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All the Eclipses of 2019 and the Best Places to View Them

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The solar eclipse of 6th January 2019 may have come and gone, but if you missed it you still have enough time to brace yourself for the 5 more incredible solar eclipses that are yet to take place in the year 2019. Did I hear you say you are excited? sure a lot of us are super excited for the remaining five and we are looking forward to experiencing them in the most spectacular way.

On the 6th of January the partial solar eclipse that took place peaked in the north eastern part of Russia with 60% of the sun blocked by the moon.

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If you must know, the year 2019 is packed full with a pantheon of solar eclipses of different types and no other group of people are more excited than the eclipse chasers amongst us.

One eclipse enthusiast has said that the eclipse he is looking forward to is the next one came up on the 21st of January which is a total lunar eclipse followed by the total solar eclipse that will be happening on the 2nd of July and is expected to be visible from Chile and Argentina.

2019 eclipses

Asides the two eclipses already mentioned, the next one would be a partial lunar eclipse on the 16th of July followed by an annular solar eclipse which would take place a day after Xmas that is on the 26th of December 2019.

1. The lunar eclipse of January 21st

While we sit and wait for all of these eclipses to happen let us talk about the total lunar eclipse of January 20th and 21st. For some reason, the January 20th and 21st total lunar eclipse is also called the super blood wolf moon eclipse.

That might come off as a cheesy name, but it is actually a super moon, plus total lunar eclipses are often known as blood moons. January’s full moon is known as blood moon in north America so if you’re adding that to the blood moon explanation and the super moon explanations, the name kind of makes some sense.

The eye candy is watching a full moon change to an orange-reddish color during a one-hour long totality as are satellites makes its way through earth’s central shadow. You can only watch this eclipse from the nightside of the earth which includes the eastern Pacific Ocean, South America, the extreme western Europe, and the western Atlantic Ocean.

2. Total Solar Eclipse – July 2, 2019

This is the big one, and it is exactly like the total solar eclipse that took place in united states of America on August 21st, 2017. And not only is it the big one, it is the first one since the last one in 2017.

This eclipse will be visible from Chile the south pacific and Argentina and more amazing is the fact that the moon’s shadow will plunge into darkness Cerro Tololo Inter- American observation as well as the La Silla Observatory in Chile which are two of the most famous astronomy sites in the globe.

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This goes without saying that thousands of people from all around the world will have their eyes fixed on the Chilean skies just to enjoy the sight of the moon passing between the earth and the sun to completely block out the light from the sun.

3. Partial lunar eclipse, 16th of July 2019

One fun fact about eclipse says is that the always come in pairs and on some occasions, they come in a trio. Perfect positioning of the moon that will happen during the eclipse of July 2nd, 2019 because a total solar eclipse but two weeks after that it becomes almost as well positioned when it is on the other side of the earth, and that will cause a partial eclipse which will not be visible to North America.

Nevertheless, people in Europe, Africa, and Asia will get the chance to view a weird looking moon which will be turning slightly red.  What you should expect to see is a moon with the top looking dark and the bottom part looking lit up. Which means it will be quite a strange looking moon and the greatest eclipse of that day will occur in the United Kingdom at about 22:30 pm.

4. Transit of Mercury – November 11, 2019

This one is when you do not want to miss and would definitely stick in your memory for a long time because there will be no mercury transit after November 11th, 2019 till 2032. Also, naturally we think of eclipses as what happens when the moon passes in front of the sun but technically speaking eclipse is also described when any planet appears to move across the disk of the sun.

Such a thing can only happen to mercury or Venus which are the planets that are visible from earth. On the 11th day of November 2019, it is the turn of mercury and most interesting part is that such an event only happens 13 times every hundred years.

The best places to view this event from work central America, eastern united states, and South America. Make sure you do not miss this one as the next time it will happen will be on the 13th of November 2032.

To view this eclipse you would be needing a telescope so if you do not have access to any of that you can decide to watch from your television if any of your channels will be showing it also there will be a ring of fire annular solar eclipse by next Christmas and you would also be needing a telescope to view that.

5. Annular solar eclipse – Thursday December 26th, 2019

As everyone would be happy, unwrapping the Christmas gifts, and getting ready for the new year, there would be one more cherry on top of the cake and that is the annular solar eclipse that is expected to happen on boxing day.

People in parts of Saudi Arabia, northern Sri Lanka, the Indian ocean, Indonesia, and southern India will get the opportunity to view a real ring of fire and annular solar eclipse. This eclipse has been described as one that looks like watching a bicycle wheel on fire.

This event is a partial eclipse but a more lovely one to view his occurs when a new moon is positioned at the farthest from the earth on its elliptical orbit and so it appears slightly smaller in the sky which makes it impossible for it to fully eclipse the sun.

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Do not expect every way to become dark as this will not happen, and you would also be needing his solar filter safety glasses throughout the event. 4 pictures of us the spectacle can easily be photographed by sunrise and it usually looks more dramatic during that time.

Have as much fun traveling around the world chasing eclipses and making memories that you would never forget however make sure you do not miss the total eclipse as that is one of nature’s greatest spectacle and after that you can confidently call yourself an eclipse chaser.

What do you think about the 2019 eclipses and have you made up your mind to go chasing after any of them let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section if you have experienced any of these eclipses before also feel free to share your experience with us we look forward to hearing from you.

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