Football in a Crop Top- the New Playertek Compression Vest

Playertek Compression Vest

Wondering if wearable technology can actually offer something useful? Perhaps you need something more than just to see the time or measure your calories. Something more than what tells you about any incoming messages?

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Well, what if we told you about a vest that could help you when you’re out playing football?

If you think technology can only be found around your wrist and ankles, then you need to think again. With innovation blurring the lines between dream and reality, the new Playertek compression Vest is technology delivered to you in a crop top!

With many football players flaunting it on the field during practice sessions, it will record several critical data like their top speed and the distance that they have covered, all thanks to the tracking pod that is worn within that top. So if you have decided to get one for yourself but need to know how to make the most of it, then keep reading.

Getting started

Playertek Compression Vest

You will have to pair the sensor with the corresponding app. Once that is done, place it in a rubber case which will then go into the pocket that is located at the back of the vest. Now gently press the button which is there on the device and two green lights means that you are all set to get started.

Once you have finished with the game, press that button again and open the app so that all the information can be synced and transferred. You will be given a brief recap and since the app uses Google Maps, it will be able to calculate the area of the field and the distance that you have covered. You can also compare your performance to that of a professional footballer in the position that you were in on the field.

Does it affect your performance on the field?

If you think that having a sensor on your back might make you feel that it will shoot out any second because of your continuous jumps and movements, then you don’t have to worry about it. With the vest fitting perfectly, the sensor is safe and you won’t even realize it’s there the entire time you are concentrating on the ball.

However, after the match, every single little detail will be provided to you so that you can understand where you went wrong, where your performance tanked and how your game can be improved in the future.

Feeling competitive?

How do you know whether you’re the best or not unless you compare your performance with your peers? This device allows you to store your data and compare it with the players around the world or even the friends that you choose, so that you can decide for yourself whether you perform better than them or need to brush up your skills.

When you wear it initially, you’ll just want to improve your footwork and other details, but slowly, your competitive side will surface and that is when this feature will turn out to extremely useful.

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Moreover with you and your friends discussing football over drinks, nothing would be more pleasing to your ears than listening to the folks discuss how everyone has been performing, especially, if they have all seen the app show your improvement.

What the future looks like?

With football being a much loved game in every corner of the world, this device has tremendous room to grow and is now being taken up by the players even at the grassroots level.

The device is simple to use, syncing process is easy and user-friendly and a detailed breakdown of your performance along with an analysis of each and every technique of yours in the field – there are more than enough reasons for everyone, from professionals to amateurs, getting one for themselves.

There is still room for further improvement and rest assured that the team at Catapult Sport are pushing their limits to make this brilliant device all the more amazing!

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