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GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and OG WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

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Checkout the new GB WhatsApp Tutorial. Hello, welcome to WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp tips and tricks.

For the sake of this article, we will be using only GB WhatsApp (WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and OG WhatsApp are all made by the same person, contains same contents and features and updated same time so whatever I write for GB WhatsApp is applicable to the other two apps, and I may also use them interchangeably).

You can use all three alongside your regular WhatsApp from Playstore if you have multiple WhatsApp Accounts (I use WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp as I have two accounts).

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp that gives us access to lots of cool features that WhatsApp doesn’t have.

The cool part of it, GB WhatsApp has an improved three dot menu, and some of the features include; Always Online, Auto Reply, Anti-Revoke, Scheduled Text, Toast etcetera.

If you are using WhatsApp, you can check our previous article on WhatsApp tips and tricks you should know.

Turn On Do Not Disturb (DND)

GBWhatsApp Chats Tab edited

If you want to use the internet and don’t want any WhatsApp message to come in, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb feature to stop messages from coming in. This feature prevents WhatsApp from getting Internet access. You will also not be able to send any message till you disable it.

To use this feature, touch the WiFi icon (labeled 1 in the diagram above) on the chat tab and allow DND.

Hide A Contact

GBWhatsApp Hidden Contacts

GB WhatsApp allows you hide contacts you chat with to keep them as secrets. To hide a contact on GB WhatsApp, on the chat tab,

  • tap and hold the contact(s) you want to hide so that it (they) would be selected
  • tap the three dot menu
  • tap hide
  • input your unlock pattern
  • set recovery question
  • and the contacts would be hidden in your name (or WhatsApp in the title bar).

To unhide them,

  • tap on WhatsApp on the title bar or your name (I would show you how to you change it later),
  • draw the pattern,
  • tap and hold the contacts you want to unhide to select them,
  • tap the three dot menu, select Mark As Visible.

To Copy/Download Status

GB WhatsApp allows users to copy text status and download image/video status. To copy or download a status, go to the status tab, open the status, hit the three dot menu at the top right, and tap copy or download.

Go To First Message

Ever wondered what the first message you sent to a friend was? Well, you can check that using GB WhatsApp. Open a chat with the desired person, tap the three dot menu at the top right menu, hit go to first message.

Lock Chat

GB WhatsApp also allows you to create a customized lock for a chat. Let us say you are chatting with a business partner or someone else and the information is sensitive, you can lock the chat with a passcode to prevent unauthorized access.

To view the messages, you would need to enter the passcode. To do this, open the chat with the desired person, tap the three dot menu on the top right, tap lock chat, and tap enable passcode. Enter the 4 digit passcode and confirm.

Search and send web images directly from a chat

This feature allows you to quickly search the web for an image and send it directly to the person you are chatting with. It saves time as you don’t have to open the phone’s browser to search google image.

to send an image directly from the web Open chat with the desired person, tap the three dot menu at the top right, tap Search web and type in what you want to search, select from any of the numerous pictures in the search results and send

View Status As List

This option arranges all your contacts status videos and pictures and presents them in a sorted list where you can view and download them easily. To do this, go to the status tab, tap the three dot menu at the top right, tap view statuses as list.

Quickly Start a New Chat conversation.

This tip also works in regular WhatsApp. On the chat tab, hit the search icon and type the name of the person you want to chat with, this should bring up the person’s name even if you haven’t had a conversation with the person before.

Hide Online Status

GBWhatsApp Privacy Menu edited

GB WhatsApp allows you to hide your online status so that nobody knows whether you are online or not. You will still be able to send and receive messages though. To turn this on, on the chat tab, tap the three dot menu, tap privacy, tap Hide Online Status.

Turn Off Writing Status

Don’t want a contact or group to know when you are typing a reply? You can disable it on GB WhatsApp. On the Chat tab, tap the Three dot menu at the top right > tap Privacy from the menu > tap Writing Status and disable it.

Hide View Status

With GB WhatsApp, you can actually view a contact’s status, and they wouldn’t know as it would not display in the list of persons who viewed the status. Cool if you don’t want them to know you checked their status. To turn on this feature,  tap the Three dot menu > Privacy > Hide View Status.

Anti – Revoke Message

Ever since WhatsApp brought the delete for everyone feature, many people have deleted messages they sent, and WhatsApp is not helping by leaving the message deleted label.

To stop your friends from deleting messages you have already received, you would turn on the anti revoke feature. Even if the messages delete from your friend’s phone, it would still be visible to you.
On the Chats Tab, tap Three dot menu > Privacy > Enable Anti-Revoke.

Schedule A Message

Don’t want to forget that friend’s birthday “Need to send a message by 1 AM” “Need to check a friend or something” GB WhatsApp schedule feature allows you to set a time to send a custom message to a contact.

To this, tap the three dot menu, tap Message Scheduler, tap the plus button at the bottom right, select the contact and proceed to type the message and set the time and tap Schedule

Auto Reply A Message

GBWhatsApp Auto Reply

This feature is useful for folks running a business account on WhatsApp. The auto-reply message can be used to reply to all messages, ignore specific contacts or certain messages. For example, it can be configured to auto reply any message that contains the words “hello”, “help” etcetera.

To create an auto reply for all contacts

GBWhatsApp Auto Reply 1

If you wish to allow auto reply for all your contacts, follow the steps below;

  1. tap the three dot menu on the Chats Tab
  2. tap GB settings
  3. tap Auto reply Message
  4. Toggle it on (if it is not on)
  5. Tap the add icon at the bottom left
  6. In the Auto reply message page leave the option in All
  7. type in the auto reply message
  8. Add seconds to delay the message if you want to
  9. Select if you want the message to be delivered to groups too (I usually choose contact option)GBWhatsApp Auto Reply 2
  10. Enter the start time (time of the day you want the message to be active)
  11. Enter End Time
  12. if you want to be delivered to only specific contacts, indicate in the specific contacts/group field
  13. You can also omit some contacts from receiving the message
  14. tap Add button

How To create an auto reply for messages that contain certain words?

This option triggers the auto reply feature if the message you received contains a target word. start from step 6 above in the auto reply page choose Contains option type in the target word that the message should contain (e.g. help) continue from step 7 above

to create an auto reply message for equal or similar words

For this option to work, the message it would reply to must be equal to the target word, that is they must be similar. This is useful if you want to auto reply “Yeah that’s Very funny” to every “lol” you receive.

If it target word is lol, and you receive lol, it would reply with the auto message. Anything other than that would not trigger a reply. To do this, start from step 6 in auto reply a message in the auto reply page choose Equals option type in the target word continue from step 7 above

GBWhatsApp GB Settings

Set Custom Wallpaper for every chat

This is one feature I wish the other WhatsApp had, the ability to set a custom wallpaper for every chat instead of one boring image. To enable this feature;

Go to GB Settings

  • Under Appearance section choose option 1, Conversation Screen
  • Choose option 1.2 Chat to open the Chat Page.
  • tap option 1.2.0 Custom Wallpaper

Under the Option 1.2 Chat page. you can change Conversation style entry, the text colour, bubble colour, double ticks colour from blue to anything you want, Chat bubble style (option 1.2.3), Hyperlink colour, know if a contact changes his/her status via Status Toast (1.2.32), Hide general status (option 1.2.39),

Change emoji size, remove “read more” from long messages, show Admin caption to identify admins in a group, etcetera. There are sixty-nine options here you can choose from to customize the chat screen and you will find them interesting.

Show Contact Pics For every conversation.

This little feature allows you to see the picture of whoever is sending a message. If you want contact’s pictures to accompany every message they send;

go to GB Settings > Conversation Screen > Pics (Option 1.4)> tick the Chat Contact Pic and Participant Pic. If you want your picture to accompany your message, tick the chat my Pic option too.

To Show Your name Instead of WhatsApp on the Title Bar.

GBWhatsApp Chats Settings

This feature is a little customization to show off. It replaces WhatsApp with your Name on the title bar.
Go to GB Settings, tap option 2 Main/Chats Screen,  tap Chats Header > Tap option 2.1.7 Show my name.

Show Contact Status in Main Screen

This feature allows you to see a contact’s status whether online or not and the last time they came online without opening the conversation screen. To turn this on;

Go to GB Settings > Main/Chats Screen > Chat Rows (option 2.2) > Show Contact Status (option 2.2.2). there are also 35 other options here you can work with like the double tick color, icons color etcetera.

Know when a contact comes online, views your status, changes their profile picture

GB WhatsApp allows you to know who viewed your status, came online or even changed their profile picture by displaying a toast or playing a tone or both. I find this option handy especially when I am waiting for a friend to come online while chatting with someone else. Cool right?

To turn on this feature go to GB Settings > Main/Chats Screen > Contacts Online Toast (Option 2.5), Here you tick Show Contact Online Status, Contact Profile Pic Change Toast and View Story Toast. You can also set it to play a tone by choosing Play tone also.

Tweak File Upload LImit

GBWhatsApp Media Limit

GB WhatsApp allows you to tweak all the file size limits that normal WhatsApp imposed on us, like the 30 seconds video status length. You can send a 50 MB video, 100 MB song and upload a 7 minute WhatsApp video status file. Head over to GB Settings > Media Sharing (option 5). Here you can tweak all you want.

Change Launcher Icon, Ticks Style

If you are tired of the default icon, choose from over 30 icons via GB settings > Other MODS (option 6) > Launcher Icon

Change the tick style from the boring tick to maybe traffic light or twitter ticks via GB settings > Other MODS (option 6) > Ticks Style

Set WhatsApp To Always Online

If you are using GB WhatsApp for your business, you can set it to permanently display always online and use the auto reply feature to reply your customers. This would help prove that you are dedicated to your satisfying your customers.

Whether you are online or not, this feature would trick WhatsApp to believe you are online. To set this feature, go to GB settings > tap Other MODS (option 6) > tap Always online

Under The Other mods section, you can also disable voice calls to prevent contacts from calling you, disable message counter, change video Player from WhatsApp inbuilt player to another player, change gif provider from giffy to tenor, hide notifications, Change notification center icon (notifybar icon) etcetera.

How To Lock GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and OG WhatsApp.

The modded WhatsApp also comes with its own privacy lock to keep away prying eyes. To protect your chats and contacts,

  1. Tap the Three dotted menu
  2. Tap Gb Settings
  3. Tap Lock (Option 7)
  4. Tap Enable Passcode
  5. Then enter passcode
  6. You can use the app lock and contact lock together

Change App Language

You can change the app’s language to Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic. To do this, go to GB Settings, Language App.

Change App Font

You can install a different font for your GB WhatsApp application as it allows different customizations. The app you customize it to would only affect the app but not affect your phone. To do this go to GB Settings > Change App Font.

Wait patiently for all font files to be downloaded then preview and load.

How To Move From WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus?

In case you decide to switch from the regular WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp, here is how you can transfer your messages from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp. To move your recent messages and media from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp is very easy.

First, open your WhatsApp Application, tap the three dot menu at the top right, tap settings from the options, tap chats, chat backup, tap Back up to Google Drive and select Never. The tap the BACK UP button to create a local backup to your phone’s internal storage memory.

WhatsApp Back Up

Head over to the WhatsApp Plus website and download the latest version of GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus.

I would suggest you use GB WhatsApp. Also, remember to allow unknown sources installation via Phone Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Install GB WhatsApp and Open it then close it (this is to enable it to create its own folder if it didn’t during installation). Head over to your file manager, open phone (internal storage), Open the GBWhatsApp Folder (OGWhatsApp Folder if you are using OG WhatsApp and WhatsApp+ if you choose to use WhatsApp Plus)  and delete the folders in it.

Navigate to your WhatsApp Folder and Copy the Media and Databases and Backups Folder then paste them in the GBWhatsApp Folder.

Open the Media Folder that you copied to the GBWhatsApp Folder and Add GB as a prefix to all folder names except the Wallpaper folder. WhatsApp Audio folder becomes GBWhatsApp Audio etcetera.

GBWhatsApp Folder Name

Open the GB WhatsApp App, enter your number as you would on a new device, enter the OTP and immediately turn off internet access (wifi or data connection). This will force GB WhatsApp to search the internal memory for the local backup you created earlier.

If it displays error, keep tapping the retry button till it detects the backup. Now turn on internet access and continue, your messages will be restored and you can uninstall the regular WhatsApp application.


There are so many tips, tricks and customizations offered by GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus that can’t be covered by an online guide. We have reported that WhatsApp is currently adding more features to their regular apps, expect GB WhatsApp to implement those features in their next update.

Get the app if you don’t have it yet and explore all the options and features it offers. More updates and features would be introduced anytime and remember, it is free, with no ads at all.

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Hey peoples recent statuses can\’t show anymore since yesterday and they say they have been updating their statuses but I can\’t see them. Please help me


Hey peoples recent statuses can\’t show anymore since yesterday and they say they have been updating their statuses but I can\’t see them. Please help me


Hey peoples recent statuses can\’t show anymore since yesterday and they say they have been updating their statuses but I can\’t see them. Please help me


Hey peoples recent statuses can\’t show anymore since yesterday and they say they have been updating their statuses but I can\’t see them. Please help me


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