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5 Interesting Reasons Why Ginger Cats Are Really Special

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Would you like a ginger cat? Do you love Garfield? Have you seen that charming smile and happy attitude of his? What pet lover wouldn’t want such a lovely ball of fun around the house?


The Ginger cat appreciation day comes up one day in September every year, but these beautiful fur buddies of ours deserve to be celebrated every day because of how adorable they are and how much positivity they can bring into your life. Their cute eyes and orange color compliment for that look.

While some pet lovers may overlook these fun-loving felines, there is so much you should know about them that might make you stop at the closest pet shop to get one. Below are five reasons why these orange tabby cats are unique and special.

Ginger Cats Color

Just the way we humans have color variations so does the orange tabby cats. The pigment responsible for the famous ginger color in cats is called pheomelanin.

The amount of pheomelanin a cat has is what determines the intensity of the ginger color of its fur. Ginger cats can have orange, yellow, or even a red-colored coat.

The gender of ginger cats

There are way more male ginger cats than female because the ginger gene required to produce the red, yellow, or orange color of the fur is on the X chromosome.

Female cats have two X chromosomes thus they need two copies of the ginger gene to become ginger cats. Life is a lot easier for males as they require only one X chromosome to become ginger.

This would mean that for every three male ginger cats, there is only one female ginger cat. However, if two ginger cats mate, then they will produce all ginger kittens which are good as you just might have a few female ginger kittens instead of tortoiseshell.

The personalities of ginger cats

Just like people, early socialization has a significant influence on the adult life of cats. However, some evidence proves that the personalities of cats vary according to gender and color. The male ginger cats are usually more vocal, assertive and more active than the calm and quiet female.


The ginger cat coat pattern

There are five types of ginger cats: The mackerel (striped), the spotted, the classic (swirled), the ticked, and the patched. All of these five types of orange tabby cats are very adorable.

All ginger cats are Tabbies, but not all tabbies are gingers

All ginger cats are considered tabby as they all possess the “agouti” gene, but not all tabbies are ginger cats. One major feature you must look out for in a tabby cat is an “M” marking on the forehead. Tabby cats are also called tigers for apparent reasons.

OH! Ginger cats make very good companions and guess what? If you are a single guy and no girl seems to look your way for whatever reason, get yourself an orange ginger tabby cat and see how they draw all the lovely girls your way with their irresistible charm.

Quick one! Did you also know that cats can help a grieving person heal faster emotionally? Now you know. Still on the fence about getting a ginger cat?


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