Gokada – Uber like Okada on Demand Platform for Lagosians


Lagosians know what it feels like to spend a lifetime in traffic and also how it feels to stand by the roadside waiting to board an Okada. The sun descends on you like it thirsts for your sweat and time ticks by slowly leaving frustrated, wondering what you can do to escape this unfortunate situation.

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Well, you wouldn’t feel like that anymore as the startup Gokada aims to make that a thing of the past via its Motorbike hailing service in Lagos. The uberlike platform for bikes seeks to provide a way for people to move fasters and safely.

According to information available on its website, “Gokada is revolutionizing the way we move around in Lagos making it possible to move safely without worries of traffic or exorbitant prices. Gokada is an on-demand bike hailing platform optimizing intelligent technology to transform and redefine smart mobility across the city. We aim to become no.1 lifestyle platform in Africa, powering smart mobility for the everyday user, across transportation, logistics, payments, etc.”

Gokada uses 200 smart motorbikes to transit passengers along Lagos, unlike the regular motorcycles we are accustomed to. Riders are well trained and safety cautious, have valid ID and license.

Gokada works just like Uber, smart technology powering urban transportation. Select your pickup location, and a driver shows up to take you to your dropoff destination, and you go on and live your life. The Gokada app calculates all fares.

Gokada has been operating within the Yaba Mainland axis and recently started operations within Victoria Island – Lekki axis in Lagos.

Once you download the app, you register and request for a ride.  A driver will contact you and ask your location. The driver arrives with hairnet and helmet for protection and takes you to your destination safely. The fare is calculated in-app, and you can pay and rate the driver at the spot.

Reasons Why You Should Use Gokada

Beat Traffic – Spend more time doing the things you love and spend less time in traffic by requesting a Gokada ride to take you to your destination in minutes.

Excellent Drivers – Only a few drivers who apply make it through our world-class training programme and end up being Gokada drivers.

Safety is our pride – Our drivers are verified, handpicked, tracked in real-time and specially trained to get you to your destination fast and safe.

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Move Around In Style – Request a ride, hop on our super cool Gokada motorbikes, put on your helmet and enjoy your ride. Pay easily with cash after your ride, no haggle.

Real Time Support – We are here for you, always. Our safety and support team is available to give you fast responses to your inquiries or complaints round the clock.

The app is available for android on the google playstore and iOS app store.

Use promo code – CABAL100 to get your first ride free (promo code obtained from Techcabal)

Laurence Inyang
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