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Frequently Asked Questions on Wireless Security Camera System

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If you have been thinking about getting a wireless security camera system and need some questions answered first, here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers.


By reading through them you will be able to make a more informed choice when you are purchasing a wireless security camera system.

Why should I get a wireless security camera system?

A wireless security camera system is an incredible investment in your safety and security. You will be able to monitor activity in several locations around your home and business and store many weeks of recorded surveillance footage.

This gives you piece of mind and legal recourse in the event that someone should attempt to break into your car or home or business. This also gives police an easy way to identify and track down individuals who steal and vandalize property in your neighborhood.

What’s the difference between different wireless security camera systems?

Different wireless security camera systems come with different features. They may come with a different number of cameras. Others, such as the Lorex LW2704 Wireless Digital Security System, may have an LCD receiver/screen while others allow for easy connection into your TV or computer.

Other differences include how much footage a system can store, settings and options and length and type of warranty.

How much footage can these systems store?

Some systems, such as the Defender SN502-4CH-002 DVR, for example, can store upwards of a month of footage using high-quality video compression. Other systems store more or less and in variable quality.


Do I have to be at home to access and view my footage?

This depends on your system. Some models require you to be at home to view your footage.

However, many models, such as the Defender Sn502-4CH-002 DVR Wireless Security Camera System, for example, allow you to access both live and stored footage from your iPhone or Blackberry as well as from any computer with internet access.

Do wireless camera system companies offer good customer support?

The vast majority of wireless security camera system companies offer toll-free 24/7 support either on the phone, web or via video chat.

How big are these systems and how much do they weigh?

The receiver/monitor portion of these systems is typically the size of a small flatscreen monitor and can weigh between 5 and 20 pounds. The cameras generally weigh just a few pounds and are rarely longer than a foot in either dimension.

How much do wireless security camera systems cost?

Prices vary based on whether they are indoor or outdoor units, how many cameras they come with, functions and more. Generally, prices range between $200 and $400.

Will a wireless security camera system be easy to use if I’ve never owned one before?


Absolutely! These systems have evolved considerably and the latest generation of technology is extremely easy to set up and integrate with companion devices. The cameras and receivers are often plug and play.

Adjusting settings on most systems is very intuitive and connecting to TVs and computer monitors simply a matter of connecting one cable. In the case that a user wishes to set advanced features, technical support can help guide them through the process.

Do these cameras have motion-detection?

Yes. Motion detectors are a key feature in almost all wireless security camera systems and many models even feature temperature detection and motion-based alerts.

Should I get an indoor or outdoor wireless security camera system?

It’s totally up to you! Some people only wish to monitor indoor activity while others want to know what’s going on both inside and outside.

How will I view my footage?

This depends on the system you purchase. Many systems come with a small monitor that also acts as a receiver, allowing you to view your footage in real time and also watch stored footage.

Other systems do not come with a screen and require you to connect your security camera receiver to a computer or TV screen.

Several systems also allow you to view both live and stored surveillance footage from any computer with an internet connection and even from smartphones and tablets.


If my system breaks, will I still be able to access my footage?

This depends on which system you own. Many models immediately transfer your footage to an online storage center where you can access it in the event that something goes wrong with your system.

Can I view footage from multiple cameras at once?

The great majority of systems do have this feature and allow split-screen viewing or viewing of one primary camera and several auxiliary cameras.

Won’t my cameras become ruined in the rain?

Some security cameras are strictly indoor models that will not withstand the elements. Other wireless security cameras are weatherproof and withstand variable temperatures and rain.

Can I add additional cameras to my wireless security camera system?

Most wireless security camera systems are expandable up to a given number of cameras (usually 4 or 6). More high-end systems can handle larger numbers of cameras. Models that are designed for small businesses usually come with 8 cameras instead of 4.

Can my wireless security camera system record footage at night?

Yes! What good would security be if it didn’t take footage at night? Wireless security camera systems come with night vision that automatically activates when it detects low light.


Is it difficult to set my wireless security camera system up?

Most are quite hassle-free! They often require no new wiring or networking and come with mounting bolts to secure your cameras in your preferred surveillance locations.


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