At first glance, it becomes apparent that the gram gets software is very easy to use; it is an in-browser software that works great as a simple converter.

Downloading videos from Instagram using this software is very easy it only takes a few steps what you’re required to do is copy the URL of the content you want to download and paste it on the converter.

Once the URL has been copied into the converter, the content you want to get downloaded automatically, and the great thing about it is that it is completely free and it has been made available on Android, iPhone, and windows mobile.

So on whatever gadgets you’re making use of you are sure to get the content that you desire. this is one thing that other download platforms cannot boast of.

The process of converting and downloading your content using this platform on both iPhones, android an windows phones are pretty much easy even though they differ slightly.

It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to download the relevant videos that you desire and if you are a desktop user all it takes is for you to copy the URL and paste into the converter field then tap go ahead.

I must also point out that if you are making use of an iPhone or an iPad, you would need to get a drag box account for you to download contents using this platform.

Haven’t tried both the features for downloading videos and downloading images you have reached the conclusion that graham get effective platforms when it comes to getting content from instagram.

Try Fast save

Fast save is a mobile application that you can easily download from your android play store; it makes the entire process of getting content from Instagram very easy, and it is also completely free.

Once you have downloaded the Fastsave application the application itself would walk you through the process of linking it with your Instagram account.

Once that is done all you have to do to download an image or a video is to tap on the options by the right side of the content then click the copy link option. Once you click on copy link, your content automatically downloads to your phone and that’s it.

As you can see the entire process doesn’t take up to 20 seconds, and that makes it one of the most straightforward applications out there for downloading content form instagram.

We hope that you find this article helpful. If you have any opinions or suggestions you would like to share, please do not hesitate to use the comment section below

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