Flash Share: Features, How to Download and Install

Flash Share

Flash Share is a mobile application for Android smartphones that allows users to transfer files to and from various devices; it is speedy and easy to use.

Android phone owners can use Flash Share to transfer all types of files, from pictures, songs, contacts, documents, videos and apps.

Flash Share is similar to Apple Airdrop and requires WiFi to function, does not use Bluetooth or an internet connection, and allows file transfer speeds up to 40 times faster than Bluetooth speeds.

Flash Share is usually preinstalled on some Android smartphones such as Tecno and Infinix, but for phones that haven’t already installed it, users can download the app from the Google Play Store.

Flash Share application is free to download and use and is the best option for sending and receiving large files that would take hours or minutes using Bluetooth.

Flash Share app also helps you save data because instead of downloading apps, videos and music, you can easily find someone who already has them and send them using the app.

With Flash Share, multiple files can be sent at the same time; the app will align and send them accordingly until the transfer is complete.

How to Download Flash Share and Install it

There are different means to download and install the Flash Share app on your Android smartphone, and they are:

Use Bluetooth

This process works if you have a friend with a shared Flash Share APK on your phone. With this method, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone and make sure it is visible to other devices, then connect it to a friend who will send you a Flash Share APK file.

When you receive the file, please scroll to the Bluetooth folder, and click the install button, follow the next steps and the application will be installed on your phone. This process is best if you don’t want to exhaust your network data.

Download Flash Share from the APK website

You can download the Flash Share app from sites that host Android APK file. To install apk file from APK download site, you need to go to your device settings and enable “Install from unknown sources”.

Then download the Flash Share app file and install it by launching the app file. This method is not recommended because installing applications from unknown sources is risky as these apps may contain malware and viruses that can steal your private information and slow down your phone.

Download Flash share app from the Google Play Store

You can visit the Google Play Store on your Android phone and search for “Flash share”, click Install, and the application will download and install on your phone.?

Using a computer and an APK installer

You can install Flash Share from your computer to your Android smartphone using the desktop APK installer application.

This method will install the app directly on your phone, without the need to allow “install from unknown sources” on your phone.

Download the apk installer for your PC app, connect your phone to your PC, enable debugging through your phone’s developer options settings, select your phone in the apk installer app for your PC, click OK, click install, then open apk.

Select Flash Share and click install.

How to Send and Receive Files Using Flash Share

Receiving and sending of files with Flash Share is very easy, follow these steps:

  • Install the Flash Share application
  • Create a username and password when launching the app
  • Select the “Send” icon to send or the “Receive” icon to receive
  • The search for nearby devices will begin.
  • Select the device you want to send or receive when you see it. If you don’t see it, try again.
  • Log in to your device and select the apps you want to send or receive
  • Click “OK” or shake the phone.
  • Files will be received or send
  • You can locate the received files in the Flash Share Folder in the phone memory in the file manager.

How to Use Flash Share (Flash Transfer)

You can use the Flash Share app to transfer files between Android, Android and PC, Android and Windows Phone devices, etc.

Hence, the process of sharing files and documents using the Flash Share app is similar and relatively straightforward on all devices. Once the device supports WiFi and app transfer path, you can use Flash Share app.

Here is a section of the guide to help you learn how to use Flash Share on different devices and mobile operating systems.

For Android devices

This is important for receiving games, apps, files, videos, and music, documents from friends and colleagues using Android phones or tablets.

Please follow the steps below to share files and documents with friends using Flash Share app:

  • Download the Flash Share application.
  • Open the flash share app which contains the data you want to share with your friend; create a username for yourself and add the image to your account.
  • Click Connect with Friends, then select an option in the dialogue box that appears. Yes; log in and scan to join.
  • Open the Flash Share app on the device you want to send it to, then click Connect with Friends.
  • Continue scanning to join and establish a WiFi connection between devices.
  • Select the apps, games, or files you want to share with the other device and shake the phone to send the apps you want to highlight.
  • For receiving device, go to flash share history, use file manager to search for files, install raw apk and do anything else with received files from friends and colleagues.

Features of the Flash Share App

These are some of the features of Flash Share that make it unique and different from similar apps:

  • competitive programs.
  • Supports cross-platform streaming
  • Faster wireless file transfer even for large files (100% faster than Bluetooth and infrared technology).
  • Flash transfer of phone applications and files.
  • Support unlimited/limited file sharing.
  • Comes with a feature-rich file manager
  • One app allows multiple users to connect and share apps.
  • Download at lightning speed.
  • The download is free.


Flash Share also helps you in the fastest way to send and receive files. You can download and install using the data and steps above. Flash Share allows users to send multiple files of unlimited size from one device to another at high speed.

Please feel free to install the app using the methods mentioned above.

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