How Far Can You Fly a Drone?


Everyone knows drones are the new cool thing; every tech whiz you meet is talking about one latest drone or the other. However, do you really know much about drones? How far can you fly a drone?

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Relax, this article will give you basic details of drones even though you are new to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or piloting drones. So, let us get down to business, shall we?

There is really no straight answer to this question, however, do not get discouraged. When piloting a drone, there are some factors you need to put into consideration.  The type of drone and how it is controlled determine the range of your UAV.

What you need to know before handling a drone

The legal range

It is important to know and understand what the law says about your drone’s flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) strictly requires you to keep your drone with the visual range all the time. Keeping an eye on your drone is one way to keep the Federal Aviation Administration off your trail.

Now you know what the “law” says about flying your drone, what is the actual range? The range you can fly your drone primarily depends on the type of drone, including the capabilities of your drone as well as the “how” it is controlled. However, there are other factors, read below to learn more.

What are the types of Drone?

It is necessary to note that the maximum distance of a controlled UAV is not limited to the maximum range. A little bit confused? This is because the highest distance traveled irrespective of the drone’s controller range will be determined by its flight time and speed.

Usually, the consumer-grade drone comes with an average light time of fifteen minutes; the best part is, the time is higher in premium quality quadcopters. If you are looking for longer flight times, the consumer-grade multi rotors are not what you need; it is not designed to be aerodynamic for long.

Nevertheless, there are different technologies undergoing tests to prolong drone flight times. The two perfect examples are solar powered system and hydrogen-powered systems. The hydrogen-powered system can extend flight time to over four hours, while the solar-powered systems could have an uninterrupted flight time of twenty hours!

The range of Your Controller

As you now know, the way you control your drone can influence the range; the transmitter, which comes along with hobbyist drones usually have a maximum range of one mile and operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.  that come along with hobbyist drones typically have a maximum range of one mile and of course, operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

The noise and obstacles like trees, etc. however, it can and will affect the range of your drone. To extend the range of your radio controller you need to stick with lower frequency radio waves. Lower frequency radio waves are likely to travel through objects and even cover larger distances.

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There are several UHF devices that you can to RC transmitters to modify their frequency today. For instance, by reducing the frequency to 1.2 GHz can help you extend your control range to as far as 10 hm.

You can also replace the stock antennas with those that operate with more power; upgrading a 2dB stock antenna to one that has 4dB will produce twice the power and finally increase the controller’s range by 35% to 50%. If you want to boost its range, you can connect the power booster to your RC controller that will do the trick.

It is recommendable to get a reliable FPV technology; it can also increase the range of your controller. The FPV tech enables you to control your drone and watch when it is in plain sight.

In conclusion, a number of factors determine the range of your drone. However, it is mandatory to do your research, learn more about the laws, which guide flying drones over long distances.

General safety

It is necessary to inspect your environment regardless if you are flying the drone with 100m or 5km. Do ensure your drone will not hurt anyone in the area and check if flying drones is prohibited in your area or not before bringing out your bird. It is better to get a drone that comes with Return to Home (RTH) feature; it eliminates the risk of losing your drone.

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Enjoy your drone!

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