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GLO Data Plans 2020, GLO OgaSim (And How To Subscribe)

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Globacom Limited now popularly known as Glo has been at the forefront of serving Nigerians with its Glo Data Plans.

The self-acclaimed Grandmasters of Data lives up to its title when it comes to the amount of data they give out. Though subscribers used to complain about the snail pace of their network bandwidth, with the new GLO 4G LTE network, things will definitely change.

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This article will inform you about the three classes of Glo Data Plans available to subscribers and how to get more data for less.

Also, you can check out everything thing you need to know about data plans and how to save more data here. You can also lookup the Glo Data Plans for Heavy downloads here if you want to download very big files or stream football match and movies.

The Three Classes of Glo Data

There are three classes of Glo Data plans available and it determines the amount of data you will get.

  1. Normal Subscription Without Data Bonus
  2. Renewing SIM subscription with 25% Data Bonus
  3. OgaSIM subscription with 125% Data Bonus

Normal Subscription Without Data Bonus: Normal SIM subscription gives you just the amount of data you paid for. This one is for customers who did not renew their data plans before it expires. So a N1000 subscription data plan will only give 1.6GB and N2000 plan gives 3.65 GB.

It can be converted to SIM subscription with 25% Data Bonus by first subscribing a lesser amount like N200 plan. After subscribing to a lesser plan, you go for a higher one. That is, subscribe N200 plan, then subscribe N1000 plan to make it look like you are renewing your plan.

Renewing SIM subscription with 25% Data Bonus: This is for renewing customers who renew their data plans before it expires. Glo rewards their loyalty by giving them 25% data bonus. In this scenario, a N1000 plan will give you 1.8GB worth of data instead of 1.6 GB and N2000 plan gives 4.5GB.

OgaSIM subscription with 125% Data Bonus: This is the Ogbonge data class. Get a new Glo SIM, subscribe and boom, you get 125% data bonus. This promo will be available on the SIM for 4 months as long as you continually renew your data subscription.

N1000 data plan gives 3.6 GB and N2000 data plan gives 8.2GB. Also, recharge bonus gives up to extra 500MB which may boost your data too. The OgaSIM is already on the Glo Yakata recharge plan so you get up to 5 times your recharge as call bonus


All Glo Data Plans and Subscription Codes 2019

Without further ado, here are all the Glo data plans arranged from small to highest.

Glo N25 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume10MB
Renewal Data Volume12.5MB
OgaSIM Data VolumeNot available
Subscription Code*127*32#
SMS Code
Validity30 days

Glo N20 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume22MB
Renewal Data Volume27.5MB
OgaSIM Data VolumeNot avilable
Subscription Code*127*14#
SMS CodeSend 14 to 127
Validity24 Hours

Glo N100 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume80MB
Renewal Data Volume92MB
OgaSIM Data Volume180MB
Subscription Code*127*51#
SMS CodeSend 51 to 127
Validity2 Days

Glo N200 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume210MB
Renewal Data Volume242MB
OgaSIM Data Volume472MB
Subscription Code*127*56#
SMS CodeSend 56 to 127
Validity4 Days

Glo N500 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume800MB
Renewal Data Volume920MB
OgaSIM Data Volume1.8GB
Subscription Code*127*57#
SMS CodeSend 57 to 127
Validity14 Days

Glo N1000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume1.6GB
Renewal Data Volume1.8GB
OgaSIM Data Volume3.6GB
Subscription Code*127*53#
SMS CodeSend 53 to 127
Validity30 days

Glo N2000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume3.65 GB
Renewal Data Volume4.5GB
OgaSIM Data Volume8.2GB
Subscription Code:*127*55#
SMS CodeSend 55 to 127
Validity30 Days

Glo N2500 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume5.75GB
Renewal Data Volume7.2GB
OgaSIM Data Volume12.9GB
Subscription Code*127*58#
SMS CodeSend 58 to 127
Validity30 days

Glo N3000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume7GB
Renewal Data Volume8.75GB
OgaSIM Data Volume15.7GB
Subscription Code*127*54#
SMS CodeSend 54 to 127
Validity30 days

Glo N4000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume10GB
Renewal Data Volume12.5GB
OgaSIM Data Volume22.5GB
Subscription Code*127*59#
SMS CodeSend 59 to 127
Validity30 days

Glo N5000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume12.5GB
Renewal Data Volume15.6 GB
OgaSIM Data Volume28.1 GB
Subscription Code*127*11#
SMS CodeSend 11 to 127
Validity30 days

Glo N8000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume20GB
Renewal Data Volume25GB
OgaSIM Data Volume45GB
Subscription Code*127*12#
SMS CodeSend 12 to 127
Validity30 days

Glo N10000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume26GB
Renewal Data Volume32.5GB
OgaSIM Data Volume58.5GB
Subscription Code*127*15#
SMS CodeSend 15 to 127
Validity30 days

Glo N15000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume42GB
Renewal Data Volume52.5 GB
OgaSIM Data Volume:94.5GB
Subscription Code:*127*16#
SMS CodeSend 16 to 127
Validity30 days

Glo N18000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume50GB
Renewal Data Volume62.5GB
OgaSIM Data Volume112.5GB
Subscription Code*127*17#
SMS CodeSend 17 to 127
Validity30 days

Glo N20000 Data Plan

Normal Data Volume63GB
Renewal Data Volume78.75GB
OgaSIM Data Volume141.7GB
Subscription Code*127*33#
SMS CodeSend 33 to 127
Validity30 days

Alternatively, you can dial *777# and select the options you want.

Best Data Package for You

Glo allows the combination of data packages to give you the best value you need. If you are an average data user, any plan between N1,000 and N3,000 combined with the two Glo weekend plans (6GB) will serve you well for a month.

During weekends, your main data will be paused and your weekend plan will be active. Note, if you use Glo Data sharing, your beneficiaries will be unable to browse.

How To Share Glo Data Plan?

To share your Glo data plan with family and friends;

SMS Share Phone Number to 127 e.g Share 08051234567 to 127

or dial *127*01*Phone number#

To Unshare or remove them, send

Remove Phone Number to 127 e.g Remove 08051234567 to 127

or dial *127*02*Phone number#


To know who is sharing your data with you, dial *127*00# or send List to 127

If you are in Places like Port Harcourt, Lagos, the Smile unlimited data plan might be worth looking into. I hope you enjoyed this article, do well to share and drop a comment.

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