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FastestVPN – All-in-one, Unparalleled Solution at Affordable Prices

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FastestVPN is a company that was introduced to the market in the year 2017. It has now become the talk of the town and all on a positive note owing to their service and mainly the pricing that the services are offered at.

The company is based in the Cayman Islands, which again is an advantage when it comes to data retention laws. The jurisdiction of the land allows FastestVPN to employ their strict zero-logging policy.

Apps and Device Compatibility

FastestVPN is compatible with 20+ devices. So, really it can be used on any and every device that you can possibly think of.

What makes the use even easier is that is has apps for all the major and most used platforms. These platforms are:

Not just that, they are very well compatible with other devices too that they don’t have devices for. It is pretty simple actually. Just configure FastestVPN with router and secure every device on the network. Connect your device with the VPN-enabled router and you are good to go.

Connecting with the router also has its own benefits. Where FastestVPN offers 10 simultaneous connections, configuring the VPN with router means having unlimited connections.

All devices that connect to the router will have their information pass through a tunnel thus making connection super secure.

Advanced Features Offered By FastestVPN

NAT Firewall

The feature protects users from hackers and prevents new connections that are uncalled-for. NAT Firewall is enabled by default once your connection to the VPN is established.

Malware Protection

Malware Protection is a much needed feature as it allows secure downloading. It scans all downloads and provides an extra layer of protection to your network when you are acquiring files on the internet.

Ad Blocker

This is a streamer’s favorite feature as it lets them browse and stream the internet freely without any annoying ads or pop-ups showing up on the screen. It blocks all such advertisements and gives a smooth experience – free of frustration.


Internet Kill Switch

Most certainly Internet Kill Switch is a feature of top importance. It is something that should be considered before buying a VPN.

A VPN without a Kill Switch is useless. In case your VPN connection drops, the kill switch feature disconnects all your internet activity to make sure that your actual IP is not exposed and revealed.

P2P Optimized Servers for File Sharing

The servers are P2P optimized to allow large file sharing and torrenting. This not only facilitates sharing and downloading large data, but FastestVPN allows ensures that all activity throughout stays anonymous.

Chrome and Firefox Extensions

FastestVPN apps are smooth running and user friendly. Rest assured, they will not trouble your internet experience.

However, if you want it to be much smoother, use the extensions! FastestVPN offers extensions for Chrome and Firefox, both. They are easy to connect to and make surfing the internet seamless and without any hiccups.

Additional Security Product: FastestVPN Router

FastestVPN has exponentially increased its worth by introducing their VPN Routers. While they essentially do the same job, I have found their VPN Routers to be better in terms of security and convenience.

The FastestVPN apps and FastestVPN Router share majority of the privacy and security features. What’s different is in the way of using it and the capability of each.

While the apps are compatible with 20 devices, the FastestVPN Routers can be used with all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, even the ones that don’t run VPN apps otherwise.

Also, unlike the FastestVPN apps, the FastestVPN router allows unlimited connections. It puts no restrictions to the number of devices that can connect at one time.

Other than that, the most useful thing to be factored in for all the forgetful people out there is the automatic connectivity feature.


With the VPN apps, you have to always manually connect to the VPN when using the internet. However, FastestVPN Router automatically has the VPN service running by default as soon as you connect to the Wi-Fi! No need to connect it separately on your own!

Overall, a router provides more security coverage overall as it runs on all the devices connected to the internet. Having the same security protocols and features, I’d conclude the router to be a better and much more economical option.

Privacy and Security

FastestVPN offers the highest number of protocols. With protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP and more, all your activities are fully private.

What adds security is the undefeatable 256-bit AES encryption. It also has zero logging policy that they stringently follow which means that all your digital footprints are truly deleted as soon as you connect to the VPN.

They also have Internet Kill Switch, malware protection and NAT Firewall which are of utmost importance.

Exemplary Dedicated Support

FastestVPN offers their support 24/7 via their live chat. The assistance is available in real time without any bots involved.

Not just that, you can also reach out to them via call support which is available during their operational hours of 9 am to 5 pm. For problems that require a detailed explained solution, write to them on their email support.

They also have helpful tutorials and setup guides up on their website to facilitate general queries that may arise.



5 Year Plan (recommended)

  • $0.83 / month
  • $49.95 for 5 years
  • 92% savings

1 Month Plan

  • $10 / month
  • $120 / year
  • No Savings

3 Year Plan

  • $1.11 / month
  • $39.95 for 3 years
  • Save 88%

1 Year Plan

  • $2.49 / month
  • $29.95 / year
  • Save 75%

The best thing about FastestVPN’s accounts is that all accounts offer simultaneous connections on 10 devices and include all security features. The features are not charged any additional cost in any package unlike other VPN’s pricing plans.



You need FastestVPN for complex as well as everyday uses. FastestVPN gives you excellent speed, lets you unblock geo-restrictions, avoid ISP speed throttling, keeps hackers at bay and stops third parties from intervening in your activities to acquire your data.

FastestVPN has ensured to have all features which are critical piece of VPN security solution. With the Chrome and Firefox extensions, the VPN Routers and such, FastestVPN has surely climbed to the top and flagged its place amongst the industry leading VPN providers.

When compared to Nord, Ivacy and ExpressVPN, FastestVPN is definitely cheaper too whilst also offering the same level of security and privacy.

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