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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

HBO Now Vs. HBO Go – What is the Difference?

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HBO fans have things in their favor these days. All HBO subscriber can watch whatever they want from anywhere and at any time, as long as they have their internet enabled devices with them.

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This freedom enjoyed by HBO users comes from the twin streaming services provided by the company, namely HBO Now and HBO Go.

These two streaming services allow HBO subscriber to enjoy all the amazing series and shows that are in trend, as long as they have an HBO-compatible device handy.

With HBO Now and HBO Go as two different services offering the same vast library of fantastic content to hundreds of HBO users, it is only reasonable that people wonder what the similarities and differences between them are.

Let us compare them in this article, and find out what their many similarities are, and which of them you should opt for.


When it comes to the pricing of both, we can say it is a pretty tricky situation. For HBO Now, the offer is a monthly flat rate of $15. Because it is a stand-alone package, which means that you do not need to get a cable subscription to enjoy it.

On the other hand, HBO Go is free once you have an HBO subscription running- but then, that is the only way you can access it. So, for a person to use the HBO Go, one will first need to have HBO, which also means that you must be paying for satellite or cable.

The vast majority of people who use HBO Go do so with satellite or cable subscription. The monthly rate for HBO differs according to the plans and providers, and there are times when special offers may reduce the price.

Some providers have even dropped the HBO subscription to as little as just $5. And, there are those who can offer it to you for next to nothing through an introductory offer, and as high as $20 extra on your regular subscription fee.

Some subscribers offer HBO access to only internet users who can get access to all the fantastic content online. You can also add HBO access to services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime video, Playstation Vue, and smart TVs.


For university students who want to get HBO access, they can do so by for free through their school. On the HBO website, you can check if your university offers free HBO access. But typically, if you spot your place of study on the HBO Go list.

The best part is that by 2020 you should be able to gain access to all of HBO content through the HBO Max subscription service. For as low as $17 a month, you can enjoy all the HBO Go and HBO Now content and lots more.

With the similar price points, there is no doubt that the presence of the HBO Max service may be the end of HBO Now and HBO Go. Let’s wait till 2020 to find out.


Regardless of whether you are subscribed to HBO Now or HBO Go, all of the fantastic shows, series, movies, and comedy on HBO are made available to you. And you can also gain access to most content on both services at almost the same time as their original broadcast.

The interface for the application on both services is quite similar and easy to use, helping you gain access to both new and featured content in just a few steps.


HBO Go has been around way longer than HBO Now. With its release as far back as 2010, it is no surprise that it has gathered a robust list of compatible devices.

HBO Now was launched in 2015; it was bound to an almost exclusive deal with Apple, which means that its services was only available on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Since the expiration of the deal in the middle part of 2015, the company has quickly included support for HBO Now on other streaming devices.

The primary difference between the compatibility of each platform is not the type of device they are used on, but in the version or generation of the device.

To find out which of your devices are compatible with the HBO streaming services, check out this list.

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets Amazon Fire tablets 3rd Gen+ Amazon Fire tablets 3rd Gen+
Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TV 1st Gen+ Amazon Fire TV 1st Gen+
Amazon fire TV Stick Amazon Fire TV stick 1st Gen+ Amazon Fire TV stick 1st Gen+
Android phones and tablets Android 4.1+ Android 4.1+
Android TV Android 5.0+ Android 5.0+
Apple iPad iPad 2nd Gen+, iPad Mini Gen+ iPad 2nd Gen+, iPad Mini Gen+
Apple iPhone iPhone 4s and newer iPhone 4s and newer
Apple iPod Touch iPod Touch 5th Gen+ iPod Touch 5th Gen+
Apple TV Yes Yes
Chromecast Yes Yes
Google Chrome Google chrome version 62+ Google chrome version 62+
Mozilla Firefox Firefox version 63+ Firefox version 63+
Internet explorer Internet explorer 10+ Internet explorer 10+
Mac OS Yes Yes
Microsoft Edge Yes Yes
PlayStation 3 No No
PlayStation 4 Yes Yes
Roku Roku 2nd Gen+ Roku 2nd Gen+
Safari Safari 11+ Safari 11+
Samsung smart TV Yes Yes
TiVo Yes No
Windows Windows 10+ Windows 10+
Xbox 360 No No
Xbox One Yes Yes


Now that we have covered all the devices that both services are available on, it is time to talk about their respective shortcomings.

Luckily, there are not so many limitations, and most of the flaws have to do with the device the two services support. In this regard, we can say that HBO Go is the more complicated service of the two.

For a person to use the HBO Go on a compatible device, you first have to authenticate the service via a satellite provider or a cable. This can be somewhat tedious, but there is no limit to the number of devices that can be linked to your account.

HBO Now also allows you to connect the limitless amount of devices to your account, but you do not need the authentication part. Once you sign in to your HBO Now account, you can stream as much and as long as you want.

However, both services will cap the number of videos you are trying to stream at once.

So if you are streaming several videos at a time on either of both services, you might run into a message that reads ‘’ You have exceeded the number of simultaneous streams,’’ and that will either force you to sign out or to restart your devices.

If you only have one or about two or three devices at a time, then you shouldn’t experience any restrictions.

Another Option

If you do not want to spend your money on HBO subscription, whether through your cable package or by streaming only. It is worth pointing out that there are a few HBO-produced options on Amazon prime video that you might want to consider.

Those who subscribe to prime have access to a wide range of HBO content. And even though you cannot get the same amount of content you can find on HBO Now or HBO Go, it could be enough for you at the moment.

Which is Better?

Since all the services available on HBO Now are the same as those on HBO Go, all that matters is your choice and preference when it comes to choosing which service to subscribe to.


They are both excellent and worth a try unless of course, you want to wait for the HBO Max in 2020.

Let us know what you think about the HBO Now and HBO Go subscriptions. Leave a comment below, and we will not hesitate to respond.

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