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Anti-reflective Glasses: Everything You Need to Know

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An anti-reflective coating is a metallic coating that is applied to the surface of a lens; it is designed to reduce the amount of light that is reflected on of the outer surface and inner surface of the lens.

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To get a better picture of the definition, the Anti-reflective coating is just like you pass in front of a glass door in a sharp, you will see your reflection as you walk by, same with goes for the anti-reflection glass.  The outer surface of the lens will reflect light and the person viewing you will see their reflection or the reflection of the object behind them in the surface of the lens.

The anti-reflective coatings are designed to decrease the amount of reflection and allow more light to pass through the lens. There are two major benefits of the anti-reflective glasses; it gives a better appearance to the glasses, it allows the person view you or those on the outside to see your facial reflection, to see your eyes more clearly and to just have a better view of you behind the glasses.

The anti-reflective glasses also known as anti-glare glasses, allows you to have a better vision as looking through the glasses into the outside world so, more lights are able to pass through the glass, through the lens to the back of your eye where better images are produced.

This is needed during the night; light from headlights, overhead lightings on roadways and other areas of the town where you might be driving, those lights often times reflect off the lens and cause glare.

We have all experienced this; we see a headlight out there with a star pattern to it by reducing the amount of reflection of the surface of the lens of your glasses both the inside surface and the outside surface of the lens. Thereby, reducing glare, reducing those reflections and you get a sharper, clear image.

These glasses are designed not only to give a better appearance, but also to give the viewer or the person looking through the glasses a much better image. It is the purpose behind the creation of the anti-reflective glasses.

Benefits of Anti-reflective glasses

There are several benefits that you stand to gain by using an anti-reflective coating, the list below a few of the benefits.

  • Hydrophobic: Anti-glasses are hydrophobic which stops water spots from putting prints on your glasses; it makes it easier to clean.
  • Oleophobic: the anti-reflective coating makes your glasses to repel oil, which causes fingerprints, and smudges. It makes it easier to clean off if the prints are glasses.
  • Clearer vision:  the anti-glare users have sharper vision and also gain from the decreased glare when using the computer or driving at night compared to those without the anti-reflective glasses.
  • It enhances eye contacts with others: It increases the visibility of your eyes. It does not cause irritating reflections when communicating with others; especially when you are a public speaker.

How to maintain your Anti-glare glasses?

  • The anti-reflective coating can easily wear off if not properly managed or cleaned. The following steps will guide you on how to maintain your anti-reflective glasses.
  • Do not try to wipe off dirt from your glasses without wetting them; ensure you wet you AR glasses before drying them; get a clean, soft, microfiber or a lint-free cloth close by for drying the lenses.
  • Do not use dish soaps that contain ammonia or alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your lenses with unwatched hands; your hands may be stained with lotion, oil, or dirt which might make your glasses worse. Wash your hands before cleaning your glasses because you will be using your fingertips to clean your lenses.
  • Use warm water to rinse the glasses; a gentle stream of warm tap water will wash off dirt from the anti-reflective glasses. Do not use hot water; it will damage the anti-reflective coating.
  • Put a small amount of soap to your lenses and then a small amount of dish soap to each lens. Gently rub and lather for few seconds with your fingertips in soft, circular motions across the side of your lenses. Ensure to get into nooks and crannies, to clean the earpieces, and also to remove oils and any other dirt from the nose pads
  • Rinse the suds away; hold the glasses under a stream of warm water just as before, and then wash the soap suds from the lenses and other parts of the glasses. Ensure all soap suds are removed from the anti-reflective glasses.
  • Gently shake away excess water and wipe dry, do not bend the earpiece or the frame. Use a soft lint-free cloth to dry the moisture. Get a special towel for wiping your glasses; do not use towels you use for other purposes. They may likely have dust, grease or dirt that will smear your lenses.
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