Essential Supplies for Your Senior Pet

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Just as it is with every living organism, your pet will grow, and then at some point, it will be old enough to be called a senior dog or cat.

Your senior pet is special not just because it’s old, but also because it has several traits (some of which younger pets lack) that make it obedient and sweet.

You can check out to find some interesting facts about senior pets. Though they aren’t as playful and active as they used to be, your senior dog or cat will surely give you a lot of laugh-worthy moments, and sometimes, may make you cry.

So, it holds a very special spot in your heart. This is why you have to care even more for it now. This phase is very crucial in your pet’s life and you have to be there to ensure it is comfortable throughout.

You can do this by increasing its TLC daily dose, spending more time with it, and doing all the things you both enjoy doing together. You can also invest in some supplies that will make it more comfortable.

There are several types of supplies your older cat or dog will benefit from. In this article, we will discuss some basic ones that are an absolute must.

1. Older Pets Toys

Simply because your dog or cat is old does not mean it should spend its entire day sleeping. Just like with puppies and kittens, our older furry friends also need to stay active. Playtime is just the right way for them to achieve this.

Sadly, they may not be strong enough to play with toys they used to enjoy playing with. Thankfully, there are several types of toys designed specifically for older animals.

For example, there are toys made with special rubber that won’t hurt the animal’s aging teeth. You simply need to find these special toys and get a few for your pet.

2. Supplements

One thing that would be declining as your pet age is its overall wellness. At this point, it becomes prone to several illnesses and conditions. This is why supplements are necessary for aging dogs and cats.

Our animal friends typically age a lot faster than we do. But just like us, when they age, their bodies stop absorbing several nutrients the way they used to during their younger age.

This is why supplements are important to provide them with the nutrients that their bodies can no longer absorb.

However, while supplements are vital, they aren’t a replacement for healthy diets. You have to continue feeding your dog or cat healthy foods while using supplements to augment the nutrients it isn’t absorbing.

Some common supplements usually contain Chondroitin sulfate, Glucosamine, Omega-6, and Omega-3. You can visit Holistapet to learn more about buying supplies and supplements for your pet.

3. Pet Camera

Pet cameras are another must-have supply for our old furry friends. These cameras work the same way baby monitors do. The only difference is that they are for your furry friend and not a human baby.

Depending on the brand and type you go for, these cameras offer several amazing features. Some basic features that most of these cameras come with include video recording, photo capturing, whistles and bells, and even allowing you (the owner) to speak to your pet.

Other high-end ones offer even more amazing features like night vision, interactive laser toys, and even a dispenser for treats.

4. Pet Diapers

Older animals may have a hard time controlling their urine, this is because they are prone to some urinary incontinence. Cleaning up after your pet can be difficult in cases like these.

This makes investing in pet diapers a great solution to the problem. Luckily, there are several types to choose from and you’d surely find one that would suit your pet’s needs and condition.

You may decide to try belly band ones first. Putting these on your furry friend is quite easy and they could use them to get used to the whole diaper concept.

You can also decide to go with disposable diapers. But if you do, ensure you use absorbent padding since these diapers are not leak-proof.

Another option is washable diapers. Your pet will find these to be more comfortable and they are also durable so you won’t have to replace them often.

5. Pet Stairs

Another thing you may want to invest in is pet stairs. Senior dogs and cats are prone to several health issues and conditions including hip dysplasia and arthritis. You can read this post if you’d like to know more about feline and canine arthritis.

If your furry friend is suffering from any of these conditions, you can help it live more comfortably by buying a pet stair. This will make moving around the home more comfortable for it.

When it is using the stairs, ensure you keep a close watch on it and don’t let it go too high as this can result in it falling over.

6. Lifting Harness

Just like pet stairs, lifting harnesses can help animals with hip and joints diseases stand up and walk around the house.

Sometimes, your old dog or cat may have a hard time supporting its weight. A lifting harness can be used to provide support. Occasionally, you can even take your dog out for a walk using the lifting harness.


Knowing that your dog or cat is aging is not usually a good feeling for most “pawrents”. Sadly, getting old is one thing every living organism experiences and there is hardly anything you can do about it. But you can make the phase more comfortable by investing in some essential supplies such as lifting harnesses, pet stairs, diapers, supplements, and so on.

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