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6 Family-friendly Easter Movies You Must See

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Almost every special holiday like Christmas have a slew of movies specially devoted to them, so why would Easter be an exception?

Yes, the holiday revolves typically around easter egg hunts among other fantastic games, but if you could have a post easter brunch movie with your friends and family, it would be completely perfect.

We celebrate Easter for different reasons so whether what you’re observing is the return of warmer weather or the resurrection of Jesus Christ; there is a perfect film for everyone.

We have put together a list of 6 beautiful movies that you can watch this season. We hope that you have your popcorn ready because I have hours.

1. The dog who saved easter

This movie is a silly family comedy that is centred on the Bannister family. This family decides to leave on a close for easter and send their dog, Zeus to doggy daycare.

Zeus was doing perfectly well, and the family was having a perfect time until things went south. prediction owner had a rival who decided to hire a trio of crooks and gave them the duty of sabotaging the new business.

As you can already suspect our doggie friend had to leap into action and make use of all the tricks, he has learnt to save the day.

No doubt the movie titled “the dog who saved easter” is a predictable one but it is also delightful, and the best option if you’re a dog lover. This film features a touch of romance some adorable pets and lots of ridiculousness.

This is one movie you would enjoy if you are a fan of Mario Lopez as he perfectly expresses the thoughts of our canine hero.

2. The rise of the guardians

The rise of the guardians is one movie that can be enjoyed by the entire family, so it’s the perfect movie for grandma grandpa the parents and the kids to watch on Easter morning.

This is an enchanting film that follows for guardians the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, Sandman, and the Easter bunny. This four guardians work together and seek the help of jack frost to help protect the universe from an upcoming disaster.

The rise of the guardian is one cartoon that is beautifully animated and fast-paced. This is one movie you can call inventive and very original because of how brilliant the characters are and the fantastic storyline.

If you’re wondering what’s the voice acting is like, it is an inspiring one, and the humour is really contagious. This cartoon has a few good nature that will definitely resonate with viewers both young and old.

Who knows what these this Easter season and it just might become your new favourite animation.

3. Ben-Hur

Charlton Heston played a Jewish prince in this classic saga. A prince who is battling with the Roman empire at the time of Christ.

This prince and his entire family are sent into slavery because of his actions, but after an inspirational encounter with Jesus, everything changed. Ben-Hur was released in 1959, and at the time it had the most massive budget for any movie produced. This film also took home a total of 11 academy awards.

This one doubtedly can be considered as one of the best films as far as biblical epics go. Ben-Hur still ranks among Hollywood’s best examples of pure entertainment as it ensures that the viewers are entirely engulfed in the story of Judah Ben-Hur throughout the film.

This movie is almost four hours long, so you understand how difficult it is to keep people interested for such a long time. This movie is a spectacle film, but the main story is profoundly moving and human as the viewers follow a man who takes on the tyranny of the Roman empire with the devastating consequences.

4. Pieces of easter

This movie has a fairly basic plot. An arrogant lady is on her way home for Easter with her estranged family. This arrogant young executive is forced to rely on the help of a farmer to get to her destination in time.

However, we need to fix it there are so many Easter movies to choose from as a matter of fact Hollywood has been reluctant to make more movies about easter they seem to have ignored the holiday altogether.

We have decided to take what we can get, and when it comes as a romantic comedy film inspired by the story of the prodigal son, we have so much to be grateful for.

If you are in search of a feel-good film that will leave you laughing and appreciating those you love, this is the right one. Regardless of its straightforward plot, the film does not dwell on any kind of stereotypes to tell its story.

It’s an insightful film that preaches the message of human connection, especially during this holiday season. The two lead characters play their roles perfectly, and that’s one reason you will stay glued to your TV.

5. Hops

The Easter bunny has done a great job of bringing chocolate and lots of joy to children all around the world for the past 4000 years. Now the tradition has to be continued by a new Easter bunny.

The Easter bunny has a teenage son known as EB who is next in line to receive the official title. EB would rather be a rockstar than an Easter bunny, and he does all he can to make his father understand that.

EB finds a way to escape to Hollywood in an attempt to chase his dreams, and there he finds a new friend has some life-changing adventures.

Hops are far from being the perfect film, but it’s fun for the most part. Kids will love the fast-paced action and the humour that comes with the movie, while us adults man just giggles at the occasional jokes.

6. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

One may want to say that the movie “who framed Roger Rabbit?” has nothing at all to do with Easter, but as you can tell from the title, one of the main characters is a rabbit and that automatically qualifies it to be on this list.

You must know that this film is one of the most inventive ones to have ever been made by Hollywood, so you would always want to rewatch it.

The film is set during the late 1940s in an environment where people and animated characters coexist. In this film, we will follow a private detective called Eddy Valiant who agrees reluctantly to exonerate Roger Rabbit, a cartoon accused of murder.

Almost 30 years after the release of this movie it remains smart, funny, and touching. You would find this movie a fascinating one and worthy of your time.

These are some of the best movies that will do the magic for you this festive season, so we hope that you sit back relax and enjoy them. Have you found any other movies that are worthy of your Easter morning?

Please do not hesitate to share them with us by leaving a comment below, and also share on social media.

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