Girl Names That Start With A

Girl Names That Start With A

Most parents will want to name all their baby girl names that start with “A.” Baby girl names article is just for you because we have compiled some baby girl names that start with “A” with both their meanings and origin.

The baby girl name that starts with “A,” which is listed below, will be suitable for your baby girl, and because it is a vowel sound “a,” it makes it flow well when pronounced.

Check for some cute and unique baby girl names that start with “A” below:

  • Aaliyah: This is an Arabic feminine name meaning “high or exalted.” It is also called Alia.
  • Abbigail: The name Abbigail is a unique bay name that means “Father of Exaltation” and is of Hebrew origin, pronounced as A-Bbi-Gail.
  • Abella: The name Abella means “breath: and it is related to the Hebrew name Abelia. It is suitable for your little princess.
  • Abbott: Abbott is a girl name of Aramaic origin which means “father.”
  • Abigail: The name Abigail is a Hebrew language name that means “My father’s joy.” It can have a nickname like Abby, Abbie, Abbey, Abi, Gail, Gayle.
  • Abrielle: Abrielle means “Father of Many” in Hebrew origin.
  • Abril/April/Avril: April is rooted in the Latin Aprilis, meaning “to open.”
  • Acacia: Acacia is pronounced a-KAY-shah and is of Greek origin, which means “thorny tree.”
  • Ada: it is a girl’s name of German origin which means “noble.”
  • Adah: Adah means “Adornment” in Hebrew origin.
  • Adalee/Adalie: The name Adalee/Adalie is related to the Hebrew and old German, and the name means “God is my Refuge.”
  • Adalynn/Adeline: These names can be shortening to Ada, Alina, Aline, Adalyn. Adeline means “noble or nobility.”
  • Adara: Adara means “Virgin, Beautiful and Noble.”
  • Addison: This is an old English name with the etymological meaning “son of Adam.”
  • Adelaide: This means a “noble natured.”
  • Adele: The name Adele means “noble.”
  • Adelisa: This name means “honorable,” and it is considered a blend for Adele and Lisa.
  • Adilynn: It means a “noble heart or mind, compassionate.”
  • Adina: Adina means “Noble, Gentle or Delicate” of Hebrew origin.
  • Adira: Adira means “Strong, Powerful, or Noble.”
  • Aditi: Aditi means “Boundless” and is of Indian origin, which is pronounced as A-Di-Ti
  • Adley: It means “Honest,” and it’s of Arabic Origin.
  • Adolpha: Adolpha is of German origin, and it means “Noble Wolf.”
  • Adora means “A Gift, Beloved, Adored.”
  • Adore: Adore means “A Gift” and of Latin Origin.
  • Adrienne: The male name for Adrienne is Adrien. it means “from the city Hadria.”
  • Agatha: The name Agatha can have a nickname as Aggie, Aggy, Aggior Agata. It means “Good, Honorable.”
  • Agnes: Agnes means “Pure or Holy” and is of Greek origin.
  • Ahuva: Ahuva means “Friendship” and is of Hebrew Origin.
  • Aida: Aida means “Reward or Present” and is of Arabic origin.
  • Ailani: The girl name Ailani means “high chief,” and it is pronounced ah-ee-LAH-nee.
  • Aileen: Aileen means “bright, shining light” of Irish origin.
  • Ailyn: Meaning of the name Ailyn is “graceful and light, lover of nature” and is of Scottish origin
  • Aisha: it means “alive or well,” which is pronounced as ah-EE-shah or AY-shah. It is of Arabic Origin.
  • Aislin: Aislin means “Vision or Dream” and is of Irish origin.
  • Aitana: Aitana is of Basque origin, meaning “Glory.”
  • Aiyana: It means “Forever Flowering” and of Native American Indian origin.
  • Alaina: The name Alaina is of Irish origin, meaning “harmony.”
  • Alana or Alanna: This is derived from the Old High German word “precious.”
  • Alanis: Alanis means “Precious” in Hawaiian Origin.
  • Alannah: Alannah means “precious.”
  • Alaya: Alaya means “greatness, highness, or sublimity.”
  • Aldea: Aldea is of German origin, meaning “old.”
  • Aleah: Aleah means “rising, high or exalted.”
  • Aleena: Aleena means “light”
  • Alejandra: Alejandra means “helper and defender of mankind.”
  • Aleksandra: Aleksandra means “Man’s Defender” and is of Greek origin.
  • Alena: Alena means “tower,” and it is pronounced a-LEE-Nah.
  • Alessandra: Alessandra means “Defender of Mankind,” It is also of Italian origin.
  • Alessia: Alessa is the Greek mainly feminine form of the male given name Alessio and Italian form of Alexius, which means “defending warrior.”
  • Alexandria: This is another precious name that starts with A. Alexandria means “Defender of the People.” This name is also the name of the second-largest city in Egypt.
  • Aleyna: The name Aleyna means “Precious” of Hawaiian Origin.
  • Alice: It has an Old German origin which is pronounced AL-iss meaning “noble or exalted.”
  • Alicia: Alicia means “Noble” and is of Spanish origin. Alicia is the variation of Alice.
  • Alina means “beautiful or bright.”
  • Alisa: is from the Hebrew origin meaning “Great Happiness.”
  • Alisha: The name Alisha means “protected by God.” It is a name of Spanish, Sanskrit origin.
  • Alita: the name Alita means “Winged.”
  • Alivia: it means “Descendant of the Ancestor.”
  • Aliyah: Aliyah is pronounced as ah-LEE-ya, which means rising or ascending.
  • Alizah: Alizah means “joy or joyful.”
  • Alleine: The name Alleine means “Precious” and is of German origin.
  • Allie: Allie means “friendly.”
  • Alma: The name Alma is of Latin origin, and it is pronounced as AHL-me. It means “kind or nourishing.”
  • Alphonsine: The name means “Ready for Battle” and is of German origin.
  • Althea: This name is of Greek origin meaning “Healing Herb.”
  • Alyza: Alyza means “Joy.”
  • Alzina: Alzina means “woman”
  • Amalia: Amalia means “toil, industrious, or labor.”
  • Amanda: It is a Latin name meaning “deserving to be loved.”
  • Amar: The name Amar means “Long life” and is of Arabic Origin.
  • Amarante means “Unfading.”
  • Amaris: Amaris is of Hebrew origin, and it means “promised by God.” Amaris is one of the perfect girl names that begin with A.
  • Amaryllis: Amaryllis means “Fresh or Sparkling.”
  • Amaya: Amaya is a Japanese name, meaning “mother city or the capital.”
  • Amber: Amber means “Fossilized Tree Resin,” which is of French Origin.
  • Ameera: Ameera means “Princess” and is of Hebrew Origin.
  • Amelia: Amelia is a female name derived from the Germanic word ‘amal,’ meaning “work, industrious or striving.”
  • Amethyst: This is of Greek origin, meaning “Precious Purple Jewel.”
  • Amia: Amia means “Beloved” and of Latin origin.
  • Amilia: The name Amilia is of Latin origin, meaning “Amiable.”
  • Amina: This is an Arabic name meaning “Peace,” and it can also be spelled as Amna, Ameena, or Amineh.
  • Aminah: Aminah is of Arabic origin, meaning “honest or faithful.” It is pronounced A-Mi-Nah.
  • Amira: This is an Arabic female name meaning “princess or a high born girl.”
  • Amor: Amor means “Love” and is of French origin.
  • Amora: Amora means “Love” and is of Spanish origin.
  • Amy: This is a girl name French that has a Latin origin. Meaning “beloved”
  • Amyra: This name is suitable for your baby girl. Amyra means “Princess” from Hebrew origin.
  • Ana: Ana means “grace.”
  • Anahi: Anahi is of Persian origin, which means “immortal.”
  • Anais: Anais means ” Grace”
  • Analia: Analia means “Gracious.”
  • Anastasia: This is a Greek name meaning “resurrection.”
  • Anaya: Anaya means “care, protection, or diligence.”
  • Andrea: Andrea is pronounced as AHN-dree-ah. It means “manly or virile.”
  • Andromeda: It means “Leader of Men.”
  • Angel: This is a person of exemplary conduct or virtue.
  • Angela: The female given name Angela has its Origin in Latin, and its background is Christian, meaning “Angel” or “Messenger of God.”
  • Angeline: It means “Messenger of God” and is of Greek origin
  • Ania: Ania means “Grace” and is of Slavic Origin.
  • Anisa: Anisa means “Pleasant Companion” and is of Arabic origin
  • Anissa: The name Anissa means “Satisfaction,” and it is a perfect name for your beautiful baby girl.
  • Anita: It means “Gracious or Merciful.”
  • Aniyah: Aniyah is a lovely name that has a significant meaning. It is a Hebrew name that means “God of Favour.”
  • Annabel: Annabel is of Scottish origin, meaning “loving.”
  • Annabella: This name means “favored grace.”
  • Annalee: it is of Hebrew origin, which means “He(God) has favored me.”
  • Annalisa/Annalise: It means “graced with God’s bounty.”
  • Annette: It means “Grace.”
  • Annie: Annie is of English origin, which means “Gracious or Merciful.” The nickname for Annie can be Ann.
  • Annika: Annika means “Gracious or Merciful.” It also means “sweet-faced.”
  • Anora means “Honor.”
  • Anthonia: Anthonia means “priceless” from the Roman family, while the Greek means “flower.”
  • Antonia: This is a Latin name pronounced as an-toh-nee-yah, meaning “praiseworthy.”
  • Anya: Anya means “Resurrection” and is of Hebrew origin’.
  • Aoife: Aoife is of Scottish origin and is pronounced as Ao(I)-Fe, and it means “Beautiful or Radiant.” 
  • Arabella: This is a girl’s name of a Latin origin meaning “yielding to prayers.”
  • Araceli/Aracely: It means “Altar of Heaven or Heavenly Homemaker” and is of Latin origin.
  • Arden: Arden is of a Latin origin meaning “great forest.”
  • Areli/Arely: The name Areli is of Latin origin, and it means “golden.”
  • Aria: Aria means “air,” also “treasure or gold.” The meaning depends on the country of origin.
  • Ariana/Arianna/Aryanna: Ariana or Arianna’s name is of Greek origin derived from Ariadne’s name, meaning “most holy” or “very holy.”
  • Ariela: The name Ariela means “Lion of God” and is of Hebrew Origin.
  • Arielle/Ariah: Arielle means “Lion of God.” The meaning also has synonyms which “are bravery or courage.”
  • Arina: Arina means “Peace.”
  • Arizona: The name Arizona means “Small Spring” and of American Origin.
  • Arlene: Arlene means “to promise or pledge” from Modern Origin.
  • Arlet: Arlet is of French origin, and it means “Eagle.”
  • Arlette: Arlette means “honor or noble.”
  • Arwa means “Gracefulness” and is of Arabic Origin. It is pronounced as A-Rwa.
  • Arwen: it means “Muse” and is of Welsh Origin.
  • Arya: The name Arya in Sanskrit origin means “noble, air or song/tune.” But in Hebrew origin, it means “lioness.”
  • Arza: Arza means “Panels of Cedar” and is of Hebrew origin.
  • Asha: It means “alive and well” and is of Arabic Origin.
  • Ashley: This name sounds respectable, and also, it is a pretty solid choice for a name. Ashley is derived from an Old English element aesc(ash tree) and Leah(wood or meadow). Biblically, the name Ashley means “from the ash tree.” Or “ash tree meadow.”
  • Asia: The name Asia means “Sunrise” of Greek Origin.
  • Asma: Asma means “High Status” and is of Arabic Origin.
  • Aspen: This is of American origin, and it means “Quaking Tree.”
  • Astrid: Astrid means fair, beautiful goddess”, and it is pronounced as AS-trid.
  • Athalee means “The Lord is Exalted.”
  • Athena: Athena is of Greek origin, meaning “Goddess of Wisdom and War.”
  • Aubree/Aubrey: This name Aubrey, is a French name meaning “elf ruler.”
  • Aubreign: This means “Fair Ruler of the Little People.”
  • Aubriella: Aubriella is of French origin, which means “God is my Strength.”
  • Aud: Aud means “Prosperous” and is of French origin.
  • Audra: The name Audra means “Noble Strength.” It is of British origin, pronounced A(U)-Dra, Aud-Ra.
  • Audrina/Audrey: Audrina and Audrey are of English origin, which means “noble strength.”.
  • Augusta: Augusta means “Great or Magnificent.”
  • Aura: Aura means “Wind” and of Latin Origin.
  • Aurelia: This name is given from a Latin family name Aurelius derived from aureus meaning “gold or golden.” It can be nicknamed Aurie, Lia, Relly, Lela, Raylie, Reli.
  • Aurora: Aurora is from a Latin Origin that is pronounced aw-ROHR-ah, meaning “dawn.” Aurora was the Roman goddess of sunrise.
  • Austyn: Austyn is of English origin, and it means “Great.”
  • Autumn: Autumn is derived from the Latin word “Autumnus.” Autumn is a season name and the most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2009. When it is pronounced, the letter ‘n’ is silent. The nickname for Autumn can be Auty, Aussie, or Autumn.
  • Ava/Avah: The name Ava is a girl’s Latin name that has the meaning’ life, bird, water”. The name Ava has Persian roots meaning “voice or sound” and also has a Hebrew meaning “breathe or live.”
  • Avalor: Avalor means “The Island of Apples” of Celtic Origin.
  • Avani: Avani means “Earth” in Sanskrit origin.
  • Avery: The name Avery was a name for boys, but it is commonly known as a girl’s name. Avery means “ruler of the elves.”
  • Aviana: This is of Latin origin, and it means “bird.”
  • Avianna: This name means “Birdlike” and is of Latin Origin
  • Avigail means “Exalted One.”
  • Aviva: Aviva means “springtime” and is of Hebrew Origin.
  • Ayah: Ayah means “Miracle, Sign or Evidence” and is of Arabic Origin.
  • Ayana: It means of African Origin, meaning “Beautiful Flower.”
  • Ayda: Ayda means “Benefit” and is of Arabic Origin.
  • Ayesha: Ayesha means “small one” of Persian Origin.
  • Ayla: Ayla means “oak tree, halo or moonlight,” and the girl’s name is Turkish origin and Hebrew.
  • Azalea: This name has an English origin, and it means “a flower,” while from Greek origin, it means “dry.” And it is pronounced a-ZAYL-yah.
  • Azalia: This is from the Hebrew origin meaning “God Has Spared.”
  • Azra: Azra means “Maiden” and is of Arabic origin
  • Azure: Azure means “Sky Blue” and is of Spanish origin.
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