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7 Great File Managers for iPhone

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When it comes to iOS devices like iPad and iPhone, users tend to believe that the native file app is entirely perfect. However, some people beg to differ.

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One primary reason why some users would instead not use the native file app is that Apple does not let users access the internal file system.

What it means is that even though there is a file application on your smartphone, it is almost useless when it comes to managing the internal files of your device.

If you need an extra file manager, then you should try getting any of these third-party file managers for the iPhone, which you can easily download from the app store.

We guarantee that the seven featured in this article are the very best that exists.

Best File Managers for iPhone in 2019

1. Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle is a file manager app for iPhones and iPads that will allow you to manage almost everything picture, video, music, and app on your iPhone.

This file manager app comes with a wide range of great features that will make it easy for you to manage files on your iOS devices with ease.

With Documents, you will be able to gain access to your full Apple Music/iCloud Music Library, together with your pictures, iCloud files, and lots more.

Another great thing about the app is that it supports.ZIP files, so that you can easily extract ZIP files on your iOS devices.

Documents by readdle will also allow you to listen to audio files, read PDF files, and view images directly from the app itself. The app also comes with a number of services, just like the ability to integrate with cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


This app will also allow you to create FTP servers on your device that you can connect to, with the aid of any FTP client of your choice.

Also, the application comes with an inbuilt web browser so you can easily download files into the app, or simply browse the web, without needing to leave the app, if you don’t want to.

Download Documents by Readdle (Free)

2. FileApp

FileApp is also a fantastic file manager app for iPads and iPhones. The app has an excellent interface and automatically organizes your files by date, type, and even displays the most recent files that you have used on the app.

It is also possible for you to create new audio recordings, images, or text files directly from the app. That’s not all; FileApp will also allow you to playback media files, view images, and read PDFs from inside the app.

FileApp is also useful for transferring files from your iPhone or iPad to a PC or Mac. With this app, you can enjoy different options, including transfer over FTP, HTTP, and also using the FileApp desktop application.

On FileApp, Sharing is turned off by default, but you can automatically turn it on and also set a custom username and password to protect your files from unauthorized access.

You can even enable passcode protection from the settings if you want, which will need you to create a passcode to grant access to the file, and all of your files.

Download FileApp (Free)

3. File Hub

File Hub is a wonderful file manager for iPhones and iPad devices. The app offers you a plethora of features, such as the ability to create folders and organize files, create blank files, or even make a new file from the clipboard.


It is also possible for you to import files right from iCloud Drive, as well. There are the sorting options in the app that really makes it stand out, and you have the option of sorting files by kind, name, etc.

The app will also let you share files directly from your iPad or iPhone to a Mac or PC using WiFi transfer, or Bluetooth transfer.

In the page featuring the settings, you can enable secure WiFi transfer, to shield your phone from unauthorized access.

If you want to enable file extensions, you can do that too if you want, and even change the slideshow settings for pictures. The app also supports a password lock to prevent access without the right passcode.

Unfortunately, the app does not support the use of Touch ID. In all, an app is a fantastic option for managing files on an iPad or iPhone; and to share files with ease between an iPhone and a Mac or PC.

  • Download File Hub (Free)
  • Download File Hub Pro ($4.99)

4. File Manager

File Manager is a completely free, ad-supported app that everyone should have as it can very perfectly meet your needs for a file manager on iPhone and other iOS devices.

The File Manager app comes with an easy to use interface, where you can create files and folders in a few minutes. You can also add a wide range of cloud services to the File Manager app, so you can easily manage your cloud accounts from a single place.

The app supports functions such as WebDAV, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and lots more. File Manager also comes with its very own web browser, which you can use when you need to download files to the app, or even browse the web.

The app also supports password locking, if you want to secure your files, and not need to worry about people accessing your files.

Talking about the best of security, the app supports Touch ID for your devices that support Touch ID. You can easily share files from your iPhone to the cloud, via WiFi Sync, or iTunes.


Download File Manager (Free, in-app purchases)

5. File Master

Another good option you can try as a file explorer on the iPhone or iPad is File Master. This app is one of the very best out there, and it offers so many features that you can’t get from using other apps.

The app has an interface that is a little out of trend, but the features are well baked in. The app will allow you to create folders, import photos, text files, and do much more with ease. It also comes features an inbuilt web browser, so you can easily download files into the app.

As far as security is concerned, the app leaves no stone unturned. You have options to secure the app using a pin, and it supports Touch ID, which is perfect.

Download File Master (Free, with in-app purchases)

6. MyMedia

MyMedia is primarily a download manager for your iPhone and iPad devices that allows you to download files directly to your device.

However, this download manager includes an inbuilt file manager that works like the other apps on the list. You can do things such as move, copy, create new folders, and do much more.

Additionally, MyMedia is a great app that includes an inbuilt photo viewer, audio players, video, etc. which makes it a fantastic multi-media manager too. You can also use the inbuilt MediaCast of this app to cast images and videos to your Chromecast.

There is a full-fledged web browser in the app that lets you browse the internet with ease. You can access your cloud storage, such as Dropbox, using this.

Download MyMedia (Free)


7. Pocket Drive

Pocket Drive is a file manager for iPhone and iPad, that doesn’t look too special, at first. Nonetheless, the app comes with a wide range of features. With the app, you can create text files, make videos, take photos, and create folders to keep your device organized.

The app also comes with a web browser that you can use to download files to the app. The app enables password locks and so much more

Download Pocket Drive (Free)

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