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15 Games Like Overwatch in 2020

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Do you love playing Overwatch, but want to try something new and probably better? There’s always room to try something more exciting when you’re favorite game begins to bore the hell out of you.


So, if what you want is a game that gets your adrenaline pumping and allows you to out your Overwatch skills to good use, we have you covered. We have put together 15 games like Overwatch in 2020, and we know you’ll find some, if not all, of them satisfying.

We’re not the ‘talking more than doing’ type of person, so we’ll go right ahead and share the games with you.

1. Paladins ( PS4, PC, Xbox One)


Paladins is so much like Overwatch when it comes to gameplay. Both games allow a first-person shooter experience coupled with MOBA features. But, there are several variances between the two games.

Paladins pay more attention to the customization of individual characters with the aid of a “Card” feature that may also be a little confusing for new players sometimes. Paladin also takes care of those players who would instead run around and fighting on broad maps while Overwatch maintains short maps.

Paladins have gameplay that is so much slower than Overwatch and pays more attention to strategy rather than running and shooting. Paladins remains a very promising game, and it’s fast becoming a favorite for many.

If you have been in search of a slower-paced game that is like Overwatch, then you should consider Paladins. Download Paladins here (Free)

2. BRINK (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)


BRINK is a fantastic first-person shooter game made by Bethesda. It focuses on parkour-style movement, and that’s a reason to try it.


The game has online servers that are capable of holding as many as 16 players, and you can decide to either go against others or play a co-op game. However, the co-op element is that single thing that brings out the best of what BRINK has to offer.

Brink is a game about factions. The character classes in this game are four different ones that you can choose from like Medic, Soldier, Operative, and Engineer, and the members of individual classes have a specific set of skills.

The game also allows for the customization of load-outs and the purchase of special abilities with experience points. If you choose to try brink, you’ll find out there’s so much to explore. And one thing that’ll remind you of Overwatch is its multiplayer gameplay. Download BRIN here (Free)

3. Team Fortress 2 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

Team Fortress is a lot like Overwatch that you can switch between the two games without having any challenges. Both games have similar gameplay patterns and even certain characters that play almost in the same fashion.

The sniper from Team Fortress 2 is so much like Hanzo from Overwatch, while the Scout character from TF2 will surely remind you about Tracer from Overwatch. The good thing about Team Fortress 2 is that it already has a massive fan following and a great player-base.

The game relies heavily on positional strategy and coordinated team play to outshine the antagonist team. Similar to Overwatch, every character in Team Fortress 2 comes with a unique playstyle, and you can select any one depending on how you choose to play.

If you decide to try something new, then TF2 is the game you must try. Download here (free)

4. Battleborn (PC, PS4, Xbox One)


Battleborn is one first-person shooter game that focuses on team play and teamwork, just like Overwatch.


Battleborn allows players to choose a roster from a broad list where each character has peculiar traits and abilities individually catering to a different playstyle.

If you have been okay Overwatch for a while, you’ll know it is exclusively a mixture of MOBA elements and multiplayer-based FPS. Battleborn, on the other hand, can be played by a singleplayer or in multiplayer modes and carry so much more standard MOBA elements than the famous Overwatch.

On the surface, both games might seem very similar, but Battleborn gives you much deeper gameplay that is similar to a MOBA. For people who are in search of layered gameplay with more MOBA elements, Battleborn is the right one for you. Download Battleborn from Steam (Free)

5. WarFrame (PC, PS4, Xbox One)


The eternal war destroyed their homeland, and now the only choice the broken Tennos soldiers have is to bring peace at all costs. These soldiers have taken it on their shoulders to make the world a stable place.

Players have to help these soldiers achieve their goals and restore peace to the world. There are differences between Overwatch and WarFrame that are just enough to offer players a totally fresh experience when trying their hands on WarFrame.

The game gives you a gritty look with colors that are less vibrant in comparison to OverWatch. However, everything about the game will make you feel good during the gameplay as it requires a powerful team play as well as collaboration among the team members to play the game effectively.

For people who want war, this is the perfect game. Download WarFrame from Steam (Free)

6. Blacklight: Retribution (PC)

Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution is an excellent alternative to Overwatch. It is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world that gives you plenty of options for customization for your character and various load-outs.


You can also select and try out a range of new weapons in a game like this and form the loadout you prefer according to your playstyle. Even though it is relatively easy to switch your options in this game, there is a massive disadvantage that it brings.

So you need to focus on playing with a single style in at the start and mastering it before you transition to multiple methods. The game gives you unique features and tools that make it stand out from other FPS in the genre. Download Blacklight: Retribution here (free)

7. Dirty Bomb (PC)

Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb is one great class-based First-person shooter game that has some similarities to Overwatch when it comes to gameplay and style.

The game pays more attention to carrying out strong team play and completing objectives because you can’t do everything solo in multiplayer. The characters dirty bomb are called Mercs, and you can select from a roster of various mercs that individually possess peculiar traits and abilities.

The primary difference between Overwatch and Dirty Bomb is that the Dirty Bomb makes use of a more mature theme. Even the characters may use strong language sometimes, and it is so much slower-paced than Overwatch. Download Dirty Bomb from Steam (Free)

8. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

If you are a fan of the cartoony graphics of Overwatch, together with a light-hearted action, then you will love playing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

This game offers you everything required for heaps of fun. What could be more exciting than shooting corns at zombies? Well, In PvZ: Garden Warfare 2, players are allowed to choose a side, so you can either choose the side of the plant forces, or the part of the zombies.

Each force has unique soldiers, and individual soldier has a unique ability or trait that will help you while you fight. If you are a lover of great action, then Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is an excellent game for you. Download Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 here ($9.99)


9. Gotham City Impostors (PC, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

Gotham City Impostors

Who would have thought that a game about Batman without him or any of his friends or our favorite villains in it would be worth playing? I have found out it’s possible.

Gotham City Impostors is not a game about batman in person, but one about his fans going up against Joker fans in a shoot out. The game doesn’t feature any of Batman’s enemies or sidekicks, but it’s so much fun and provides a crazy amount of entertainment.

So much like Overwatch, the Gotham City Impostors game focuses on maneuvering and movement. Each character has to use different techniques and tools to outplay their foes, and there are a variety of homemade battle tools available for you to play with.

This game is just right for action lovers. Download Gotham City Impostors here (Free)

10. Tribes Ascend (PC)

Tribes Ascend is a video game that comes with fast-paced shooting action and offers a deep class system that gives the players lots of options. The game is set in a futuristic world and will remind you of Halo when it comes to aesthetics and gameplay.

The elements that make it fast-paced include the use of jetpacks and dashing mechanics, making each encounter exciting.

You must be someone with quick reflexes because a little lag in how you use your abilities will definitely lead to a devastating defeat. Players must always be on their toes and be proactive in their approach when playing this game.

The different armor systems in this game offer players extra durability at the price of movement speed. However, it adds a nice twist to the game, and players must learn to pick their fights carefully. Tribes Ascend is a game a game worth trying. Download Tribes Ascend here (free)


11. PlanetSide 2 (PS4, PC)

PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is an all-out war game. The maps on this one are huge, and when we mean every alphabet of the word huge. You can control aircraft, tanks, and even ground transport vehicles so you can offer help to your forces.

In this game, there are three different armies battling for control over the battlefield, and sometimes you will find yourself at the center of enemy fire. The number of players battling on each map is plentiful, and you will mostly find more than 50 fighters going against each other at the same time for the control of all available facilities.

We must agree that this game is not entirely like Overwatch, but it offers a unique style of play that will keep players engaged for a long time. Download PlanetSide 2 (Free)

12. Block N Load (PC)

Block N Load

Imagine what would happen if Minecraft and Overwatch decided to have a baby. This game would most definitely be the live child.

Block N Load I’d a game that provides a roster full of stylish and unique characters and graphics like that if Minecraft just, so things are kept simple. The design of the map is excellent, and it comes with topnotch humor.

The balance in this game is perfect, and an entire roster of characters is fully viable in gameplay. Players can select different characters with various abilities. Some characters will be great at defense, while others will be there to help you carry out a severe offense.

It all depends on your choice of playstyle. Each character also has a unique ability that comes in very handy when having team fights. Download Block N Load (Free)

13. Apex Legends (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Apex Legends


Overwatch is not precisely a battle royale kind of game, but there is so much more to Apex Legends than a battle royale. For many players, this game is about teamwork and coordination. These two things will take you a long way in Apex Legends, and you know that’s precisely what Overwatch is all about.

In Apex Legends, people get to chose players from the roster, after which you’ll be put in a location known as “King Canyon.” The objective here is to grab the loot, the same way you would if you were playing games like PUBG and Fortnite.

And then, you must survive to become the last squad standing. Yes, you are not allowed to go solo in this game, and at all times, you’ll be playing in a squad. They could be it your friends or even strangers from anywhere in the world. Download Apex Legends (Free)

14. Monday Night Combat (PC)

Monday Night Combat

If you are in search of something that passes as an actual rival to Overwatch in terms of gameplay experience and enjoyability, then Monday Night Combat is the game to try.

You can choose from a wide range of different characters in the game and work in sync with your team to bring down the opponent’s base, called Moneyball. The goal is to defend your own Moneyball as you push towards your opponent’s base.

The game gives you a unique playstyle and features an aesthetic design that is pleasing to the eyes. While the two games are cooperative shooters, Monday Night Combat is different because it is a third-person shooter, different from Overwatch’s first-person angle.

Yet, it’s an exciting game, and you must try it out. Download Monday Night Combat ($4.99)

15. Squad (PC)


At first sight, you may not see any similarities between Squad and Overwatch. Nevertheless, it’s not in every case that we judge from the visuals. It is the game’s play style that stands out.


And if you’ve ever played Overwatch and buy the whole idea of team play, then you’ll find Squad interesting. The game is a first-person shooter where communication and teamwork is the key to winning the match.

Squad has impeccable visuals that anyone would love, and its action-packed combat makes it one very engaging title. It’s a great game you’ll want to check out. Download here ($39.99)

We hope you like the 15 games like Overwatch in 2020 we have shared. Please leave a comment.


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