How to Avoid Your Snapchat’s Account From Being Banned?

Snapchat Account

Rules make sense only when they are forced on people and also it makes more sense to people when there is a violent body in place to enforce an aggressive punishment on rule breakers.

SnapChat, owned by Snap Inc is a social app that enables people to share their moments in pictures and videos. It kicked off in September 2011 and has grown very quickly to become one of the most popular social media apps in the world.

In our digital world of today, people not only use such networks and apps to connect with friends and family around the world they also leverage its huge membership base to promote their business and attract leads and sales to their products.

Unfortunately, on social media networks and Apps like this, you will find people that are always out to misuse the platform.

Because of this troublesome category of people, platforms like Snapchat have set in place various rules and regulation to regulate and moderate the actions of their user base; by so doing, they prevent spam, trolling and harassment and also keep their platform relevant and interesting to their users.

SnapChat is unlike other networks that give you a report button for users to report each other when there is a problem that needs moderators to look into.

They only made available a button that helps you block a user from seeing the contents you upload and that’s about that.

That doesn’t make Snapchat less harsh than FaceBook and Twitter. They sometimes unleash something called “Ban wave” to sweep rule-breakers out of the door.

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Snapchat’s Ban targets users who break their terms of service or misuse the app, spamming and trolling other users.

That brings us to the reasons why SnapChat will ban a user’s account;

  • When you are always sending spam and being abusive to other users.
  • When you add too many users to your friend list with an account that’s not phone or email verified
  • When you use third-party apps and plug-ins

How do you avoid the Snapchat ban on your account? It’s so simple, Don’t send spam messages or abuse users, make sure you verify your account with your phone number or email.

While the first two points are so easy to implement the last one is very hard because it’s tempting and most of us cannot keep to it.

We all want to take screenshots or record our screens when an amazing video is playing through, we want to save snaps without the snap owner knowing. These are things that are not allowed on Snapchat and they see it as a violation of their terms of service.

There are some apps and plugins that help you carry out these tweaks easily and these Apps requires that you sync your account with them.

When you do so, SnapChat will overtime put your account on their ban list and when they eventually unleash their ban wave, your account might be swept out together with thousands of other culprits.

So, try as much as possible to stay away from apps like that. One that’s very popular is Snapchat ++. This single app has caused so many accounts receiving Snapchat’s boot up their butts; kicking them out of the platform.

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If you cherish your Snap account so much, stay away from apps that advertise itself as a way to get around a Snapchat feature.

If it happened that you’ve already been banned, don’t lose all hope of getting your account back. Snapchat is almost the most pardonable social media platform out there.

How to get your account unbanned after a receiving a ban

Your account passes through various layers of the ban before it’s permanently banned. The layers and their solution includes;

A first layer that lasts for only 24hours. You will be unable to log into your account for 24 hours. You will be locked out.

If you didn’t get access back to your account after 24 hours, your case is more serious, you are in the second layer of Snapchat’s ban. If you’ve been using any third-party app or plugin synced to your account, remove them immediately. After then, visit this page and try login into your account.

With the solution to the second layer of Snapchat’s ban, you will certainly get your account unbanned (go and sin no more)but if you try and go back to your sins by spamming users or using third-party apps and plugins.

Snapchat will place a harsher ban on your account and this time, it might be permanent and you will never be getting it back.

That’s it. You don’t want to lose your main Snapchat account like that so be careful when you use Snapchat to avoid bans.

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