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*329#: How to Use FCMB USSD Code

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First City Momentum Bank is a type of banking system that allows customers to take advantage of every offer. And to simplify mobile banking, FCMB presents USSD banking! Bank transactions make it easy, and you are insured.

In this article, here are guidelines that allow you to transfer money from your FCMB account to another account, just with your mobile number. And not only that, how to check the status of your FCMB account online.

The official FCMB transfer code is *329#; with this code, you can use the FCMB code for mobile transfer to other banks. It serves as an FCMB pin and abbreviation FCMB. Also, you can purchase airtime and perform many different tasks.

How to create an FCMB USSD code transfer

However, you must first activate your USSD Mobile Banking FCMB. To successfully activate FCMB USSD mobile banking, you must dial 389214#, activate it with your account, and follow the command line until you receive the message.

Start using and enjoying the FCMB mobile service.

What is the FCMB transfer code?

After you might have opened an account and have received the necessary data and details, you can now buy time for your FCMB number by calling 329Quantity#, and this will allow you to recharge your mobile phone.

How to buy time for another number using the FCMB code

If you can buy it for yourself, do the same for others. To buy a data plan for your friends, family, and loved ones, you can continue and dial *329*Quantity*Mobile phone number#, this will allow you to recharge other mobile phones.

FCMB Codes & Uses

  • Dial *329*Amount# to recharge your phone.
  • Dial *329*Amount *Cell phone number# to recharge other phones.
  • Dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer cash.
  • Dial *329*00# to confirm the balance.
  • Dial *329*0# to reset the spindle.
  • Dial *329*1*Mobile phone number# to purchase data on your phone.
  • Dial *329*2*Chip card number# to pay for the DStv and GOtv payment.

How to send money from FCMB to other banks

This is an FCMB transfer code, and it can only be used with the available FCMB USSD transfer code. You must learn to activate the FCMB portable code before proceeding.

To transfer funds from FCMB to other banks, dial 329Amount*Account number#.

How to check the balance at FCMB bank

Like the others, it is quite short and straightforward. Using this USSD code, you can check your recent amount on the go without too many problems.

You can use this FCMB balance code to check the balance of the amount by dialing 32900# to check the balance.

What is the FCMB PIN code reset?

You can select 3290# to reset the PIN code in the FCMB, allowing you to reset the pin. Call the contact center at 01-2798800 or visit any FCMB branch for more information.

You can also call the center number to generate your PIN-code, and it will be sent to your mobile phone in a few minutes.

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