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Facebook Oculus Rift – High end Enthusiast VR

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If you want to get the best VR can give you, and make no compromises regarding quality just to fight some lower price, you should always opt for a pioneering concept from a company or team which has VR as its primary – if not only business, a team which is always ready to make innovations and be step ahead from any other firm endeavoring in the VR technology waters.

Oculus was created several years ago as a group of passionate teenage gamers who wanted to bring their gaming experiences to a new level.

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Their initial product, called simply Oculus VR was not intended for any tech hedonism, instead it was rather a testbed for the company to see how well they would perform as a developer of something completely novel in the digital world.

Today, there is Oculus Rift a powerful high-end device capable of producing very high definition binocular image. However, in order to power dis you will need to connect your Oculus Rift VR by wire with a CP – and that PC has to be fairly powerful and expensive as well.

The full resolution of Oculus Rift VR is 1080 x 1200 for each eye, giving out an impressive, natural image without any pixelation visible to an average eye. But, in order to play movies and games at a full resolution, an Oculus Rift won’t be enough.

You will need a wire connection with an Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD processor, 8 GB of RAM and an NVidia GTX 970 or AMD Radeon 290 video card. Yes, it’s minimum requirement for running your Rift at a full speed and resolution.

But if you’re a real tech hedonist who is eager to spend some extra in the latest gear this is what you actually want. You aren’t buying the fastest computer to be able to run games which will be released in several years.

When you buy a high-end gadget you will like to see what it can do at the highest performance settings immediately. That’s a good side of the Gear VR. As a standalone unit it is less powerful than HTC Vive which is already on market, but if paired with a mighty personal computer – it will do wonders.

Let’s cope with exact amounts. An Oculus Rift costs around $600. The computer which needs to be the power plant of your Oculus VR will cost around $1000 if you’re willing to assemble it on your own or get it manually assembled from a local PC store.

If you want a brand-name PC its price will be a bit higher: a Dell Alien ware X51 R3 made to be VR capable will be yours for $1200. Good news with this option is that shipping is free. However, with this super strong computer and an Oculus Rift you will be $1,800 lighter.


Let’s now talk about the brighter side of this technological wonder. Thanks to the huge hardware force running it, it is able to make your turns and perspective changes look near-realistic.

Everything needs to be smooth, so when you turn your head light, left, up or down, your perspective will not be lagged due to the lack of physical memory, cache or other resources. That is why creators of Oculus Rift who as passionate gamers spent most of their money on high-end hardware, insisted to make Oculus Rift rely on high power chips.

The Rift is released very recently, and its full potentials have not been uncovered yet. A high end VR will be great for anyone who enjoyed first person shooters and any other first-person games.

However, its high definition gives a new meaning to the notion of gaming. You can now be a superhero capable of jumping from one skyscraper to another, but if you don’t like Spiderman you will not have to be one.

You will also need no guns or swords, nor foes who you will fight. The fact that you will be able to see how it looks to jump from a hi-rise building and get onto another will be thrilling enough for most of us. You will be able to travel the outer space, or swim with fishes in the ocean’s depths.

The Oculus Rift is a full headset, meaning it features its own earphones. High-end sound does not require huge hardware power by itself, but you will feel better with high quality of sound reproduction. Available on amazon.

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