Easy Ways to Eat Vegetables Even When You Hate Their Taste


If there is any phrase mothers have been annoyingly notorious for using it is the “eat your vegetables” phrase.

There is no denying the fact that vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals as well as lots of nutrients that are important for our health. Still, that does not change the fact that some of us struggle to consume as little as three servings of vegetables daily.

This struggle is not because we do not appreciate the value of vegetables; it is because some of us just do not like the taste of this plant.

Several studies have linked eating our daily dose of vegetables to a reduced risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Plants also help us to maintain a healthy weight and increase happiness. What we seek to achieve in this article is to help you consume more vegetables without having to bother about the taste you do not like.

If you are a mother and you did not know how to get your children to appreciate eating vegetables, then it is essential that you know that you would have to expose them to these new foods at least 10 to 15 times before they would learn to like how it tastes. Even for us grown-ups our palate probably isn’t that different.

If there is any vegetable that you would like to eat because you have learnt about its benefits, but you don’t like the taste, then you just have to let the feeling grow on you.

Pick the vegetable and start small. Once in a while, you could serve a tablespoon of this vegetable as a side dish to your regular meals.

A lot of us gets stuck on the same routine when it comes to eating vegetables we could decide to eat only cauliflower peas and carrots if you must enjoy the benefits of plants then you must be willing to try new ones. There are hundreds of vegetables that you can try; red cabbage, collard greens, beets, and lots more.

The next time you visit the grocery shop check out those weird looking vegetables that you have never tried and asked how you can include them to your diet.

If you do not want to sound too interested, it is OK just to browse them on the internet to see how amazing they are and if they are good enough for you to eat.

1. Pay attention to seasonal foods

There are different ways you can also try new flavours, and one of the ways you can actually do this is to pay attention to seasonal foods. When it is spring season you can eat as many leafy greens and asparagus as possible.

During summer time my favourite vegetables are green beans. in autumn you can try pumpkins and mushrooms. When it is winter season, you can finally try that rust root vegetable dish that you have always wanted to eat.

2. Experiment with different cooking methods and ways of preparation

I think that when it comes to enjoying food, it is not restricted to its taste. The texture and smell of the food also play a significant role in giving you the satisfaction that you desire. There are different techniques for preparing vegetables that we do not explore a lot of us stick to boiling and frying.

Did you know that you can actually grill bell peppers and tomatoes in your oven? Roasted tomatoes and bell peppers are usually lovely because their natural sweetness is drawn out by this cooking method. Eggplants and zucchini can also be grilled, and they make a delicious bite when they are done.

This might not be the best option for a lot of you, but you can eat fresh vegetable raw, stew or put them or even make his stir fry with them. It is so much you can do with your vegetables to make then become your favourite foods.

You need to try a veggie burger with sweet potato fries trust me you would want to have this every single day of your life as long as you have potatoes and vegetables in your kitchen.

3. Sneak vegetables into your meals

If you still have a big problem with the taste of vegetables, then you can still enjoy all their wonderful benefits by masking their flavour. Below are some fantastic strategies to help you sneak veggies into your food and enjoy:

  • When making your morning smoothie add a handful of spinach then gradually shift the portions to more of vegetables and less of fruits.
  • When making your porridge and big boobs mixing some sweet vegetables. You can stay in some grated carrots with raisins when making your Hotmail or simply blend pumpkin puree when making your pancake batter. I usually add bits to my muffins you can try that as well.
  • Your regular pasta sauce can be upgraded by including some extra vegetables like bell pepper celery and even onions.
  • Do you know that soups are the perfect way to blend in some vegetables? Look for the recipe of any soup that you would like to try and mix in some veggies.
  • You can marsh some vegetables through your potato puree, and you will be shocked at how delicious the puree will taste.
  • You can wrap your greens in a tasty packaged just to deceive yourself that you’re eating something else. Something you can do is creating your own rice paper spring rolls and stopping it with all the nicely sliced vegetables that she would want to try. You could even make yourself vegetarian sushi.

4. Jazz up veggies

Are you bored by your potato meat and vegetable routine? There is no need for you to hide your vegetables on the layers of ketchup or gravy.

Why not consider dressing up your green beans and broccoli with some healthy toppings like toasted pine nuts fresh herbs delicious granola or almond zest?

If there are vegetables that you like, you can top them up with vegetables that you don’t like (that should be the other way round yea?).

If there is any good sauce like avocado mayonnaise or hummus around, you can dip your veggies into them as a way to mask the taste you do not like.

No matter how terrible you are with vegetables the tips shared in this article should be able to help you include them into your diet nicely.

If there are other methods you have tried that have worked for you when it comes to getting your children to eat vegetables or convincing yourself to consume as many vegetables as possible, please do not hesitate to share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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