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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018: Group A Results, Recap and Highlights

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Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia



The opening match of the FIFA world cup set the tone for a goal-fest in Russia as the hosts put opening day opponent, Saudi Arabia to the sword. It would also serve as an audition for two gems in Denis Cheyshev and Aleksandr Golovin both of whom put up impressive performances.

Uruguay 1-0 Egypt

Egypt without the presence of in-form forward Mo Salah played out with intent on their first match since returning to the world cup. In a match that could have gone either way, the Pharaohs were undone by a last minute header from Atletico Madrid defender Jose Gimenez.

Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia

Luis Suarez marked his 100th appearance for Uruguay with a first-half goal to secure all three points and round of 16 qualification for La Celeste. Saudi Arabia’s resilience at the back took only twenty-three minutes to break after goalkeeper Al Owais missed a Carlos Sanchez corner-kick allowing Suarez apply a simple finish to an open goal.

Russia 3-1 Egypt

Mohammed Salah made a losing return to Egypt’s starting line-up in his first world cup game as hosts Russia put up a ruthless second half performance. Denis Cheryshev and Artem Dyzuba continued their rich vein of form in front of goal in the 59th and 62nd minute respectively to add to an Ahmed Fathy own-goal. Salah would go on to score from the spot in the 73rd minute but it was only consolation to the Egyptians.

Russia 0-3 Uruguay

With both sides already in the next round of the world cup, it was a match to decide who finished in first place. A goal each from Uruguay’s centre forward pairing Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani side by side a Denis Cheryshev own-goal secured top spot for the South Americans at the Samara Arena.


Egypt 1-2 Saudi Arabia

Egypt’s Essam El-Hadary broke the record for oldest player to play in a world cup game set in 2014 by Colombia’s goalkeeper, Faryd mondragon. With Egypt ahead in the first-half, the veteran goalie came up big to deny Saudi Arabia an equalizer from the spot. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia got awarded a second spot kick that El-Hadary could do nothing about before a late goal from Salem Al Dawsari ensured the Pharaohs would end the world cup without picking up a point.


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