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Friday, February 21, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About the New Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor

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In one way or the other, you must have heard about Qualcomm, the company behind the Snapdragon mobile phone processors.


The company have been dishing out processors ever since smartphones became smart. They are currently powering or have powered several flagships from reputable smartphone brands especially Samsung. Their processors are in-arguably the best in the market for Android smartphones and somehow more expensive more than any other processor out there.

Recently, Qualcomm unveiled their latest addition to the snapdragon family, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The Snapdragon 845 will succeed last year’s Snapdragon 835 which was first found on Samsung Galaxy S8 and so many other following Samsung behind.

Since its announcement in December, Smartphone companies have been trying hard to secure enough chips to use on their 2018 flagships. As time draws near for the first line of flagships from several smartphone brands starts popping up. The year 2018 will sure be an amazing and competitive one.

The new Snapdragon 845 is so much like its preceding Snapdragon 835. Being that they are both octa-core chips built with a 10nm process, four “efficiency cores” running at 1.8GHz and two more powerful cores called “performance-cores” which runs at 2.8GHz.

The efficiency cores on Snapdragon 845 has been down-tuned slightly when compared to their 835 equivalent which can be able to hit 1.9GHz. But the 845 gained back that loss in speed on the performance core side where it runs at 2.8GHz higher than the 2.35GHz on the 835.

Snapdragon 845 also packs an upgraded GPU, which is the Adreno 630 and also Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon X20 LTE modem. With this modem, 845 can reach a download speed of 1.2Gbps up from the X16 modem made for the Snapdragon 635s.


We are done with the numbers. I believe they impressed you, but at a time the numbers won’t make sense to you if I don’t show you how all those figures translate to measurable CPU and GPU performance.

Snapdragon was tested in-house inside the Qualcomm’s San Diego headquarters to ascertain its performance. The test was carried out with a non-retail reference handset which runs on 6GB RAM, Android 8.0, and the Snapdragon 845 we are talking about.

The processor fired up the smartphone to an amazing start; scoring 2,444 in the single-core test and 8,339 in multi-core test.


The score above shows higher result and performance more than the Snapdragon 835 which scored within 1,900-2,000 range in a similar test for the single-core test and 6,300-6,700 in the multi-core test.

The 845 also beats Samsung Exynos 8895 to stupor. The Exynos 8895 is the brainpower behind the UK version of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, and it scores the same in Geek bench as the Snapdragon 835.

The 845 wasn’t able to score anything close to Apple’s A11 bionic chip. The Bionic chip runs the iPhone 8 Plus, and it scored an incredibly high score of 4,254 on a single-core test and 10,517 in the multi-core test, thus, dwarfing that of the Snapdragon 845.

On Gaming, the Snapdragon 845 sailed to 83fps in the offscreen test which was tested with a 1080p resolution phone for a fairer comparison between phones. The iPhone 8 plus running on Apple’s A11 bionic chip made 85fps while the older Snapdragon 835 with its Adreno 549 GPU onboard made something a little bit lesser than 60fps.

Final Bullet:

In conclusion, at the end of the test, it was discovered that while Snapdragon 845 couldn’t compete with Apple’s super fast A11 bionic chip, it proved itself a worthy successor to Snapdragon 835.

The Snapdragon 835 was the preferred processor for all the premium flagship phones released last year. Phones like Google Pixel 2, OnePlus 5T, HTC U11, and the Nokia 8 etc. And you will not be guessing wrong to say that their manufacturers will turn to the 845 as the processor to power their 2018 successors.

The question is, can the Snapdragon 845 deliver the type of performance boost smartphone user have been a dream to experience in a 2018 smartphone? Let’s fold our hands and wait for 2018 flagship phones to start making the stores with the Snapdragon 845 being the brain power. That’s the only time we can know for sure.


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