HiOS Launcher Review: Everything You Need to Know

HiOS Launcher

HiOS Launcher is the ultimate home screen replacement driver that’s highly customizable, fast, and 100% free. In this launcher, you will hardly see the features that are not needed or that belong to an additional category.

And because of that, it works fast on any Android device, including devices with low settings. Tecno HiOS Launcher has over 60 beautiful themes and over 400,000 high-quality wallpapers which will make your android phone cooler.

It also comes preloaded with the Tecno Camon 11 Pro and another Tecno phone. The launcher was manufactured by Tecno and was first presented on their smartphones in the market.

And then when people liked the topic through comments, Tecno posted for Android users around the world. But for some reason, the launcher got deleted from the official Android Play Store. But you can still download it from a third-party website.

In this write-up, we will give an overview of the HiOS launcher and everything you need to know about the HiOS Launcher.

Features of the HiOS Launcher

Knowing the real features of HiOS launcher will help you understand it more in-depth. And just by learning them, you can easily get started with your Android phone.

So, here are the features of HiOS Launcher that you know:

Hi theme App

In the Tecno HiOS Launcher, you will get an app called Hi Theme. It’s like any other theme app that offers tons of free themes for Android. This allows you to change the theme in the Tecno HiOS Launcher program installed on your Android.

It is not just a simple theme app; it also provides high-quality wallpapers and new wallpapers are added weekly to Hi theme. So this is an excellent pre-installed app that you need to know about.

Quick Accelerate

Tecno was very concerned about increasing the speed through the pitcher. Quick Accelerate is an app which is also pre-installed and which helps to improve the performance of Android. It kills Android phone background processes.

With a single tap on the Quick Acceleration shortcut icon, you can free up a large amount of RAM on your phone. So whenever you feel that a percentage of the battery is low, use the quick throttle and correct the battery for rapid discharge.

Swipe up for App drawer

If you have always wanted to display this Swipe up function on the screen to open the application bar, be rest assured because the HiOS launcher offers this feature.

It also speeds up the process of opening the app bar, as all you need to do is swipe your finger instead of touching apps and your finger from left to right.

Hide Applications

HiOS Launcher has a built-in app hiding feature which comes with excellent customization. No one can find the hidden apps section on your phone when you activate and use the launcher on your phone.

To hide apps in HiOS Launcher, slide your finger up, and the Hide App section will open. Use the plus button located at the bottom of the screen to add and remove apps in the hidden apps section. This is a great feature offered by HiOS launcher.

You can hardly find the option to hide apps in most of the default launchers. To hide installed apps on most phones, you need to install an additional app.

Gesture Settings

In the HiOS launcher, you can manually configure the gesture action through the Gesture settings option. By default, the launcher has 7-8 gestures, and the actions are by default, such as Swipe up to open all apps. But you can manually modify and configure the action on each available gesture.

To do this, press and hold the screen in any free space, select Desktop settings from the options. And in the next window, choose Gesture Settings. You will now be able to see all the available gestures as well as the configured actions.

Just tap the aerodynamics to change the action and define yours. It is a cool feature that you must use to personalize your Android phone.

Pros and Cons of HiOS Launcher

Despite its cool features, there are still a few drawbacks and other benefits that are worth sharing with you.

The pros and cons of the HiOS launcher are listed below.

HiOS Launcher Pros

  • Minimalist Theme

The only thing that every HiOS Launcher user will accept is that the theme is lovely and minimalist. The app icon, in particular, is adorable due to its round border. Also, the colour is easy on the eyes and does not produce too much light due to its dark blue colour. Unlike other items that damage the eyes, it won’t hurt them even at night.

  • Classic Clock Widget

The default HiOS launcher is very classic and looks like the default clock of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 9. The HiOS Launcher watch will give you the feel of a Galaxy Note 9 watch and, what’s better, you can resize the watch for better matched your phone screen.

  • Wallpaper Swap

Wallpaper swap is a shortcut that instantly changes the background. And to change the wallpaper on Android, you never need to go to the wallpaper section and set it manually. Just download a bunch of wallpapers from HiTheme and use the wallpaper replacement to change the background quickly.

  • Information Search Bar

Do you use apps to keep up with the latest news? HiOS Launcher has a search bar that displays currently active information related to your profession. Also, there is a section called Hot Searches, which shows the latest search queries. And thanks to the search bar, you can know which trends they are evolving on.

  • Fast Performance

The HiOS launcher does not have a ton of features like other launchers. You will only get the tools in the launcher and nothing else. And it has a launcher, which works faster on any Android device.

These are the pros and cons that we discovered in HiOS Launcher. There are also small elements in the launcher that improve the user experience.

HiOS launcher Cons

  • Excessive Ads

Some of you may be thinking about launcher durability, and I agree with you, but not in a way that reduces the user experience. Part of the HiOS launcher is full of ads, including the app bar. And the ads are placed on a click; it’s much more attractive than it should be.

Ads come in the form of instant apps and are online games that you shouldn’t participate in. And these are the most significant flaws that I have seen in the HiOS launcher.

  • Overbugging Cards

HiOS launcher copied the MIUI launcher card function and implemented it in its launcher. Cards are a shortcut to tasks.

To view these cards you need to swipe your finger to the right, and one will be able to view all the cards you have like recent apps, Bookmyshow, Call a taxi, Daily Hunting News, Easy to Play, Unlimited Current Games, River Clock and some promoted items, which is unnecessary.


HiOS Launcher is an excellent launcher for several reasons. It has Quick Accelerate to instantly improve phone performance and remove battery consuming apps, minimal features, unique and useful features like Gesture and Hide Apps. And like any other launchers, it has one downside, ADS.

Also, if you want to have a new launcher that does not consume much battery, then the HiOS launcher is the best bet. Its minimal features will make it difficult to drain your phone’s battery; and also helps to improve performance.

HiOS will amaze you with its minimal features and quality. You will also be able to hack some familiar apps like App Lock and Phone Performance Booster.

I hope you enjoyed this HiOS Launcher review article? If yes, then share this article with your friends and let them know about HiOS Launcher. Also, share your opinions about what you think about the HiOS launcher in the comment section below.

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