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Magisk Alternatives

9 Best Magisk Alternatives

Ever since it was first revealed by XDA developer topjohnwu, Magisk has reigned supreme in the Android world of rooting and modding. The systemless root...
USSD Banking

What Is USSD Banking?

USSD mobile banking is a service that allows you to send money, check your account balance, mini statement and more without an internet connection.  The...
Difference Between an Emperor and a King

Difference Between an Emperor and a King

Most people use the words king and emperor interchangeably. While they may both stand for a position of power there are some differences between...

How to Bet Nigeria Sport Betting Online on 1xBet Site?

1xBet is a fantastic platform available for sports fans from all over the world. Recently the company rolled out its brand-new branch for Nigerian...
Hive Work App

Hive Work App Pays You to Do Simple Tasks for AI Systems

In some cases, games and apps don't give you real money for playing a few sessions or contributing contents to their platform, but Hive...

How to Add Secondary Face ID to Your iPhone with iOS 12

After Apple's launch of the iPhone X last year, the Face ID technology has received so many positive reviews across the globe, there are...
White Screen iPhone X

How to Fix White Screen Issue in iPhone X?

Calling the iPhone X a breathtaking piece of hardware is an incomplete statement. Steady updates and making sure all their features are top of...
macos mojave

How to Take a Screenshot in macOS Mojave?

macOS Mojave brings some new features which enhance the entire macOS experience, and it makes it more productive and enjoyable to use. My favourite feature...
WhatsApp Features

20+ WhatsApp Features You Should Try in 2021

WhatsApp has so many features that we may not even know about, and we don't even bother to use. Sometimes we may be looking...

How to Prevent Break-ins When Your Are Away on Vacation?

We know how to prevent our phones from being hacked, and we also know how to stop hackers from tampering with our personal computers....
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