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10+ List of Food Sources You Probably Never Heard of

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Food sources are crucial to note if you must stay healthy. It’s important to eat a balanced diet, but what does that mean? To be balanced, a diet should contain all food groups in the right ratios.

Otherwise, it’s easy to end up with too much or too little of one specific nutrient and not getting all the nutrients we need in a day.

Plant-based food

Plants have a wide range of nutrients that are essential for the human body to function properly. Humans ingest everything from vegetables, flowers, and even the stems of certain plants to leaves and stems such as lettuce, celery, carrots, beetroot, and seeds such as wheat and rice.

Plants provide all food, and animals rely on them as well. As a result, we get food from plants either directly or indirectly. The primary reason one is advised to consume more fruits and vegetables daily is that they are a fantastic source of rich nutrients.

Plants provide us with almost everything from tomatoes to Coffee, rice, cereals, legumes, pulses, oil, healthy fat, fruits, sugar, spices, etc. Different sections of different plants provide us with different benefits.

Let us have a quick look at some of the common foods obtained from various parts of plants.


As you already know, vegetables are only obtained from plants. Some vegetables rich in nutrients such as spinach, beetroot, turnip, lettuce, cauliflower, etc., are all obtained from only plants.

The stems, roots, and leaves of some plants are nutritious and edible.


Carrot, radish, turnip, beetroot are a few of the roots that are consumed as vegetables.


Ginger and potato are the stems that are consumed as vegetables.


Lettuce, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin leaves are some of the leaves consumed as vegetables.


Cauliflower and broccoli are the flowers consumed in the form of vegetables.


Fruits are a colourful and healthy source of fresh food from plants. Avocado, Pineapples, Orange, Bananas, mango, apple, red and green grapes are some of the most common fruits consumed globally.


Cereals are one of the most consumed foods in the world. They include maize, Jowar, rice, wheat, millet, barley, etc. These are one of the richest sources of nutrients from plants.

Tea, Coffee

Tea and Coffee are widely grown in Africa and Asia, especially in the southern parts of India. These healthy beverages are also obtained from the leaves, seeds, and stems of different plants.

Not just beverages, sugar is also obtained from sugarcane plants. Maple syrup is also derived from a plant, and it is a loved sweetener.


Oil can come from plants, but the bulk of healthy oils can be extracted from the seeds, roots, and leaves of the plants. A few of the plants producing oil are palm nuts, castor, peanuts, mustard, and sunflower.


Thyme, Curry, Cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, and cumin seeds, are obtained from the plants and used for traditional medicine and cooking purposes.

Food From Animals

So many animal products are used as food indirectly or directly. Milk, meat, and eggs are crucial examples of food gotten from animals.

Animal products are also a rich source of nutrients. The complete food chain is composed of all of these animals starting with tiny organisms that take advantage of the energy from the sun to the apex, where the organisms are big predators and rely mainly on producers.

Let us take a look at some of the most notable food obtained from animals:


Sheep, cows, buffaloes, goats, and camels are a fantastic source of milk. Interestingly, milk is also tagged an ideal food. It is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbohydrates.


Turkeys, chickens, ducks, quails, and geese are raised for meat and eggs. The egg is one of the most consumed foods that is a rich source of vitamins and protein. The bright yellow yolk of the egg is the most loved part. It also contains iron, vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus.


Meat is healthy, but of two types- white meat and red meat.

The meat of goat, cow, sheep, and pigs comes with a lot of fat and falls into the red meat category. White meat is the less fatty option and is obtained from fish and chicken. White meat is mostly recommended as they are healthier and can be quickly digested as compared to their red cousins.

Meat is highly rich in zinc, proteins, vitamins, iron, and phosphorus.

Frequency Asked Questions

What do food sources mean?

Food sources are the various sources that offer food for the survival of animals and humans. The major natural sources of food on earth are animals and plants.

What are the primary sources of food?

Animals and plants are the main food source for all living organisms on earth. Any food obtained from animals serves as the main protein source and includes cheese, fish, poultry, milk, and meat. At the same time, plants provide consumers with fruits and vegetables, which have been an important source of proteins, fibers, and carbohydrates for ages.

What are the food products obtained from different animals?

The food obtained mainly from animals include mutton, beef, sausages, pork, meat, milk, egg, and chicken. These food products are very nutritious and rich in fats and proteins.

What are the food products obtained from plants?

The foods obtained from various plants include all fruits, vegetables, teas, rice, wheat, tubers, maize, pulses, and several other food crops that are highly rich in fibres, proteins, and carbohydrates.

How many edible plants on earth do we have?

There are over 20,000 species of edible plant species globally. Nonetheless, humans can only eat about 300 species of these edible plants.

What part of plants can be used as food?

The leaves, stems, roots, fruits, seeds, and flowers of a plant can be used as food. For instance, potato, radish, carrot, beetroot, turnip are edible and nutritious.

What are the major constituents of food?

The main components of food include minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, water, fats, and fibers.

How are animals an essential source of food?

Foods gotten from animals supply varying amounts of micronutrients that are hard to get from plants. These nutritious foods are a rich source of proteins and vitamins.
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