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How to make Money online Through Blogging?

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Finding ways to make money online but not getting reliable ideas to realize your dream. How about blogging? If you are new to blogging and do not know its ability to get you huge cash, this article will help you surely to unravel varying mysteries which you never have explored before.

Now blogging is something that can get you income for long term, without hindering your revenue at any point. However blogging is not a quicker process to earn money nor it is plug and punch method to generate cash overnight. However, if you are having talent, patience and perseverance then blogging is your formative opportunity to earn and gather money.

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With blog you can make money and unlike traditional business it does not require running and scampering all day long, visiting stores and  making contacts. Blogging is for them who want to build a consistent online business and thrive upon it, blogging demands little effort to be invested and in return, it offers big ROI.

Online blogging can be operated from home and you do not have to carry out orders of your boss and meet ends on his instructions. Rather you will find your own affiliate and render service according to your strategy and planning. If you do it right then your business will get you nice profit and continue for years. So lets get it straight, how blogging actually operates business?

While browsing search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, find those blogs, which are strategically streamlined and composed to enhance brand visibility. With passing time, the content draw attention of maximum and attract more traffic than usual and in consequence the site gets credibility.

Now this entire procedure sounds quite interesting but it does not take place in a day, rather it needs time to prove its merit, with hard work and perseverance long term results can be ensured. Other than creative flair of writing, you should have eye to see the unseen and know the unknown then only your blog will appear to be informative and well optimized.

Now below few tips and techniques are discussed following which one can effectively secure position in online world.

What I need to learn before start to blogging and make money online ?

Have faith

Faith is something which can make miracle a reality, if you have started blogging and thinking of making money through this medium, you must not count pennies from day one, rather you should devise ways employing which you can generate more leads so that your blogging gets recognition and people visit your site almost at random basis.

If you are having talent your income will definitely increase and what would start with few dollars will turn into hundreds within a year. So you have to take blogging seriously just the way you take your desk bound job seriously.

Keep no rigidity


You have to stay relaxed about the niches you will be working with, the moment you will restrict yourself to one particular area, your monetizing venues will be narrowed down. So restricting yourself to a particular niche if like you are expert in food blog, cartoon blog, fashion blog, relationship blog, beauty blog, parenting blog, it will only mar your chances to get work from a wide range of customers. You have to customize your own plan if you are determined to try those blogs where you can flourish with full bloom, you must have three to four choices on hand so that stream of cash never get deterred.

No hard and fast formula

When its about making money from time to time, people have come up with varying ideas applying which people can actually make money , but regretfully maximum of them are either phony or lost legitimacy. There is no hard and fast rule for blogging and all the successful bloggers today have their own individualized story to recount. Going through them you will discover  varying surprising techniques to systematize your own blogging career.

Not necessary all their stories are unlike, few are similar few are poles asunder. But where bloggers differ, they differ in terms of style and presentation and each niche is liable to monetize differently. You have to forge your own path but taking cue and hint from them is no crime.

Hosting, Presentation and appearance

When you are purchasing your own domain name you have to pay an amount either monthly or yearly only to maintain your online visibility, with that you can exercise better control upon your website and how to monetize your blog.

But just in case you are lost in wilderness, having no idea about web design and development then depending upon manual reading you should not try your hand rather you should hire some professional and complete the venture. Do not go for intricate names and pick an easy to remember domain name.

Now if you are having familiarity about WordPress.org you can make use of their self hosted blog. Appearance speaks thousands words about your personality so choosing theme with utmost consideration is what mean a lot in getting you consistent income. As the old adage goes, first impression is the last impression so you have to create the right impression

Creating fresh content

A blogger becomes hit the moment his creativity flows through words, his clarity in rendering concept, his capacity in conceptualization, proper utilization of vocabulary and grammar makes his blogs endearing to even simple visitors.

Gathering mere knowledge wont make a blog effective but presenting the information with accuracy and simplicity will what make a blog worth reading, so to earn money through blogging, a blogger has to be crisp and clear in presenting his content, compact in arranging his ideas and ready to involve one or two strings of humor in his work.

Stagnation will kill earning possibilities

Stagnation is one evil, you never should entertain, you must update your blog from time to time otherwise it will lose its vibrancy and monetizing consistently will remain a void dream. Keep on updating, incorporate new ideas and revise the information time to time, so that each time visitor browses through your site, will come up with fresh, interesting concepts which is best in market in terms of presentation and information.

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  1. Hi Alize,
    Its consist of lots of information and suggestions I require. I specially state one thing, I had fun reading this and numerous fantastic understandings here. I will share this information with my friends and they will certainly like to read this.Thanks for sharing this fantastic article.

  2. Hi Alize,

    Great work, Blogging is a best profession which through we can share our professional experience skill and social experience with his/her visitors.. I am also a blogger and Now i am satisfied from my regular earning ..

    Mohd Arif

  3. Very informative post. Making decent money from blogs takes time but maintaining consistency by regular posting unique content, doing seo and social sharing in sites like Facebook will surely bring results quicker.


  4. Well blogging is really great online business to earn money directly from home without any physical work. It also needs lot of hard work and consistency.


  5. nice post and good looking website. easy to read and understand. i think blogging is the best and easiest way to earn money online. but as a blogger, you have to ensure that you provide your audience with quality content or else you won\’t attract a lot of readers and people won\’t share your post and thus you will not make money.
    great job, it will help a lot of people out there.

  6. Hi Alize,
    Great post, but some people want quick money in overnight. In blogging it is not possible to make money in one day or one month. I want to tell these people that leave blogging and try another way like freelancing and data entry jobs.

  7. Hi Alize,
    First of all thanks for sharing such great post with us
    I am new to your blog and I bookmarked this page for further usage.

    You are right Alize, No doubt, blogging is best platform to make awesome money.
    I am also blogger and I am so happy with blogging life.

    Any way thanks for your experience.

    Areesha Noor!

  8. Hi Alize,

    Great write up, man. You won\’t believe how much I cheered up after reading it.

    No doubt blogging is one of the finest ways to express onself and along with that, make money. Secondly, making decent money from blogs takes time but maintaining consistency by regular posting unique content, doing seo and social sharing in sites like Facebook will surely bring results quicker.


    • Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people\’s (or company\’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

  9. Affiliate Marketing and Blogging is a great way to earn money online at home. But it takes lot of efforts and time to earn some goog money


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