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Getting the Most Out of Your Google Account and Why You Should Have One

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To many people, a Google account is just something they need to set up their android phones and possibly access the Google Playstore. Others don’t know owning a Gmail account automatically means you have a Google account which you can use to sign in to different Google platforms and apps.

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Here, I am going to point out the various ways you can maximize your Google Account and what you can do with it. Before I start, if you don’t have an account, click here to sign up, its free.

Accessing Google Drive

Owning a Gmail/Google Account gives you access to free 15GB Google Cloud Storage Space called Google Drive. Here you can back up your essential files and synchronize them across phones and laptops and other devices that are connected to that account.

I have 3 Google Accounts which means I have 45GB free cloud storage space. Digital copy of my results, certificates, important documents, soft wares, few pictures, etc. are stored here. Google drive allows you to create folders; sort files like you would do on a typical system and even send the archives link to friends to access them.

So you can just upload a vital document and mail it directly from your drive to your colleagues or permit them to access the file. You can download the app for your PC here, iOS here and for your Android device here. It is also accessible via a web browser using drive.google.com

Back Up and Restore Phones Settings

I have had my share of device failures and owning a Google account has made the heartbreak bearable. All I do is go to settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google and sign in, after that, I navigate to Settings > Back Up and reset, turn “Back up my data” on and also Automatic Restore.

This allows the phone to back up all my settings including my Hotspot’s settings and saved Wi-Fi Passwords, apps installed, app data, and calendar and also synchronize it with connected devices. Whenever I sign into a new device, I am assured that all my settings will be transferred and I wouldn’t have to fret. If you have a new phone or migrating to another phone, you can learn more about restoring everything here.

Create and Share Documents Using Google Docs

This one is helpful to team workers with Google Accounts. You can create a word document using Google Docs, share excel spreadsheets for others to contribute using Google Sheets and also create power point slides. Google docs allow different users to contribute to a document from the comfort of their homes/office. You can also download the files and work on them online. Google docs also allow you to continue working on one document from different devices.

This is helpful, in case you forgot to copy the document from a device, all you need to do is sign in too that account from another device, and you can continue working on the document, as long as you have created it and it is available on Google Docs. The best part of it is that it supports documents made with Microsoft Office, allows comments and also allows you to research right from the app using Google explore. It is available on Android, iOS, and PC

Save and Synchronize Chrome Bookmarks, Accounts and Passwords

Google chrome is one of the browsers found in most devices and comes preinstalled in android devices and also available on PC. I have so many online accounts that I usually worry about how I can remember all the passwords without using a password manager.


Also, I have hundreds of bookmarks, and I can’t remember all the sites that I have visited. Linking my Google Chrome to my Google Account made it possible for me to stop worrying. All my usernames, passwords and bookmarks are backed up and synchronized across devices browsers connected to my Google account (and any chrome browser I will sign into), so I can rest assured that any online account created using my laptop chrome browser will be available on my phone.

Back Up with Google Contacts

A Google account gives you access to Google contacts which is an alternative to saving contacts offline. Instead of saving your contacts to your SIM card or inbuilt phone memory and risk losing them once your device is faulty or stolen, you can keep them in Google Contacts, and they will be available across your different devices connected to your Google account.

The contacts can be managed anytime from any device and also helps you when restoring your phone. If you already saved your contacts to SIM or internal memory, check this post on how to migrate your contacts to Google contacts. Download the android app here if you need it.

Keep Precious moments with Google Photos

Google photos look like an ordinary gallery app, but it is more than that. Google photos allow you to save your moments on the Google cloud platform and synchronize them across different devices when you have a Google account. When images are fully optimized, you can back up unlimited pictures and share them with fellow Google account owners.

Your videos can also be backed up using this Google service, and all images and videos are neatly organized and labeled. Google photos recognize faces, places, and things and can group images into people, animals, locations, etc. By using Google photos, your pictures are backed up safely, so you don’t have to worry about deleting images from your phone to free up space.

Google Find My Device

Owning a Google account allows you to find your smart devices when you misplace them. After signing in on your mobile device, laptop, and smartwatch, you can track them. This is very helpful especially if don’t have the patience to look for your devices.

As long as your device has internet connectivity and has location turned on, you can make them ring for 5 minutes (even if it is on silent), secure the device by setting a password for it and also erase the device if you think it is stolen and your personal information is at risk. You can download the app here to enable you to track other devices from your phone.

Own A Blog

Google account gives you access to Google blogger platform where you can create a beautiful blog free of charge. Blogger, a Google blogging platform almost rivals WordPress and you can get yourself websites (as many as you want) without any charge, hosting fees, no paying for domain names. Posting enough contents will allow you to apply for Google AdSense and earn cool cash from your site.

Share videos on YouTube

Maybe you have videos that you would love to share, and perhaps possibly earn some cash in the process. Owning a Google account means you already have a YouTube account so you can log in, create channels, share your videos, make your thoughts known, go into video blogging, display adverts and earn cash. You can also create video playlists, subscribe to favorite channels, and it will be synchronized across your devices.

Learn and Translate new languages using Google translate

Google translate is a service offered by Google via its google account which allows users to learn or translate new languages. This service allows users to speak, draw, scan or write to translate into 100 languages. It can also translate websites into any language.


Available on Android, on the web via add-ons and on PC, this service is something you will really love especially if you want to communicate with someone who isn’t fluent in English. Google translate also works in any chatting and also works offline. More information on that can be found here

Stream videos with Google TV

Owning a Google account gives you access to Google TV service which allows you to rent movies, buy movies, see free shows and stream them. You can Buy or rent the newest movies and shows before they hit DVD or streaming.

You can also search for Titles to see which streaming apps offer them. According to Google, “Anything you buy or rent on Google Play can be downloaded to watch when you’re not connected. Watch instantly on your Android phone or tablet, laptop, or on your TV using Chromecast.”

Go Social – Stay In Touch, and Organized

The most popular Google social service is the Gmail. Apart from it, many persons don’t know you can use your Google account to enjoy free social messaging via Google Allo and also Video calling using Google Duo.

You can also plan your day using Google Calendar and Google Keep to make quick notes and reminders, print from your phone, check news, plan trips, navigate maps, use street view, plan surveys, design sites using the web designer, payments etc. , and most if not all of these services are free. The best part of it is that what you do in one device is automatically synchronized and available across other devices connected to your Google account.

There are tons of other things that you can do with a Google account (see here), both for personal use and for your business and this article can even cover up to one-hundredth of all the possibilities. All Google Products can be found here

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