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Hank Anuku: No Longer a Nigerian Citizen and 9 Other Secrets

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One of the major entertainment in Nigeria right now is the cinemas almost everybody wants to see the latest movies and meet their favourite stars whenever they have the opportunity to.


In Nigeria and other parts of the world, people are not only interested in the careers of their favourite actors and actresses, but they have also developed an interest in the personal lives of these people. We want to stay up to date with all their activities, know about their families, know about their love life, and every single step they take.

Instagram and other social media platforms have provided us with an opportunity to have a closer relationship with our favourite stars we can follow their daily activities and even interact with them. However, not everything that we desire to know is made available via these platforms.

Hanks Anuku is one of Nollywood’s most famous actors. But for some reason, we haven’t seen much of him in recent times.

Lovers of Nollywood movies will boldly tell you that hank Anuku is one person who brought the bad boy character to life in Nigerian films. And because a lot of people have been wondering what he has been up to, we have decided to put together some surprising facts you never knew about this actor.

The media has a collection of shocking Information about this veteran Nollywood actor. Some of the information about Hank Anuku on the internet is false, and a few of them are true.

Our job today is to let you know which of the pieces of information you should believe and which of them you should ignore. We will not talk at all about his biography.

All the secrets about Hanks revealed

1. Hank Anuku was born on the 27th of august 1960. I bet you are shocked because he doesn’t look anything like his age. The actor was born in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria and is of Igbo origin. Hank Anuku is one person who greatly respects african cultures and holds firmly to his roots.

2. The Nollywood actor completed his secondary school education in loyola college ibadan and proceeded to study in the federal polytechnic Auchi in Edo state Nigerian.

3. After getting a diploma from the federal polytechnic Auchi, Hanks Anuku continued to live in the United States of America where he gained his famous American accent. The actor had starred in several Hollywood movies before returning home to become one of our favourite Nollywood stars in early 2000.


4. When Hanks Anuku returned to Nigeria in the early 2000s to pursue his acting career, his first point of contact was veteran actress Regina Askia who exposed into the world of Nollywood.

5. The first movie Hank Anuku starred in when he came to Nollywood was “skeleton”, but the movie that shot him to the limelight was the movie titled senator.

6. Hank Anuku’s favourite character to play was that of the bad guy. He has featured as a villain in various Nollywood movies and getting into character was very natural for him because of his physical appearance and the texture of his voice. When a lot of people here of Hank Anuku, the image they mentally visualise is one of a huge bearded man with dark shades on, and thick gold chains around his neck.

During his time in Nollywood, Hank Anuku was given different awards for his wonderful acting skills for of their words he has to his name include:

  • The most prominent actor in Nigerian
  • The best actor of the year
  • The best actor in a leading role
  • The actor of the year.

7. While a lot of celebrities love to drive cool cars, Hank Anuku is one celebrity that loves big bikes instead. Sometime in 2015, there were rumours that he died after he had an accident with his motorcycle in Ghana, but we are grateful that the actor is in good health.

8. A lot of people do not know if Hank Anuku has a family, but we would like to tell you that he has a beautiful family and you can find photos of him his wife and two younger children on his Instagram page. From what we can deduce from the pictures, the actor seems to be very happy with his family.

And for the single guys out there who are searching for a beautiful woman, we would like to let you know that Hank Anuku has a beautiful daughter who we would like to assume is single. From his instagram page, you will see several photos of the lovely young lady with the caption “my first daughter”. So if you’re interested, please contact the actor but remember to go along with your helmet just in case.

9. Things took a turn for the worse for the actor in 2015 when the internet was filled with rumours that he had contracted HIV due to his contact with several women. Mr Anuku did everything possible to refute the news. But during that time himself and his family had to go through a lot of suffering.

10. In 2017 the actor relocated to ghana with his family and took ghanaian citizenship he has finally changed his name from Hank Anuku to Nana Kwame Fifi Kakra. During a media interview, Hank Anuku made it known to the general public that he has decided to stay in ghana for the rest of his life with his family. We cannot precisely say why the actor has decided to leave Nigeria for good, but we do know that he has excellent reasons.

One thing Nollywood fans are sure of is that it will be difficult to get another actor to replace Hank Anuku in this movie industry. And for what ever reason he has decided to change his nationality and relocate from his country, we hope that he continues with his acting career as we look forward to seeing more great movies from this veteran actor.


Something else that his fans would love to see is a change in role specification. Maybe, if Hank Anuku plays something else apart from a villain in future movies, fans would see him differently and even love him better.

We hope that you enjoyed these ten secrets about your favourite actor that we have revealed. And if there is any other information about Hank Anuku that you would like to share with us, we encourage you to leave a comment in the comment section provided below.

Also, we would appreciate it if you shared this article on your social media platforms so that others can learn as well.


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