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Free Facebook Ads Spy Tools You Must Try in 2020

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Espionage is tied in with winning without the world acknowledging you have won. If you want to be successful, you have to think ahead of your competitors, anticipate their behaviors, and control your decisions. In this competitive landscape, every single advantage counts.

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Jake Gyllenhaal once rightly said – “The idea of competition, particularly in a creative atmosphere, is always there; if you don’t acknowledge that, you are doing yourself and the process a disservice.”

You have to address the competition but at the same time, you have to be at the top. For that, it is very important to keep an eye on your competitor’s every single move and track their strategies and plans.

Facebook is a social network which is favored and loved by marketers for so many reasons. With more than 1 billion people active and 22 billion ad clicks per year, this platform proves to be an ideal place for your marketing exertions.

Today on Facebook, the level of competition has become unmatchable. To make your place and to mark your presence on Facebook, you need to know your competitors.

You have to keep an eagle eye on how their ads are looking, what are their strategies, how they deal with their users, what rule they follow etc.

The art of victory is to surprise your competitors in areas where they think they are the best. And this can be purely done with the help of spy tools. Spy tools will hack the strategies, best-running ads, techniques of your competitors for you, and as a result, this will help you to make your advertisement strategy better.

This will have a direct impact on your sales and ROI. Using the spy tools, you will get answers to the below-mentioned questions you have been looking after –

  • How your competitors’ structure their ads?
  • How do your competitors’ ad copies look like?
  • What type of images they are incorporated in their ads?
  • What Call-To-Action buttons are they using?
  • How often do your competitors’ change their Facebook ads?
  • What are the current Ad formats they are using?

Without any further delay, let’s dive in straight to the Facebook Ads Spy tools –




AdEspresso is a popular Facebook Ad Management tool which made Facebook advertising affordable and easy for small as well as medium businesses. This ultimate tool helps in creating compelling ads with ease. A large number of ad campaigns can be created and optimized by using this tool.

The most impressive thing about this tool is – it provides the users with an ad gallery which includes tons of ad examples from all the companies incorporating your competitors as well all around the world. It gets updated within every 30 mins.

This tool is free and hence proves to be the best choice for brands that are looking forward to spying on their competitors. A broad set of resources is made available to the marketers, which helps them a lot in creating ads as well as keeping an eye on their competitors. Also, AdEspresso helps in creating sample advertisement campaigns for marketing.

AdEspresso database is enormous and can be accessed by anyone, even if that person is not a user of AdEspresso. The structure of the FB Ads Gallery includes:

  • Search – The place where you can search for the ads which you are seeking. You can also filter ads by Facebook page URL or advertiser’s name.
  • Placement –  You will get a total of 3 placements
  • Every Industry – You can filter the results by industry
  • Attributes – You can look for the ads by distinct components
  • Objectives – You can filter the results by objectives

As soon as you tap on the ad, you will be guided to a page where you will get every single detail about the ads.



Poweradspy is an ultimate Facebook Ad Intelligence Platform for global Advertisers, Ad agencies, marketing influencers, Media Buyers, etc. to uncover the best running ads, reveal the success strategies.

With PAS, you can discover the most profitable ad campaigns/Ideas, effectively analyze the competitor’s campaign strategies, and can research any social ad campaign in seconds.

As of today, over 1800 agencies are using Poweradspy to research Ad campaigns of their rivals.

This supernal platform processes and submits 1000s of inspiring social media ads to their database daily. The massive database enables to deliver an unmatchable service to resonate social media platform’s structure for businesses, marketers to fill their marketing funnel with one click and to the product innovation masters to compose winning ad strategies faster.


Poweradspy is the only competitive intelligence platform in social media space with data Intelligence on 15 million ads from 15+ countries. Along with Facebook, it also works for Google, YouTube, and Instagram.

The filter mode of this tool will help you uncover the ads by filtering them by different filters present such as Call-To-Action, Ad position, Country, language, Age, Ad Type and thereby help you in collecting the most relevant data for improving your Ad strategies.

This ad spy tool has the fastest expanding database. It collects ads from more than 15 countries.  Within a few clicks, you are able to find the top running successful ads.

Poweradspy’s potentiality to search ads is unparalleled. You can search by Keywords, Advertisers, and Domain related to your niche, product, competitors, or business.

It allows you to have a look at the detailed analytics of every single ad that grabs your attention. You can also view social media engagement, and reach, and latest trends all on the same page. Users can bookmark their favorite ads as well.

All four platforms covered, PAS is a famous go-to place for marketers and advertisers for searching and spying over the competitor’s ads.



Adspy is one of the best and a leading FB ads spy tool which allow its users to compose the most creative and effective Facebook ads. With Adspy, uncover the ads your competitors are running on Facebook and LinkedIn.

View what is making your competitors’ successful, know their techniques, strategies, and use them to create your ads.  There is no restriction you can follow as many followers you want to. You can also bookmark the Ads.

With more than 3 million ads, Adspy is well-known for its immense indexed database. It is easy to discover successful ad variants in a few clicks. It is the only platform that covers both LinkedIn and Facebook.


You can save big on marketing using Adspy.



AdSector is a brilliant ad spy tool which allows its users to compose creative and effective Facebook ads. You can search thousands of landing pages within a few seconds. This tool has a simple and user-friendly interface.

The interesting thing, about this tool is, it features real-time status checker which allow users to see their database expand in real-time.

You can search relevance ads and can filter the ads by keywords, interest, or by looking at the live activities happening on the AdSectors’ landing page itself. You can see a large number of landing page with ads relevant to your business and can bookmark them for future use.

You can view cloaked money pages (The one and the only tool that lets you efficiently bypass cloakers).



This tool helps you stay ahead of your opponents and helps in making you the number one advertiser. You can discover all the latest trends in the native ads area and whine up your sales conversion and ROI.

Around 20 different networks and over 3 million ads get covered by this tool. Users are allowed to take the screenshots of the landing pages of their competitors. This ads spy tool help to spare your countless hours on research work and give access to tons of native advertisements network compared to other tools present in the market.

Anstrex database is considered to be one of the largest databases as it contains more than 10 million of native ads right from 27 advertisement networks and in more than 15 countries.


By making use of these ads spy tools, your business will be unquestionably going to improve. All-in-all, to conclude – below mentioned are 05 significant benefits that will follow you if you are going to use these tools –

  • Winning strategies for your ad campaigns.
  • Internal Analysis.
  • Getting fresh ideas from your competitors for crafting your own money making, rewarding ads.
  • Bringing improvements in your ads making them supreme by understanding what attracts the users and what they are looking for.

No matter which spy tool you opt, having a Espionage tool is a must if you seriously want to see yourself and your business super successful in 2019. Are you using any of the above ads spy tools for your business? Share your experience in the comment section down below.

Author Bio:

Sumit Ghosh
Sumit Ghosh

Renowned performance marketer, user acquisition expert, and a product fanatic from Bangalore. He is a prominent speaker in masterminds and events in the performance marketing space. Sumit is the Founder of Socioboard, which owns products like  Poweradspy (https://poweradspy.com/) , Socinator, Gramboard, DominatorHouse, and mobile apps in social media automation space which have millions of users. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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