How Magneto Changing the Concept in E-commerce Industry


According to statista, nearly 53% of global consumers have already got access to e-commerce sites. Once you take the right decision of choosing e-commerce as to enhance your sales and create your internet presence.

You may ask whether the choice of the platform is going to have an influence on business performance. Therefore there are lots of programs but Magento is leading the way forward as a top-notch e-commerce platform. Now the question is why Magento has become the first and only option of a large number of esteemed customers?

An Open Source Platform

Magento is an open source program that’s available free of charge. This is one of the reasons why   many e-commerce owners prefer this platform as it allows you to save a lot of bucks.

The addition of tweaks into the source codes and also adding the functions will be certainly at the hands of their developers. Magento may be handled easily and it can maintain two or three e-commerce shops at one go with the help of solitary admin panel.

Ideal Platform for Supporting All Business Sizes

Those e-commerce sites using the luxury of Magento are truly blessed for its scalability. Magento is offering its solutions to a number of the greatest names in the business arena, it won’t help to flourish the little or the medium size enterprises.

Being flexible and scalable, it allows the entrepreneurs to shape up their company based on their specific needs. The intention of this platform has always been offering an invaluable customer encounter so that the end users see the same site whenever they wish to purchase anything online.

It gives the centre to the user wherein they could zoom and expand the item to get a better view. With Magento, you can be sure of getting clearer images and also supports app ratings and testimonials.

Easily Drives Traffic for Your App

This is mainly because of the simple fact that it is SEO friendly. It also very powerful in-built tools that enhances the shopping experience of the customers. The platform is united with HTML5 helping a whole lot in the smooth functioning of e-commerce on mobile.

No Evidence type the Security Perspective

Magento provides a very strong and secure platform to your e-commerce website. Therefore there should not be a concern regarding security. The secured environment you provide to the end users through Magento, the more earnings will increase with each passing day.

Offers Varied Options for Payments to the Customers

The payments through debit or credit card or through online banking are common but the Magento users also have the centre of using, Google and Apple Pay, PayPal etc.

Easy Options for Creating Changes

Magento is such an outstanding e-commerce platform which allows the developers to make the relevant changes with fantastic ease. As such there are no limitations on the functionalities and also you’ll be able to add or eliminate the goods without any difficulty. Magento has produced a massive effect on the area of e-commerce. It includes highly valuable tools, such as cross-sells and up sells.

Artificial Intelligence

It enables you to analyze customer behavior and adjust the interaction system. It allows you to locate the traces left from the shop traffic, such as seen products, and generate personalized merchandise recommendation. Magento will last to accommodate AI at a more innovative method to boost the consumer and client expertise in 2019 and outside.

There’s been a great deal of speculation concerning Adobe altering the e-commerce platform into a paid product.  But, Magento remains available source. So, everybody can use it at no cost. Together with Adobe promising to give assistance for Magento 1 before June 2020, there’s not any chance of visiting that the e-commerce platform turning right into a paid product in 2019.

But, Magento remains the king of customizations. But more users are trying for this. Magento might need to concentrate on making the present functionalities considerably less difficult to endure the extreme rivalry in 2019.


There have been plenty of security problems in the past several months. They used different approaches, such as harnessing the Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) vulnerabilities of their extensions, to breach different shops. The identical thing occurs in Europe.

80 per cent of those 80,000 European sites is vulnerable as a result of the lack of critical security patches. But you can cut the risk considerably by doing regular patching. Easy precaution can make a true difference. Magento remains among the most bonded e-commerce platforms of the planet at this time.

These days, no e-commerce system is protected from hackers. On the other hand, the programmers of Magento are extremely severe and consistent with repairing all of the security problems through regular upgrades and patches.

They’ll continue to perform it in the next several years. So, there’ll be a substantial improvement in the region of safety in 2019 and outside. With the proven history of lowering the danger of cyber-attack considerably, they’ve pushed the stage into a secure zone of reliability. At the moment, you’re able to completely rely on Magento concerning security.

It includes the file modification detection capacity. Whenever the module finds any change of documents at the backend, it sends a report to you through email. Additionally, there are several highly powerful attributes, such as brute force attack defense, actions log and off style.

They could give all of the hackers around the world a quite difficult moment.  Additionally, the creative applications giant delivers a package of products, such as Content Management, Data Management, and Analytics, using its expertise cloud.


In 2019, there’s a high opportunity for Magento to recover a substantial number of missing users. It’ll be extremely interesting to see its own struggle against other e-commerce platforms in the forthcoming days.

It won’t only help in boosting the sales up but also keep on increasing the visitors through its SEO encouraging the behavior. So, get your online business on the ideal footing and add the wings to get higher up the arrangement.

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Ashish Goyal is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Xtreem Solution, a leading Magento development company. You can hire magento developer from our robust team. He understands startups, enterprises, and their needs well. Apart from that, he is an expert in lead generation and inbound marketing. Ashish has also handled the marketing and grow thing operations loves to help businesses in improving their online brand visibility and sales. You can reach Ashish via LinkedIn

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