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Fall Foods With Mental Health Benefits

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You might have discovered that the smells and flavors of fall come with a lot of comfort as it brings back memories of mothers baking, afternoon picnics with friends, and those wonderful holiday foods shared with families and loved ones.

However, the mental health benefits of some of theses fall foods go beyond the family meal time memories that make you smile and feel good.

The nutrients contained in the font fall foods we will be taking about can provide a solid boost to anybody’s mood.

1. Acorn squash

Acorn squash

When it’s fall season squash lovers are always in a giddy mood because it’s time to eat as many squashes as possible. Acorn squash is a little type of winter squash that had a light and slightly sweet flavor.

There are many different health benefits to eating acorn squash and other kinds of squash. squashes as naturally nutrient dense but acorn squash is on of the most nutrient dense variety of squash and it contains a higher amount of antioxidants.

An acorn squash is great for helping people dealing with depression because it contains magnesium which is helpful in treating both anxiety and depression.

A recent research showed that increasing magnesium in your diet may lead to a significant decrease in in symptoms of anxiety and depression regardless of severity of depression or age.

2. Apples

It is not common to find people who do not love apples, and though apples can be found in stores all year round, there is something especially unique about the taste of apples during the harvest season which is usually between September and October.

There is proof that over the years there are been several researches aimed at finding out the relationship and effect of Apple consumption to providing protective neurological benefits.

Since apples poses a high phytochemical profile, they are great in helping with the perfection of DNA damage, reducing oxidative damage, and regulating hormones.

All of these benefits are directly connected with supporting a good mental health. One wonderful thing about apples is that you can eat them in different ways so things don’t get boring.

You can add them to pies, bake cakes with them, make apple juice, make a smoothie, add them to your said, or just eat then as they are. You are sure to get all the mental health benefits they have to offer regardless of how you choose to eat your apples.

3. Pumpkin


I’d love to think that pumpkin is one of the most popular fall flavor but what do I know. Anyway, if it is the most popular fall flavor there is no reason to contest it’s game because pumpkins contain minerals that boost brain function.

Nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin  are highly beneficial for boosting memory recall in both children and adults and you can find both in pumpkin.

In addition pumpkin seeds as known to be a very good mood booster and that is one thing we can always use when it’s fall season.

Do you recall that amino acid known as tryptophan which we usually equate with the Thanksgiving turkey? well that can also be found in melon seeds.

If you include tryptophan to your daily diet it could help your brain with the production of serotonin which is a chemical that is known to boost your mood and also give you an overall feeling of content.

4. Turmeric


Using food as medicine is nothing new and people have healed themselves using this method for centuries. Various ingredients have been added to recipes just because of their medicinal values and how potent they have proven to be.

Because of the healing properties of tumeric, it has been regarded as a wonder spice that helps to tackle a couple of health problems including reducing the symptoms of depression.

Tumeric also possess amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. It also tastes very delicious but it is important to remember that a little sprinkle usually goes a long way.

You can spice up your chicken with some tumeric, as a few sprinkles to your soups, and you can also add some tumeric to your coffee just to give you a different taste and a good start to your day.

5. Cinnamon


It is almost impossible for me to think of fall without imagining the smell of cinnamon. Cinnamon is wonderful because you can add it to almost anything thing that goes into your mouth and above all it is a mood boosting spice.

Adding cinnamon to your food and drinks will not also help to boost your mood and stimulate your brain, it also helps to regulate your blood sugar.

There is no denying that cinnamon adds plenty of warmth to the taste and flavor of breads, oatmeal, veggie, teas, baked fruits, and even cinder.

Are there any other foods that you know will be a great addition to this list? we would love to hear from you. Please leave your opinions and additions in the comment section as other readers may find them helpful.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
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