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GM Stock Forecast in 2023: What to Expect Today?

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The stock market can be a volatile environment, and predicting its movement can be incredibly difficult.

Despite this, investors need to understand what the potential trends may be for any given stock. 

General Motors is one of the world’s leading automotive companies, and understanding where its stock may go is essential for making informed decisions about investments.

Traders Union analysts have made their predictions on where GM Stock may go in 2023 and this Traders Union article will provide further details.


General Motors is an iconic corporation and a major force in the automotive industry that has had a presence since the early 1900s.

Many investors view GM stocks as a reliable choice with long term returns, but short term limitations or successes can be widely contingent on multiple elements. 

To aid individuals in making critical investment decisions, it is invariably useful to assess expert opinion of what the future may hold for General Motors’ stocks in 2023.  

By comprehending potential predictions made by knowledgeable traders and union authorities, investors can gather necessary information pertinent to their own investments or procedures.

Predictions from Traders Union Analysts

According to Traders Union analysts, GM stock forecast 2023 is expected to reach $50 per share by early 2023.

This marks a significant increase from current levels and would represent an attractive entry point for investors looking for long-term growth opportunities in their portfolio. 

Furthermore, some experts anticipate further upside potential if the company continues to deliver strong performance over the next year or two as it has done historically.

Price Trends in 2021 & 2022

Traders Union Announces that General Motors’ stock price has seen an impressive rise since 2021 when it was trading around $40 per share before reaching a peak of $55 mid-2022 before gradually declining back down again later that year. 

This indicates that while there are periods of growth followed by dips during times of uncertainty or market downturns, overall there is a relatively steady trend toward increasing prices over time which could continue into 2023 depending on global economic conditions at that time.

GM Dividends & Earnings Outlook

Told Traders Union, General Motors has consistently paid out dividends for decades which provides additional income for shareholders who hold onto their shares over extended periods of time rather than attempting to capitalize exclusively off short-term gains. 

Despite dips in earnings due to COVID related impacts during 2020 and 2021, analysts expect performance should bounce back significantly by 2023 as economies recover worldwide and demand increases accordingly providing more favorable conditions for companies like General Motors who specialize in vehicle production and sales across multiple countries and regions around the globe.


Overall, it appears from the Traders Union’s source that GM stock remains a relatively safe bet with low risk yet potentially high rewards when viewed through longer term lenses such as 1 – 3 years. 

Or longer depending on individual investor goals and timeline expectations associated with various portfolios they may own or plan to purchase soon via brokerage services offered by firms such as Traders Union (if applicable).

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