Facts You Never Knew About Eminem’s Daughter “Hailie”

Eminem's Daughter "Hailie"

These days all I do is sit and think how time flies. Well just again I would have to remember how time does fly as Eminem‘s little daughter, Hailie Mathers has grown to become a beautiful woman who we cant get enough of on social media.

It is almost difficult for any Eminem fan to forget his little girl who he has made mention of in several songs and we had seen in several videos.

That lady is now 21 years old even though it seemed just like yesterday when her voice was featured in the “97 Bonnie and Clyde” from her father’s “The slim shady album” of 1999.

From all her activities on social media and her beautiful looks, we can tell that she totally has a different character or personality than her celebrity dad. Haley simply gives off the vibe of a regular girl from the neighbourhood, and she doesn’t really throw around too much information.

Even though Hailie Mathers has been able to keep so much of her private life off social media, we still have a thing or two that we would like to share with you. Since we already know the dad, it’s time to know a few facts about the daughter.

1. Hailie Mathers holds one Guinness record

Recently you must have heard people say that Beyonce made mention of always taking her daughter to the studio. But before that, Eminem was the very first person who made it known that he took his little girl to the studio with him regularly.

When she was still pretty young, Hailies dad mentioned she used to company him to the studio almost every day, and that she was present when he made several legendary songs and was also a source of inspiration, even a helping hand on a couple of occasions.

Every Eminem fan remembers the hook from the song “my dad’s gone crazy”. Release that stated that the little girl wanted to say that line on the microphone one time at the studio and he managed to get her before the mic.

What Hailie recorded that they became the particular hook for the song. After that, Hailie matters was named in the Guinness world record book as the youngest human to be credited on the R&B chart. At the time this happened she was only six years of age.

2. Hailie is a dedicated dog lover and owner of a beautiful dog

If you follow Hailie on her Instagram account, you will notice several pictures that features a lovely little dog. This became very obvious on a national puppy day when Hailie shared for images of her beautiful dog named Lottie.

You can find lottery in about 5 of a list 25 Instagram pictures, and for that reason, we can no doubt assume that this dog is an important part of her life and she has decided to share that with us.

3. Hailie and Eminem have been very close and are still close

It is no secret that Eminem and his ex-wife Kim Scott who happens to be Hailey’s mum do not have such a perfect history, but that has not affected Eminem’s relationship with his daughter.

Back in the late 90s before social media became a thing that everyone does, it was difficult to know what the relationship between people ware unless you had a closed source, but even at that time, it was no secret how close Eminem was to his daughter.

Even though Eminem and Hailies mum never had a perfect relationship, the young lady has managed to maintain a close relationship with both parents, and it has remained interesting how she considers them the most influential people in her life.

Hailie has once mentioned that she loves her parents equally and that she considers them very valuable because without their love and support she wouldn’t be the person she is at the moment.

4. Hailie Mathers is not Eminem’s only child

Contrary to what a lot of people assume Hailie Mathers is not Eminem’s only child she is just the most popular of his three kids.

Aside Hailey Eminem has to other children even though he’s not their biological father. Hailie’s mum and Eminem adopted a daughter before Hailies was born. This child goes by the name Alaina, and she is the daughter of Kim’s late sister. Alaina was born in 1993.

After Kim got divorced from Marshall, she had one more daughter in 2002 who she named Whitney. Eminem has stated several times that he sees Whitney as his own daughter and he also shared custody of her with Kim. So technically speaking, Hailie Mathers is the middle child between martial and Kim.

5. Hailie Mathers attended a public school

As we already know a lot of famous people especially people in the movie and music industry have their children attend private schools, but in the case of Mather’s, it was different. Hailie Mathers attended a public school in the same district where her father grew up.

According to her friends and professors, the young lady was a sweet caring intelligent and very athletic student. Another reason why we can already tell that she is a very private person is that she has made her official last name Scott, which is just a way for her to stay anonymous.

6. She was a brilliant student

When it comes to the topic of grades healing was one of the best students in the class. We already know how much attention her father has given her and for that reason, she wasn’t someone to fool around with her studies.

Eminem’s daughter maintained an average grade of above 4.0 and also took part in several extracurricular activities. She was part of a volleyball team, participated in student council, she was part of the national honour society and even the art club.

7. We think hailie and has a boyfriend

On two occasions a picture of Hailie and an unknown man has emerged on her Instagram profile, and even though the account is not verified, we suspect strongly that this man is the new boyfriend. Whoever he is, we wish him good luck.

8. Several people are posing as Hailie on social media

over the years, several people have created different social media profiles and claimed to be Hailie Mathers. one of these profiles on twitter even tried to get the attention of top star Chris Brown on several occasions and even left dubious posts.

the only way the speculation ended was when Eminem team had to tell the press that Hailie at that point had no Twitter profile because she was just 15 at the time.

Several other people still pose as Hailey matters on Twitter, and even till this moment she doesn’t have an actual twitter account and is only operational on Instagram.

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