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GOtv Error Codes: How to Clear and Resolve GOtv Errors

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If you are a GOTV user, you have probably encountered one or two GOTV errors, and these errors are preventing you from watching your favorite channels even after paying for your subscription. This content will show you how to clear the GOTV error code.

Sometimes we come across a problem with the GOtv error codes appearing on our TV screen. Some of these errors can be signal loss due to bad weather, obstacles due to improper card installation, and incorrect or faulty cables.

These errors often occur when users forget to renew their subscription plans before the actual expiration date. Most people want to wait until the payment renewal deadline when these errors start showing on their TV screens.

Other errors, such as E48-32, occur when you change the antenna position for cable decoders.

How to Remove GOtv Error Codes E16, E48-32, E30

Removing error codes on GOtv can be a big deal, especially if you have an active subscription and can’t access your favorite shows on cable TV.

Whether it’s E16, E48-32, E30 errors on GOtv, or DStv, none of them are fun to experience.
GOtv is owned by MultiChoice, a parent company that also owns DStv, and has been at the forefront of Nigerian home entertainment for over a decade.

In this context, we will explain why these errors occur, how to fix GOtvE16, GOtvE30, GOtv E48-32, E016, and E17 error codes that are affecting your set-top box and making it difficult to stream your favorite shows to your screen.

What is the E16 Error on GOtv?

E16 error on GOtv means the subscription has expired, and you haven’t renewed it. However, you can renew your subscription and still get an error message on the screen because the cable box was disconnected when you made or renewed your subscription.

If this is your case, it’s a bit simple, and here we show you how to fix the E16 error in GOtv.
If your account payment has been updated, you can clear this error online using the form above, or you can reset it through USSD by calling * 288 #

How to Fix Error E16 on GOtv via SMS

To correct the GOtv E16 error in the decoder, send “RESET” and your “IUC number” to 4688.

  • Send an SMS to 4688 using your phone.
  • The body of the message must contain “RESET 1234567890” (i.e., the word “RESET + IUC number and send to 4688)
  • Click send

Your IUC digits are the number on the red sticker under your cable box. You need to make sure that you have an active subscription before doing this. If you dont have an active subscription, the error will not be cleared.

How To Fix Error E16 On GOtv Via Website

You can fix the E16 GOtv error using the official GOtv website. Do this:

  • Navigate to the GOtv “Cleaning Error” section on the website.
  • Enter your IUC number
  • Press E16 for error code
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click on “Correct error.”

What is the E48-32 Error on GOtv?

GOtv error E48-32 means there is a signal problem in your cable box. The E48-32 error usually occurs when it is raining or when there is wind. These conditions drastically affect GOtv signals and fall into error E48-32.

How to Fix Error E48-32 on GOtv

When you suddenly see E48-32 error on the screen while watching your favorite TV show, wait; the signal can come back on its own when the weather improves.

If the weather is clear, you may need to make sure your cable is connected or properly connect the GOtv cable to the back of the cable.

You can also observe the following steps below to fix GOtv error E48-32

  • Check if the antenna is correctly connected to the cable box; if not, make sure that it is successfully connected.
  • Press the OK button to display the signal information.
  • Go to Menu> Advanced> Installation – click on Automatic scan.
  • If the error is not a general GOTV problem, channels 48 and 52 will appear.
  • When the search is complete, you will see channel 99. If it doesn’t emerge, you will need to search again to access all the channels you have paid for on your GOtv decoder.

What is the E30 Error on GOtv?

E30 means your GOtv decoder is turned off, or it is not available for a long time. This often affects people with uncorrected E48-E32 errors that did not resolve their error issue.

How to Fix Error E30 on GOtv

To resolve the E30 error on your GOtv decoder, make sure the subscription is fully paid. When this is confirmed, check that the cable box is on, and the SMS is reset with your IUC 4688 number to clear the error message displayed on the cable box.

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Fadehan Emmanuel
Fadehan Emmanuel
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Kalungi Joshua

My decoder is not showing any thing but have just paid

Kingsley Felix

try and reset it then, or contact gotv nigeria to do it from their end


Some channels on my decoder are not displaying.

Kingsley Felix

Sorry about that, please try to re-scan your decorder


Twice now I will subscribe for gotv joli for 24600 which all the channels will never show up
I have continually cleared error code but nothing is clearing o pls help

Kingsley Felix

try contacting gotv on twitter

Ogunbode Oluyemi

Have paid but the decoder is not showing the chanels paid for. Kindly fix it with immediate effect. IUC 2017151876

Kingsley Felix

Sorry this is not GOTV employee, kindly clear your error code using our tutorial.

ojo oluwabusayo

when i on my gotv it load 40% and it stop ask for code please help me

Kingsley Felix

What kind of code is it asking for?

Tejiri edafe

I paid for my gotv and showing me E33 – invalid smart card.. I tried fixing the error but E33 is not there


E33 – invalid smart card.. I tried fixing the error but E33 is not there, is still showing E33


How can I clear my E16


I paid for gotv max over an hour now
It’s still showing E16

Shodiya Festus

Mine is showing E37 -32,and this has been going on for more than a week now

Kingsley Felix

contact gotv on twitter or facebook