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How Online Casinos Adapt to Advances in Technology

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Every modern online business is at the mercy of technology. When it fails, it can be disastrous, but when it works well, the results can be remarkable.

Whether it’s fast loading speeds, easy payment methods, or high definition graphics, there have been plenty of recent technological advancements that have increased the usability and profitability of online services.

Online casinos have been under pressure to keep up with developments in order to maintain their cutting-edge status, but they have also been able to reap the rewards of modernisation.

In a saturated marketplace, casinos need to have something special to offer gamblers, in order to draw in the players. Below are just some of the technological advancements which have helped online casinos thrive.

High definition games

Fast speeds and high definition games make online gambling even better.

Online casinos have already embraced the change to high definition games, providing high-quality entertainment for their customers and this will only be improved by the introduction of 5G.

Faster streaming speeds for mobile gamers will mean that the mobile internet and app versions of online casinos will be able to offer the same standard of games as are found on desktop sites.

One of the biggest technological advancements in the industry has been the evolution of live casinos. Faster streaming speeds mean that players are now able to access live links to casino floor tables.

They can chat with the dealer in real time and watch their hand being dealt by a real person or watch the roulette ball bounce around a real wheel. For people who aren’t able visit a casino themselves, it’s a great way to simulate the experience.

AR and VR Technology

Man Wearing White Virtual Reality Goggles

Headsets make the online gambling experience even more immersive.

Another upcoming development in digital technology which will further help transport online gamers into the world of a land-based casino, is the expansion of AR and VR technologies.

VR, or Virtual Reality, requires a headset but ones which fit a phone are easy to come by and allows the player to feel that they are completely immersed in the casino experience. 360-degree imaging lets them walk around from table to table and play the games as if they are actually there.

While only a few online casinos have invested in this technology so far, as software and download speeds develop, more and more will take up the technology in a bid to attract their share of the millions of online players.

Less opportunity to cheat

Online casinos make it much more difficult to cheat using tactics like edge sorting.

Another advantage of simulating the casino experience is that it prohibits the gamblers from cheating. Online roulette wheels aren’t subject to trick spinning, weighted balls, or any bias from the way the dealer drops the ball.

One such method used in casinos is edge sorting. It works by highlighting certain cards by subtly marking the edges of the cards, most often the aces, tens and picture cards.

This can be done by turning the cards to provide a variation in the back pattern or adding a small mark that would only be seen by someone who was looking for it.

Obviously, this can only be done with physical cards, so online casinos are protected from cheats who would try and edge sort.

To find out more about what it is and how it works, take a look at the fantastic guide, written for 888 Casino by Eliot Jacobson (Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science) on what is edge sorting.

Fast cash out

Online casinos have been quick to embrace fast cash out and multiple payment methods.

The option to pay using multiple methods and fast cash out is another way online casinos have used technology to their advantage.

Players are able to withdraw their winnings early, or retrieve some of their stake back if it looks like a bet is going to come in.

As this happens in real time it means players have much more flexibility, giving them the option to place bets on live sporting events and choose whether or not to cash out before the end of a match.

Anti-fraud checks are in place to ensure it’s done both safely and efficiently, protecting both the site and the customer.


Using tech to track the customer journey and capture customer data by providing stats in real time has led to a much better and more personal experience for customers who’re using online casinos.

Now targeted ads and personalised email marketing means that customers are presented with bonuses and bet suggestions which are tailored to their individual preferences, making their overall gambling experience much more enjoyable.

Responsible gaming

Technology has also been incredibly useful in preventing compulsive gambling and helping to protect minors. Age verification checks now take place before a customer can deposit funds into and account or play with money or a free bet bonus.

Customers must supply their name, address and date of birth to pass an identity check before they can play.

Automated tools have also been developed to identify gamblers who are trying to recover their losses by betting again and again and thus worsening their situation. The system identifies these habits then stops them and forces them to “take a break”. This is done to prevent compulsive gambling.

How to overcome DDoS attacks?

Security Logo

DDoS attacks can be hugely damaging for your business.

Maintaining a high level of service for players is another hugely important area for online casinos and something that DDoS attacks can have a huge impact on.

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Having the technology to be able to prevent and overcome attacks is crucial to an online casino’s success as a business.

In short, a DDoS attack is when hackers attack a site through the server by flooding it with an overwhelming amount of traffic. As a result of this, the attacked server will crash and all services will be denied.

To overcome them, it’s vital that companies are prepared with top quality firewalls, routers and anti-DDoS services which detect the attack and render it ineffective.

One of the best ways to stay online after a large attack is by using a specialist DDoS migration company.

As companies like this are prepared with a variety of new technologies and have a large-scale infrastructure, they are adept at getting your site back online.

One of the tools they have is called a scrubbing center, which can handle huge levels of traffic and filters it, sending the clean traffic through to its intended destination. This can sometimes result in a higher latency for users.


Online casinos continue to grow in popularity, now accounting for more than a third of the UKs gambling market share.

That increase is due to their ability to embrace new technologies and keep up with the latest trends. The quality of games has improved, from simple html slot machines, to fully immersive live experiences in a relatively short period of time.

The advancement of mobile technology has also meant that users can now play online casino games whenever and wherever they want to, through the use of downloadable apps, mobile-ready websites and fast, 4G/5G streaming.

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