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Google Home Mini Review: a First Class Smart Speaker That Stands Tall Among the Competition

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There are numerous smart speakers on the market, but only a few of them have been able to garner the attention of the public. Google Home Mini is the perfect example of this statement.

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Its popularity keeps augmenting on a daily basis, and it does not appear this is going to come to a halt anytime soon. It comes accompanied by high-quality innovation that puts other smart speakers to shame. In addition, it is very inexpensive and thus allows people with different budgets to benefit from it. The positive reviews keep pouring in for it.

Many individuals who have already put it to the test have mentioned that it has superior sound quality than Echo Dot. Not only this, but a lot of people also agree that it has a superior function than Alexa when it comes to answering music-related queries. Everything indicates that is a great smart speaker to take advantage of, but just how great is it?

First Class Structure That Does Not Fail to Impress

Google Home Mini is structured of durable material in order for it to last for many years to come. It is a very cute round design, and it is portable, which comes in handy if you are the type of individual who likes to carry high-tech devices everywhere.

At the bottom, there is a microphone off switch. In order to change volume, all one has to do is tap the sides of it. One of the elements that have contributed in making Google Home Mini the go-to option for countless people around the globe is its simplicity.

Indeed, even though it is an innovative structure, it is very easy to get the hang of. All one has to do is plug it to the wall and then set it via the Google Home app on either iOS or Android. After doing this, ‘hey Google’ should be verbally expressed in order for the soft LED to light up. You will then notice that Google Assistant will answer.

Yes, this is pretty much all there is to it to begin utilizing it. Its application can be compared in many different aspects to the Alexa application. Nonetheless, the differences among them are what have aided the Google Home Mini to become a favorite.

Speaker That Meets Consumers’ Needs

There are a lot of individuals who believe there is not much different when comparing a tiny speaker to another one, but this is very far from the truth, especially when Google Home Mini is integrated to the equation.

The Bluetooth speakers of this model are way better than Echo Dot. If one puts them against each other, the Google Homo Mini will end up being 10db louder.

When compared to Alexa in this aspect, the voice of the Google Assistant has been noted to sound more natural, which is a benefit that cannot be easily attained even with other well-known smart speakers that are also being the talk of the town at the moment on the market.


Of course, a secondary speaker will be needed if you want to enjoy music at a very high volume, which is something that you should expect to do even if you opted for another top smart speaker.

It is important to mention that this model by Google can function as a coordinated audio system in your entire house if there are several speakers present. If you want an intercom system, this addition can get the job done. This is another benefit that most smart speakers out there do not have due to their poor structure.

Those that allow this to take place, tend to lack in quality, which definitely makes them a waste of time. It is safe to state that this model has you covered in several areas!

Interpretation of Queries

When it comes to which model is better at interpreting queries, the Google Home Mini definitely knocks it out of the park. With units from other manufacturers, one has to utilize specific words in order to attain an adequate answer.

This model was structured in a very unique way to provide an answer no matter how loose the language utilized is. Google Home Mini supports Spotify and Pandora music and supports iCloud, Office 365, and even G Suite; therefore, there are a lot of different things one can do this with this unit. If you stop to think about it, there is no way boredom can arise if this unit is nearby.


Regarding possible downfalls, there is nothing to pinpoint at. Google definitely did a magnificent job with its structure. A team of experts created this model with attention to detail. It took a few years before they released it to consumers.

They wanted to introduce a smart speaker that would be able to meet the needs of everyone in every way possible, and they definitely did not fail in achieving this, hence why there are numerous positive testimonials on different online platforms. It has been said this model is ahead of its time.

Besides the excellent function that accompanies it, in the aesthetic department, it definitely does not fall short. It has a very futuristic appearance that can lighten up any space. It is a very cute model to look at. At first glance, it does not even look like a speaker, which is another huge plus.

Google Home Mini: A First Class Smart Speaker That Stands Tall Among the Competition

Google Home Mini

Regarding the low price of it, no other top smart speaker is able to beat the Google Home Mini, another reason why its popularity is skyrocketing even more every day. There have been several different companies that have presented similar smart speakers to consumers, but they do not compare in quality.


This is not shocking, as Google has become well-known for always providing the public with first class products that stand tall among the competition. If you are looking for a smart speaker that will not let you down, the Google Home Mini is definitely worthy of your consideration.

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