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Elroy Air: Autonomous Air Transport Anywhere

Elroy Air is a company which uses autonomous delivery aircraft systems to deliver products, even to the most remote regions in the world. The founders of this company first met at 3D Robotics where Clint oversaw mechanical engineering whereas Dave supervised R&D at Airware.

These two would later team up in 2016 to explore opportunities in the greater UAV systems, and consequently, Elroy Air was started.

Furthermore, they would go on a recruit a team of talented former colleagues from Airware and 3DR and CCA to begin developing and examining a first-of-its-type transport system.

We have experience in creating UAV systems with experts from Stanford, MIT, Rice, Georgia Tech, Airware, 3D Robotics, Embry-Riddle and Honeywell comprised in the company’s founding and early team.

Additionally, the company has started and sold other hardware firms before, with our team consisting of designers, engineers, and product people and whose goals are creating a robust and easy-to-use technology which assists in solving real-world challenges. Our commitment is primarily aimed at transforming the way in which humans make use of the skies.

Therefore, as we plan to fly our vehicles with our customers, we also are searching for inspired teammates who are fascinated by the mission of Elroy Air. Also, we are taking up this rare chance to develop a state-of-the-art autonomous air transport system.

Features of the Elroy Air

Elroy Air
  1. These autonomous delivery machines are designed with a logistics system which fully integrates ground and flight operations subsequently making these drones efficient, dependable and safe in transporting valuable cargo. Consequently, this allows you to rapidly supply troops in the field, instant relief in disaster situations plus point to point delivery of packages to even the most isolated regions.
  2. Has a rotor-bases vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) as well as a fixed wing cruise flight that comes with a hybrid powertrain for a long range.

Functions of Elroy Air

  1. It enables its customers to deliver packages even to the most remote locales. It is particularly vital for ground transport around most parts of the world is limited by speed limits, poor conditions of the road, challenging terrains such as islands and mountains, war zones plus traffic congestion.
  2. Ensures safe and reliable transportation of any package you send using these autonomous delivery machines.
  3. Aims at coming up with new and thrilling ways which human can maximize the skies through these world-class autonomous delivery machines.
  4. When using these drones, packages get delivered efficiently and always on time.

How Elroy Air Works?

Manufacturing of a heavy-load air cargo autonomous delivery machine which is independent is a feat that only until recently has been successfully achieved, and winning team always is the one with individuals with the most expertise to make smarter decisions.

In our autonomous delivery machines, we have we have fully integrated best-in-class components from UAVs, aviation and automotive plus new materials and systems which subsequently provide you with benefits to the system weight, development time, autonomy as well as safety. So, we are engineering pieces which currently are not in existence.

Furthermore, during the design of these autonomous delivery machines, ease of use together with human factors is something we critically consider during the design process as physical vehicle systems engineering.


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