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How to Add Notes to Bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox?

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Formerly, bookmarks used to be as the name implies, a convenient way to know where to go to reread something in a book. It works pretty much the same in the case of web browsers.

If you have stocked pile bookmarks over the years like me, and you are still trying to figure out which one does what can be quite a task. Going to each page looking for what it was about can be quite a hassle as well.

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A solution to this problem was made available in Firefox in the form of notes which you can add to your bookmarks in Firefox, but this feature was unfortunately discontinued a while ago whereas Google Chrome never had the function at all in the first place. Here are some handful workarounds to help you out if you ever find yourself in this pinch has been listed below.

Add a Note to the Bookmark name

For Google Chrome

  • Whenever you are using the Chrome browser, visit the site that you wish to bookmark and then click on the star icon which is available in the address bar of the browser.
  • Next, you enter the name for the bookmark and the notes that you want to add in the Name box and then click on the Done button.
  • Also, if you want to add a note to an existing bookmark on Chrome, you can do that by right-clicking the bookmark on the Bookmarks bar and then selecting Edit.
  • You can then add the Note to the name on the Edit bookmark dialog box and then click on Save.

The single noticeable shortcoming was that if the name should exceed 198 characters, Chrome will display an ellipsis (…).

For Firefox

fire fox

Adding a note to a bookmark on the Firefox browser is quite similar to Chrome. But to add a note, you will have to do the following:

  • Open the site you wish to bookmark and then click on the star icon located in the address bar.
  • Then in the New Bookmark popup dialog box, you will add your note in the Name box.
  • After you have done that, next is to click on Done to complete the process.

Note that Firefox is not held back by the same limitation as Chrome. In Firefox you can easily exceed 2000 characters in a bookmark name, and they are all displayed when the mouse hovers over the bookmarks.

A note can also be added to an existing bookmark on Firefox as well. All you have to do is right-click on the bookmark on the Bookmarks bar and select Properties.

You can then add your note in the section under Name which is available in the Properties dialog box. When this is done, you can click on Save.

Using Keywords

Another option you can use when using Firefox is to add a keyword to a bookmark to make the bookmark easy to use. Just by typing the keyword in the address bar and click on Enter to access the bookmarked page.


However, instead of using the field for keywords, you can just add notes to the field instead.

However, you can also add tags to your bookmarks in Firefox by:

  • Right-click on the bookmark you want to add the note to and then click on Properties.
  • Next, add your note in the Keyword box on the Properties dialog box and click on Save.
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