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What is HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)?

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HDMI represents the High Definition Multimedia Interface and is the widely commonly used HD signal for high definition audio and video transmission over a single cable.

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It is used in both the commercial AV sector and is the most commonly used cable in homes to connect devices like digital TV, DVD players, BluRay players, Xbox, Playstation, and Apple TV to television.

More and more home audiovisual devices are connected with this efficient and straightforward cable.

Still, HDMI is now appearing on laptops and PCs and therefore becoming the standard for the business and commerce market – for education, presentation, digital label, and retail display for high-quality transmission, video, and audio signals from one gadget to another.

Install the HDMI Cable on the AV System

DMI is a digital interface, a single cable solution for combining HD video and audio, replacing analog solutions that require separate audio/video cables (such as VGA and audio port).

Use an HDMI cable to connect the output of your HD source (Blu-ray player or Skybox, for instance) to the input of our HD screens, whether a TV, commercial screen, or projector, to a multi-video wall – screens! HDMI cables will also be applicable in an AV/home entertainment system if the system includes signal control and distribution devices, such as a signal splitter, HDMI switch, or AV network.

What are the differences between an HDMI cable and a connector?

The standard 14mm version for the HDMI connector is known as “Type A” and is available as a “male” or “male” connector on the cable. A standard HDMI cable usually has a connector at both ends, with HDMI type A jacks on AV devices (source, display, screen, TVG, etc.).

The HDMI type A clamp is the most frequent version. It is found in most audiovisual apparatus and devices, from your TV, Blu-Ray, and Xbox to professional distribution appliances such as HDMI distribution amplifiers, matrix devices, and the switches. Signal.

But versions of the HDMI Mini (Type C) and HDMI Micro (Type D) sockets are also available, as minute and smaller devices, such as our smartphones and tablets, are increasingly becoming our HD AV sources.

However, there are limitations in the distance that the HDMI transmission can travel. At CIE, we recommend that you use a “standard” Category 1 HDMI cable, the lengths of which may be limited to a maximum of 10 meters.


A high-quality Category 2 cable is available with which we can successfully reach cable lengths up to 15 meters.

There are several options for increasing the distance of your HDMI signal:

  • Use of HDMI switches and repeaters will effectively “boost” or recalculate your HDMI signal, allowing you to improve and extend the transmission.
  • Use of the latest HDMI cable via Ethernet or HDBaseT technology;
  • With HDBaseT technology, you can extend the signal to an incredible 100 meters using a standard Ethernet cable cat 5e, 6, or 7.

These systems require individual transceivers, which we discuss in detail in other videos on the HowToAV video channel.

Help In Designing AV-SUR-IP System Desing do you help design your HDMI / AV system?

CIE is one of the UK’s most innovative and essential professional audiovisual retailers and a leading supplier of professional HDMI and HDBaseT devices and systems.

With over 50 years of exploit in designing and delivering systems for many of the UK’s most significant audio projects, our audiovisual professionals offer unique technical support and customer service level.

Immediately call the CIE AV experts at T. 0115 9770075 or send us an email at info@cie-group.com.

Learn more about HDMI

CIE HowToAV.Tv offers a multitude of HDMI videos and blogs, the format to choose from, how to get the exclusive out of your signal, and more.

How much HDMI will it transmit?

We observe the limitations of the signal transmission distance using a standard category 1 and 2 HDMI cable.

Why is my HDMI signal dropping?

There are several causes why a seemingly good HDMI signal may drop without warning. We investigate several reasons for the signal failure and provide a checklist for finding vulnerabilities in your system.

Do premium HDMI cables mean?

Recent cable certification for high-speed HDMI cables is designed for ultra-reliable 4K / UltraHD performance, including advanced features such as 4K60, HDR, wide color spaces, meeting the requirements of 18 Gbps bandwidth signals.

Add HDMI inputs to your TV.

With more and more sources connected to your TV or screen, are you limited to just 2 or 3 HDMI inputs? So how can you add more entries without investing in a new TV? HowToAV explains how matrix switches and peripherals provide a solution.


How to extend the HDMI signal?

With recommended transmission distances of only 5 to 10 meters (at best 20 meters) via a standard HDMI cable, transmitting signals from an HDMI source to the screen can often seem complicated.

But there is a multitude of devices and technologies, from simple equalizers and repeaters to the latest HDMI over Ethernet or fiber optics, which can increase the signal transmission distance to hundreds of meters.

Which HDMI cable is best?

Good question! …and a subject on which they seem to have a firm opinion and want to share!
We spoke to cable expert James Chen from Cordoza to get our opinion on choosing the right HDMI cable for the job.

Insert audio into HDMI signal

Although HDMI transmits video and audio signals simultaneously, of course, there are some (commercial) applications in which you may need to insert an alternative audio signal (think of sports tracks that display sports TV channels but play music with, for example, different fonts).

We see how HDMI audio integrators offer a simple solution.

Send different HDMI sources to different screens

Whether commercial or residential systems, the number of screens and AV devices we own continues to grow, and, therefore, many embedded systems must be able to switch between the source to which they are displayed or the television.

HDMI switches, Matrix devices, and the latest software solutions enable the management, control, and distribution of a growing AV system with multiple devices.

What is an HDCP error?

HDCP or High Definition Digital Content Protection is encrypted in the HDMI signal as a “digital handshake” between devices to protect the content of the copy.

However, this can cause significant headaches between devices, with a very abusive “HDCP error” message that appears on the screen!h

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