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How To Change Bad Child Behavior?

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Being a parent is one of the most wonderful experiences of our life. However, there is a fact that educating the child is not an easy thing.

According to recent studies, children have many bad habits that impact their health and daily activities as well. Hence, it is very necessary for parents to change the bad actions of children in the early years of life so that the child can develop physically and mentally.

However, how to change the bad behaviors of your child without screaming at them or affecting their psychology?  This article will introduce you to some ways on how to change bad child behaviour effectively and quickly. Continue to read this post to understand more!

Teach Children To Take Responsibility For Their Behavior

You should let the children decide the things that they can do and teach them to understand that they have to be responsible for their actions.

Even the small things, the child shouldn’t depend on the parents or other people. Moreover, when the baby breaks something, he or she will not be able to use it for a period.

They are not allowed to ask the parents to buy a new one. It is clear that responsibility can help the children learn to consider and to be careful in everything.

Think Carefully Before You Speak

Many parents are angry about children’s mis-behaviors, and they don’t hesitate to scold or beat the children.

Those things can be considered as a double-edged sword that has the negative impact on children’s immature soul and spirit. Moreover, that makes your child more irritable and stubborn.

Therefore, the parents need to calm down when communicating with the children, explain in detail what the child is wrong and what the consequences are. Besides, the parents should instruct the children to solve problems in a good way.

Help Them Believe In Life

Many researchers have proved that the children learn behaviors from the adults very quickly. Thus, parents will fail if they force their children not to tell a lie while parents don’t tell the truth

So, it’s necessary for parents to create the liability for children, and help their child to believe that the right actions recognized by everyone will bring the people the excellent results.

Also, when the child tries to change his bad behaviors, parents should compliment and encourage them. From then on, they will understand that their efforts are recognized, and their actions make the parents satisfied. Therefore, the children will listen and continue to take the right actions.

Give The Clear Rules

According to the behavioral psychologists, it is necessary for parents to make a list of general rules to help children develop the good habits, and help parents learn the ways on how to manage their child’s behavior effectively.

Instead of paying too much attention to the punishment, you should show the clear rules and explain to your child what consequences he or she has if violating those rules. This thing will encourage the children to think before taking action.

In fact, the rules will help your child understand what is allowed to do and what is not allowed to do. For example, when giving the rule “watching TV after taking a shower”, the child will understand that he or she is allowed to watch TV after taking a bath.

Or the rule “keeping silent when the mother takes a nap,” your child will understand that he or she is not allowed to make a noise, but play in silence when the mother takes a nap.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the most important factor to help children eliminate their bad behaviors successfully. Many mothers only react to one habit of child and ignore the similar habits.

Instead of reminding the children of taking a wrong action, the mothers normally tend to argue and find excuses for the children. It is the fact that giving the children an excuse for bad habit will lead to the wrong actions in the future.

Therefore, the parents should have the “consistent art” of rewarding and punishing the children to change the children’s bad behaviors effectively.

Respect For Children

Parents need to respect their children by making strict suggestions for children to implement. When children make mistakes, parents should point out the specific mistakes and show the clear attitude to that behavior.

Importantly, you should not ignore the young children’s mistakes to avoid the repetition of the bad behaviors in the next time. Also, parents should share and sympathize with the children to help them understand their misconduct by talking, not arguing or using the parental authority to make the change.


Children will be happy when their changing efforts are recognized and highly appreciated by parents. Hence, in addition to complimenting them, parents should give them small gifts when your children work well.

However, parents need to consider carefully before rewarding the children. Rewarding can lead to the negative consequences if it is not correctly applied.

For example, when your child refuses to eat rice, you should not promise to take the child to play or turn on TV as a reward. This thing only changes the children’s bad habit into another bad one.


If you want your child to change bad habits, punishment is the effective way, especially for the stubborn children. You can ask your children to stand in the corner. Punishment periods can be changed according to the age or the degree of misbehavior.

As soon as your child has the unacceptable behaviors, you should let them know at that time and avoid getting too angry. It is the fact that anger just keeps you out of control, and sometimes your child will not understand the cause.

Create A Warm Family Space

Everybody has weaknesses, but in a family, dear ones always accept those weaknesses and share difficulties with each other. A family space of love, sharing, and empathy in every step of life will be a wonderful environment to the good habit in the future generation.

Explain The Child’s Behavior Clearly

Parents should not be hurry to confirm that a child’s behavior is wrong without seeing it directly. Thus, letting the child talk about the incidents is the necessary thing.

And then, parents try to help the children to find out the causes of the problem. Even if the child is wrong, parents should point out what the child is wrong and what the consequences are.

Besides, parents need to use the contrast between the good things and the bad things, give the specific guidance on the causes and consequences for children to understand and accept the errors.

From then on, the children can know how to fix the mistake and never do that again.

Things To Avoid When Teaching Your Child To Change Bad Habits

  • Threaten: You should not threaten your children under any circumstances. Moreover, threatening has the negative influence on their spirit. Plus, it makes the wrong contents overblown.
  • Compare with other children: Nobody wants to be compared, so you should not put your child in a comparable situation. If the child is compared with other children, it can impact on the child’s self-esteem. Gradually, your children will feel worried and un-confident when meeting the people.
  • Scream: Your child can’t hear anything if you are screaming at them. Instead of screaming, you should explain the reason and give them good advice for resolving their problem. Don’t scream at them if you want your child to learn from their mistakes!

Hopefully, with the above information on how to change bad child behaviors, parents will have the best way to care for the children and help them to eliminate the bad habits quickly.

It is noted that you should pay attention to the child’s small behaviors to make the things better.

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