Five Sexy Home Cooked Valentine’s Day Dinner Options

Valentine's Day Dinner

Usually, I would think about eating out on Valentine’s day, but that’s a culture that has gone on too long and needs a little tweaking. This doesn’t mean that Valentine as a holiday should be disregarded.

I mean it’s that one day in 365 days that is dedicated to romance and all things sexy so why want to give that up?

Nevertheless, the hustle and bustle can be tiring and battling to score a reservation in one of the nice restaurants in town that will certainly be overcrowded coupled with Valentine’s day rush that will have the chef’s cooking foods that won’t be as tasty as the usual one.

For once I’m going to opt for the option of home cooked food this Valentine, and when it turns out romantic as expected, I’ll hopefully make it a new culture in my home.

The act of making dinner for someone you love is not only romantic but very intimate. Some foods are great for family dinners, but they do not exactly make the best option when it comes to a romantic evening (and I don’t mean dubiously).

I have listed a few criteria for making great valentine dinner, and they are nothing close to the complex.

  • 1. Make plans that are attainable: Yes Valentine is a special occasion, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire evening trying to figure out how the rice cooker works. As long as you are not terrible in the kitchen and you can confidently do more than boiling water, you should be able to set something nice up.
  • 2. The good still has to feel fancy: maybe you and your partner love to have rice and some roasted chicken, but you can’t just leave things bare as you do every evening. Spice things up by adding some nice vegetables and a nice bottle of wine.
  • 3. The food shouldn’t put you in a food coma: You should feel satisfied from eating the meal but not the kind of satisfaction that just makes you want to sink into the sofa and watch big bang theory in sweat pants.

So what exactly will work just fine? Below are the options I have gathered together that just might save you from battling with the rest of the neighbourhood trying to get a reservation in one restaurant.

1. Duck breast

It is easy to get buck breast these days from almost any whole food establishment or the mainstream grocers you are familiar with. Duck breasts usually come two in a pack, but people usually find them intimidating because of the heavy chunk of fat that covers the breasts.

But what that means is that it takes only a little more time to sizzle nicely so that it becomes crispy. If nicely prepared, your duck breast will look almost like a chicken and steak had a love child.

It’s almost the same process it takes to make chicken breasts except that it’s a little more complex and you can decide to spice it up with special sauces.

2. New York strip steak

There’s something old school about just cooking and eating a stake but trust me it can be romantic if you want it to be. If you decide to cook a stake for Valentine’s day, it would be nice if you made a few modifications.

Try to split a good size stake so that you do not end up cooking too much and ending the night on the couch like a lazy potato. Cut the part you’ll be cooking into nice adorable sizes that will have your lover thinking you are in an exotic restaurant.

If there is anything people love to argue about, it is the best technic to apply when you want to cook a steak. The fact is, whatever pattern you choose is fine as long as you are sure you won’t be screwing it up. I love the reverse sear method because it is both delicious and mind-melting.

3. Pork tenderloin

We are too grown up to consider playing around with words like pork, tender, and loin, but we are not too grown up to understand that anything healthy and pocket-friendly is a great option. This is also as special as the options above because you are roasting a big cut of meat.

The good thing about pork is that you can get them almost anywhere and they are so good you can hardly screw them up.

After serving the few slices you and your partner can finish, the leftovers can be saved for other nights when you are in the mood for some fried rice and pork meat. Depending on what you want and how you like your pork, you can add some spices or make a tiny side dish to go with it.

4. Scallops

So we have been all about feeding on land animals on Valentine’s day, so it’s time to look into the sea to see what we can find ( that was good right?).

If you are concerned about overfeeding your date and having them fall asleep while you try to make a conversation, then this is all the magic you need for the night.

The case of cooking scallops for Valentine’s is one that requires you to visit the best seafood specialist for the freshest of scallops if you can afford it.

Asides that, the seafood section of your local supermarket should provide you with all that is necessary. Scallops should naturally come light, and you can decide to take things up a notch by adding some mashed potatoes or a little bit of rice.

5. Risotto

A lot of people lived with the idea that risotto is one of the most difficult dishes to prepare and if you screw it in the process of cooking it, an Italian grandma may appear from a different dimension and whoop your ass with a cooking spoon.

Well, this is far from right, and you can feel free to practice how to cook it several times before Valentine’s day.

You can decide to try a few cocktail recipes or make some fresh, healthy juice to go with whatever food you decide to make for the special night. Do not forget to look good and floss your teeth because there is going to be plenty of kissing after a wonderful home cooked meal on the most romantic night of the year.

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